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Drivers License Saga Continues

August 29th, 2006 at 02:22 pm

Today is DHs birthday...which means that today is also the day that his drivers license expires.

You might remember that couple of months ago, we received notice from Oregon DMV that NEW YORK DMV had suspended DHs license because someone had gotten pulled over FOUR YEARS AGO, had NO ID, and gave my DHs first, last name (which is as common as John Smith) and date of birth. (why we werent notified 4 years ago is beyond me)

So, because it matched my DHs (who, by the way HAS NEVR BEEN TO NEW YORK), they suspended his license.

DHs job DEPENDS on a current ODL.

So, we mailed off all the proof a little over a month ago....and

DH called Oregon DMV yesterday and we were told they still couldnt/wouldnt do anything until NY releases this suspension, even though they also recieved copies of all the proof, including the statement that DH was AT WORK the night before and would have been impossible to get to NY by ticket time.

So, DH is calling NY DMV this morning...and we will see what they say. Next stop, an much for being innocent until proven otherwise...

Happy Birthday DH!

2 Responses to “Drivers License Saga Continues”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Durn, I have been wondering about that and hoping the you had settled that problem and everything was ok. Hope things straighten up soon. Happy birthday to your dear husband!!

  2. LdyFaile Says:

    That's crazy! Once we had an investigator looking for my brother, and our last name is not so common. There was someone else with his name (excluding middle) wanted in San Fransisco on a warrent for something or other. Didn't really affect him though once we figured out they were looking for the wrong person. Although it has come up recently when a friend of his thought her car had been stolen and her dad (a cop) looked him up to see if he was a suspect (since my brother was with him) he found the guy from San Fransisco and not my brother which caused all sorts of drama.

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