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Golf balls

August 30th, 2006 at 08:08 pm

So, you run to the other end of the valley to take advantage of a great sale on golf balls.

Instead of paying $24.99, they are only $10...what a bargain!!!!

But, I think every other golfer in Southern Oregon must have thought so too...because they were all sold out. Frown

So, using Flash's gentle nudge a few days ago about 'rain checks'...I marched to the front of the store and inquired about a few...(Hey, I didnt drive all this way for NOTHING!)

...so what does the store say...no, no rain checks..

...but we are matching the sale price of the GOLD golf balls with the TITANIUM golf balls!!!

Ok...so this sounded impressive enough to me...gold, titanium...all I cared was they were a nice set of golf balls...so I bought enough to give as gifts to each of the guys for Christmas and a bonus pack as a belated DH b-day gift.

Total spent $50...saved...$75 Ill take it!! and another checklist for the Christmas shopping list! HO HO HO

Definately NOT a no-spender

August 30th, 2006 at 01:37 pm

Lots on the docket today.

DH had to go to the now infamous DMV and renew his license Smile and while he is there he is renewing my car registration. Both will be $110.

Then, I have to shuffle girls to/from color guard practice...so while Im in town Im going to stop by a sporting good sale and pick up a few boxes of golf balls that are on sale for $10 (reg. $24.99) for Christmas gifts for the golfers in the family.

DH requested vanilla ice cream to go with his left over b-day cake...so stopping by the grocery store for that.

Umm...I think thats it. I think I will kill the rest of my time at the library so that i am not tempted to spend anything else.

Otherwise, crockpot green chili pork for dinner...hung all laundry, did my stairs...and nothing exciting in the mail. Have a good one!

Oregon overrides NY FINALLY!!!!!!!

August 29th, 2006 at 04:14 pm

Ok y'all...time to do the happy dance...

The Oregon DMV finally reviewed the NY suspension and OVERRODE it!!!

They agreed it was ridiculous and DH will be renewing his license tomorrow.



Fianlly, a sympathetic ear

August 29th, 2006 at 01:19 pm

DH was successful this time at the Oregon DMV...no his license is still not renewed and we are still in limbo with NY DMV...but this lady gave my DH a business card with her name so that if DH gets pulled over he can explain and drop her name...and that should keep him out of too much hot water. (umm, ok...)

She also made a call to Salem and they have promised to finally look into this with NY...but it will take a few more days... (umm, ok...)

But I am not complaining...at least someone was willing to treat us as a victim rather than a criminal.

On a hppier note, my rewards card had enough to cash out $20 today...so the check is in the mail. Lots of expected rebates, payouts etc...which will be most welcome in my challenge account!

and continues....

August 29th, 2006 at 10:25 am


NY DMV....The only way to release the suspension is to pay the fine..If the judge determines that the ticket was not issued to your husband, you will get a refund check...

Me: and when will the judge be reviewing this case?

NY DMV: Well they are currently reviewing items mailed at the beginning of APRIL 2006..(WTF!!)

Me: So, I should pay you $875 for a ticket my husband didnt get and you may pay it back by the end of the year IF the judge agrees with our claim. Do you see the absurdity of all this???

NY DMV: Thats all I can do for you. Would you like to pay the fine maam?

Me: (#)%(*&$#(*#&$*)_(#*$)(*#(*$)(#*

DH: Ok, this is family show, I wont even symbolize what he has to say...but he is headed for the Oregon DMV as I type...

Drivers License Saga Continues

August 29th, 2006 at 07:22 am

Today is DHs birthday...which means that today is also the day that his drivers license expires.

You might remember that couple of months ago, we received notice from Oregon DMV that NEW YORK DMV had suspended DHs license because someone had gotten pulled over FOUR YEARS AGO, had NO ID, and gave my DHs first, last name (which is as common as John Smith) and date of birth. (why we werent notified 4 years ago is beyond me)

So, because it matched my DHs (who, by the way HAS NEVR BEEN TO NEW YORK), they suspended his license.

DHs job DEPENDS on a current ODL.

So, we mailed off all the proof a little over a month ago....and

DH called Oregon DMV yesterday and we were told they still couldnt/wouldnt do anything until NY releases this suspension, even though they also recieved copies of all the proof, including the statement that DH was AT WORK the night before and would have been impossible to get to NY by ticket time.

So, DH is calling NY DMV this morning...and we will see what they say. Next stop, an attorney....so much for being innocent until proven otherwise...

Happy Birthday DH!

Challenge Update

August 28th, 2006 at 07:14 pm

I received $7.80 for the cans I returned and I also deposited the $3.92 rebate check that I received this weekend...which brings my challenge account to $612.20!!! Big Grin

How Boring I must have seemed

August 28th, 2006 at 10:06 am

I did an online survey last night. It was one of those update surveys on our shopping habits.

Have you ate at any of the following places in the past 3 months... NO

Have you flew for business or pleasure in the last 12 months....NO

Have you stayed at any hotels in past 6 months... NO

Do you buy the following products.. NO

Do you plan to buy a car...NO

Do you plan to take a cruise... NO

Remodel... NO

Order Magazines...NO

No, No, No....

It was an enlightening experience to see just how much I dont spend money on...things that I never really even think about. I am sure the survey people put me on the "Is she even still alive list"...lol

Business Pat on the Back

August 28th, 2006 at 09:55 am

DD1 has started her winter job and wont be working out here with me until after the first of the year.

She was our computer trouble shooter (as well as accountant- which she will still do)

On Saturday she came out to do something to the puter and our customer manager program crashed and burned. This is our brain center for our business and we had ZERO access.

So I called the support center and he walked me through and I am very happy to say that we are up and running again!!! I did it!! Who knew!!

Ok, so a big check mark for the day!!!

and no money spent in the process!!


August 28th, 2006 at 07:09 am

It is day one of tracking of the spending!

We are out of milk, so I know there will be at least a small spend today.

My goal is to go to the little town about 10 minutes away, get the milk, return some soda cans, stop by the bank and drop some books by the library.

Ive been using alot more gas the last couple of weeks with all the shuffling of DD3 to and from her color guard practice...its appx 30 miles round trip each time...and I am making the trip 2X most days...yikes! Anyways, I am hoping to conserve by doing all the errands together today.

Uncle Leon- Sad Post

August 27th, 2006 at 09:02 pm

Uncle Leon passed away this morning. He was nana's brother, the one who was closest to her. He has been up and down for a while with an illness that runs in nana's family and has claimed almost all her cousins and now 2 of her brothers.

Nana always said that Leon was the 'sister' she never had (no, he wasnt gay, they were just very, very close). (Nana was the oldest and only girl of 4 kids)

Poor nanas heart is broke tonight. I know how she feels, as I lost my only sibling- my older brother 17 years ago.

Yes, we are grateful that Uncle Leon is no longer suffering...but it doesnt make it any easier on those who will forever miss him.

Go in peace Uncle Leon...you were a cherished brother, husband, father, Uncle and friend and you lived a good life. Say hello to Lyn for me.

Mail, Survery $ and Trial Offers

August 27th, 2006 at 08:50 pm

This week has been full of great freebies.

I received a nice 'sample" from Clean Home Journal- an OFF! mosquito repellant lamp. I do not remember signing up for this one...but it is pretty cool...I got a similarly nice Walmart 'sample' a few weeks ago...which was a 'Woolite Oxy Pod" for spot carpet cleaning. These samples are actual full sized products to try.

Then, this weekend I received the Olay sample and Infusium hair care samples.

Last night I went on one of my survey sights and had enough points to cash out a $6 check...which is on the way now!!

and I am real close to having $35 in my points gift cards!!!

My DH and DS both had a good laugh during coffee this morning over my freebies...but I am pretty happy with the things I am recieving for a few clicks on the computer.

I have tried so many products that I probably would never splurge on...and it is nice to be able to indulge...if only for a sample-sized moment or two. I am actually saving a few of the nicer ones to use for an at home 'spa day' on one of the upcoming 'hunter widow weekends' that I enjoy during the fall.

So they can laugh away at my sample silliness...I on the other hand will continue to enjoy my freebies!


August 25th, 2006 at 01:42 pm

I have my GS today. He and I have had lots of fun and now he is up napping in the big bed.

He and I went to the dollar store this morning and I learned just how fun a mirror and a rack of sunglasses can be when you're 2. Because he was a good boy we came home with a new ball and a truck.

I came home with a 15 month student calendar that starts on Monday Aug. 28th. I thought Id follow Boomeyers footsteps and start the little black book of my spending tracking.

I made beef and barley soup last night for the first time...It turned out pretty good considering 1. Id never made it before and 2. I didnt have a few of the ingredients (including beef stock) to make it. I also made a big batch of chicken breasts for salads this weekend.

Checked on Anna and she is getting such a big tummy...just a few more weeks til those puppies arrive!
Ready or not, here they'll come!

Group Challenge?

August 24th, 2006 at 02:57 pm

I was thinking...

Each year between Halloween and Christmas, I try to keep a decorated container by the front door that our family deposits change into. Visitors have been known to contribute too.

The amount is always a surprise when we open and count it at the beginning of December...and then we pull a name off the Foster Care tree and 'adopt' a child who is in foster care.

However, Im willing to use the money for any good cause.

Is anyone else wanting to do this as a collective effort?? Not so much that the money is given to the same place...but rather we keep track of how much was accumulated in our individual coin boxes for donations. and then see what the saving advice members grand total was?

We could set up a thread to communicate about it...and then tally up the money on a set day...and then everyone could report where their money went to.

Hmm....Is this against any savings advice rules?? Is this something you already do??



Challenge Update

August 24th, 2006 at 12:04 pm

I received the Advil PM rebate in the mail and will add this to my challenge account.

3.92 + 586-20 = 590.12!!!

We registered DD3 in HS this morning...deposits, yearbooks, color guard, pics, student body card...and I handed over a check for $111.

I passed about 4 coffee stands on the way home...boy did a mocha sound good! But I was good and came home without tossing another $3+ out the window. Smile

No Spenders???

August 23rd, 2006 at 10:18 am

I think I have the whole 'no spending' thing down...that is, for me. But what about these two other 'money-sucking-without-thinking' persons who live in my home?

Here is a typical day in our home:

I happily make my coffee in my lil ol years old $9.99 coffee pot. I happily clip coupons, peruse the sales ads, click my points, hang laundry, wear 1990 something fashion, bake from scratch, cook from scratch, dole out laundry soap and ammonia as tho they were gold, use free samples to wash my hair, and read books from the library.

In this midst, the two other occupants (DH and DD3- aka "me and mini me') somehow silently conspire against me in my quest for no spend days...

golf, lunch, uniforms, candy, clothes, socks, beer, soda, downloaded music, overdue fines, hunting and fishing supplies (ok, but where's the beef? he and his buddies go hunting with empty guns...no, just a suspicion, but why do they never come home with anything?? and a case of beer...so why do we need that license?)

and on and on....

I would proudly say that Ive had many, many no spend days...but the emphasis would be "I" not 'we'.


Im not upset. Im not giving up. and I am going to continue on my quest for no spend days in the hopes that my frugalness is rubbing off at least a little on these co-habitants of mine.

In the meantime, I will happily continue my frugal routines and plant frugal seeds in the minds of the non-frugal with the hopes that with enough cultivation we will eventually celebrate a few no- spenders as a family!

Haircut/ Anna

August 21st, 2006 at 06:15 pm

DD1 cut my hair today. She has no training at this, but she did a pretty good job! She even cut in her own style of layers!! Smile I then colored my hair with one of my nearly free boxes in my stockpile. Now, I wont need to do either again for about 2 months.

'Anna', our 2 yo yellow lab is pregnant and due in about 4 weeks. She is progressing as expected. I cant wait to see what colors we get. The papa of the pups is our chocolate lab 'Bear'. We have 3 pups already spoken for....how many more to go...only time will tell!

What else i am not buying in 2006

August 21st, 2006 at 03:57 pm

During the camping trip, I came up with a few more items that I wont be buying for the rest of the year.

Soda for mefrom the store. If we eat out, I might splurge, but I am not buying soda for me for the rest of the year. I will be drinking water. (DH and DD3 would never buy into this, so I will continue to buy theirs...but less often... ("What, no soda??? Darn, I KNEW I was forgetting something...")Wink

Wine. I enjoy an evening glass of wine, but I have decided I can do without for the remainder of the year. My only exceptions are Holidays.

These two will help the new tighter budget...and will also help my health...who knows, I may just unform a couple of old habits!!

Score at the mailbox today!

August 21st, 2006 at 03:51 pm

2 rebates totalling $6.50...which will bring my challenge account to $585.20!!

I also got a coupon for free make-up up to $13 value...which will be a nice stocking stuffer!

I am planing to start running cans to the recycle center again...and I will put that money into the challenge while my stair challenge is on hold for the winter. (Ill keep doing the stairs, but after September, my pay gets cut back and I wont have the $14 per week to contribute to my challenge)

I used samples of laundry soap today for free laundry...and clothes air out on the line.

I also used the free pouch of chicken from Tyson to make a yummy pasta salad. Enough for at least 3-4 days lunches.

I also used some of my free sample shampoo, conditioner for my shower...

So, this was a pretty frugal day.

Home Again!

August 20th, 2006 at 05:30 pm

We are back home from camping. Had a really nice time. I spent a good deal of time just thinking about better frugal tactics...and how to stretch our dollars as far as possible. I am anxious to get started on many of them.

Left behind a passel of happy chipmunks...they stored enough nuts this week that they will get through myuch of the winter well fed Im sure.

There was a fatal accident about 3 miles from the campground on the 15th. The lady was about my age- it sure made me stop and think about whats important in life.

On Saturday, we went to a country jamboree- it is an annual thing and is based around logging. All the contests were related to chainsaws, hatchets, logs, water, etc...complete with a grease pole climbing contest and a train for kids to ride. We had a great time, but taking two teenagers (DD3 and her friend) turned it into an almost $50 day...and I didnt spend a penny! The girls had fun and really enjoyed themselves. Then we headed back to camp and the guys fished, DD3 and her friend went swimming...ok the water was MAYBE 45 ?!???! and finally enjoyed some yummy bbq chicken, baked beans and corn.

My new business cards came for the puppy business! Really happy with them and they were FREE +300 my points!!! (my points+ Vistaprint +Insiders club= GREAT DEAL)

I am looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs and seeing how you've been!

No matter how much fun you have, its always so nice to be home.

A Camping We Will Go!

August 16th, 2006 at 08:14 pm

Hi All-

My weekend camp trip got extended a little. We had a lovely weekend and as we were getting ready to come home Sunday nite, we decided to take advantage of a vacant gorgeous campsite for this whole week!! I am home for a nite to wash some clothes and restock on some resonably priced groceries...then back up tomorrow until Sunday!!! (See Ray smile with delight) DH is commuting up. It is 50 miles each way, but we dont do big fancy vacations...and this is a real treat for us! so we are splurging on some gas to get DH to the site so we can sit by the fire and watch the river each night.

During the day I am all alone in a beautiful site with great places to walk, a lovely view, some very friendly chipmunks and a bag of unsalted peanuts to feed them...and plenty of RnR time.

We are cooking all our food there...except for last night. We went to the local diner and had a wonderful dinner, and splurged on homemade, fresh blackberry pie ala mode....ummm, can you say YUM!

The coupon train got mailed off again yesterday and is on its way, priority mail, to the next on the list.

I am using my free time up there to re-read the tightwad gazzette. The book 'Not Buying It' that I had reserved was here at the library today, so I will take that back up with me too.

Ive been walking each day and drinking lots of water...

This truly was a very unexpected, yet welcome surprise. Hope all of you are having a nice week as well!


August 9th, 2006 at 07:45 pm

Today is DH and my 16th wedding anniversary!

16 years ago today we made a quick b-line back to So. California from Oregon because Iraq had invaded Kuwait and as a marine, my DHs leave was immediately cancelled and he was due back at base within 24 hours.

We got married at about 10pm and by the next afternoon, DH was out of the country for the next 7 months.

We are celebrating our anniversary this year by going camping for a few days...tonight he offered to take me out to dinner, but I made taco's instead...and he just got called back into work for the night...

sigh...I am sure looking forward to tomorrow afternoon when we will be out of the phone service area...and we can relax for the weekend.

Free Business Cards

August 8th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

I used the link on My Points for 250 free business cards from Vista Print which I had imprited for my upcomeing and future lab puppies.

The business cards were free + $5.95 shipping, and I will get the $5.95 back from Insiders Club...PLUS I will get an extra 300 points in my MyPoints account!!!

I think VistaPrint has their logo on the back of the cards (to have blamnk backs would have cost me)...but for this, I felt the small logo was no problem.

So, free business cards coming soon!!

Nice Mail Day!

August 8th, 2006 at 01:38 pm

I received what I think is a sample from St. Ives- boy was it a nice one. I received a nice little zippered pouch with 4-travel sized samples of Apricot Scrub, 24 Hour Moisture, Apricot Radiance Deep Cleaning Cream and Whipped Silk Body Wash. Definately one of the best samples Ive received!!

I also received Tide Vanilla Lavendar laundry soap and Sunsilk Hair shampoo/conditioner/creme!

I sure enjoy all the sample tips Ive gotten off this site!! Makes for such fun mail!

Challenge Update

August 8th, 2006 at 11:16 am

I received a check for $8.47 from Insiders Club for shipping refund. I am rounding it up and xferring $8.50 into my challenge account.

new total: $551.70

I have continued to add $14 each week for my stair challenge...but I am going to have to table that deposit for the winter when my paycut goes into effect- which will start in October..

So I am thinking about other ways to keep adding to my challenge...hmm, time to get creative!

No Spender Today

August 7th, 2006 at 04:47 pm

DD1 brought both grandbabies out today...so it was a baby kinda day.

I put GS down for his nap- one of my favorite jobs in the whole world...I have a king sized bed, the room is air conditioned, nice and dark...perfect for naps. He didnt want to nap.

So, we talked while he jumped.(to a 2 yo, a king sized bed is so much better than a trampoline, especially if your doing everything possible to avoid a nap!!)..and he fussed and rubbed his eyes and jumped...this went on for about 10 minutes and I started quietly telling the story of the 3 bears...to which he came over and sat listening intently...and then he laid down and listened...and finally drifted off to nappyland.

Hanging the laundry out.
..and i need to make a run to the library.
Dinner at home tonight- taco's.

Nothing special, just an ordinary kinda day.

Tomorrow will be a spend day as I need to get the food/supplies ready for this weekends camping trip.

Mother Nature's Freebies

August 7th, 2006 at 09:04 am

Every once in a while, mother nature just tosses us a freebie to enjoy. A beautiful sunset, thunderstorm, a cool breeze on a hot day...

This morning, this is what I enjoyed as I was drinking coffee and looking out my window...it was a first:

This lil guy just slowly walked around my yard and then ventured off down the road...What a great start to the day!

My Biggest Frugality Buster

August 6th, 2006 at 03:56 pm

Is my own mind.

I recently bought a dear friend a beautiful teacup and saucer for her birthday this month. I found them at a garage sale for $8, much less than the 25+ that I normally spend.

The garage sale set is every bit as lovely as I would have bought in any store and i am excited to give it to her.

So, yesterday--my mom and I were garage selling and I found another pretty tea cup set, this one was $7..."oh, wouldnt my friend love it...and I would still spend less than normal by buying it..at $15 for both Im still within budget....." my budget busting mind was hard at work--spend more, spend more...

ummm...Do any of you suffer from this mentality? ...if I find a good sale on a Christmas gift, it just means I can buy more gifts 'cause I still have money left in the budget...not so frugal when you think about it..

But back to the second tea cup....I picked it up and thought...ok, if I dont want to give two for the sake of spending all the money in the budget this year, I could always save it for my friends birthday next year...(but what about all the other teacups Im sure to stumble across between now and then?)
Or I could find another friend to give it to....(most likely some poor friend who didnt want to start a gift exchange to begin with)...
and on and on...and i finally set the teacup and saucer back down...and walked away.

I am going to start rethinking my good finds and gifts. Perhaps considering the gift rather than the budget...sounds like a no-brainer...but when youre used to a budget and SPENDING up to the budget...coming in under is just not a natural behavior.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

The Weekend

August 5th, 2006 at 08:40 am

DH is off to the woods this morning getting more wood. Our yard is sure filling up from all of these trips. He got a new, large dump trailer last week, which will be used to haul and deliver the wood. This will save about 30-40 minutes for each cord (not to mention the strain on a few backs)

DD3 has a car wash today. The kids are raising money for their color guard uniforms. While she is scrubbing away, Nana and I are going to tooley around and find a couple of yard sales.

Tonight DD3 is sitting for GD as DD1 and her DH are doing a DJ gig at a wedding. Their little DJ business is sure picking up.

Tomorrow we are taking DD3s buddy home- she has been with us for 3 weeks...and the girls have had a blast.

And tomorrow GS comes home from a week with his dad/dads family. I have missed my little buddy and am anxious to see him!

A busy weekend for sure.. Next weekend, CAMPING for 4 days...cant wait!


August 4th, 2006 at 08:53 am

I have had many payday personalities over the years.

I can remember my very first paycheck and the excitement that came with all that money. (I made $1.65 an hour and worked part-time, but it still seemed like I was rich.) Paychecks meant shopping for whatever I wanted after I paid my car payment and insurance.

Then, paydays mutated into a very worrisome event after I got married...I hoped that I could beat the outstanding checks Id written to the bank. I had carefully timed end of the payperiod purchases or mailed bills so that I could do just that...every once in a while I missed and I would get a fee and a bounced check (ouch)

Eventually, payday became a less stressful time. I had a nice line of credit that would cover those pre-payday checks...but I was spending as much as I made and so payday was still a pretty big deal.

Funny, but now that I am home and making less than we have in many, many years, payday has become almost a non-event. I mail 'my' little paycheck to bank A and that money goes towards food and allowance at the end of the week. DHs paycheck sometimes makes it to bank B on Friday (payday) and sometimes early the following week as it just gets deposited and bills are paid the following month.

Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy payday and the independence it brings.

But thankfully, there is no urgency connected to payday anymore- which is a very nice feeling indeed.

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