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Hours and rewards

April 3rd, 2013 at 08:09 pm

The hub is working crazy long hours right now. Yesterday he worked 15 hours, was off for 5, and has now been at work 18 today. The next several weeks will be extremely busy like this- and then they will go into "maintenance mode" where he works 11-12 each day..3 weeks on/ 3 weeks off until the ice road season starts again.

I had leftover black bean soup tonight- and still have soup- so I am going to freeze the rest for either next week or the week after. Im ready for a different meal choice! Tomorrow I will be making teriyaki chicken and jasmine rice.

Our mileage Visa upped our rewards to 3X mileage through the end of June for groceries, gas, restaurants and hotels. I will definately use it for groceries and gas. The hub will also use it a couple of times for his hotel in Anchorage. He already earns 500 miles each time he stays there, so the added miles will be great. When you buy as many tickets as we do, every little bit helps!

The decluttering slowed down when I got sick this past weekend..but what I lost in action, I made up in planning. I made lists of what I want to tackle. I am SO ready to minimize and have fewer 'things' to take care of. I definately have started training my brain to rethink whether I want to allow anything new in the house. My parents definately had hoarding tendencies and weeding through their 'treasures' that they found at garage sales and Goodwill (or just on sale) has made me realize how much I dont want to go down that road.

1 Responses to “Hours and rewards”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with your decluttering...you will find as much freedom in that as you will paying off debt!!

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