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Mail, Survery $ and Trial Offers

August 28th, 2006 at 03:50 am

This week has been full of great freebies.

I received a nice 'sample" from Clean Home Journal- an OFF! mosquito repellant lamp. I do not remember signing up for this one...but it is pretty cool...I got a similarly nice Walmart 'sample' a few weeks ago...which was a 'Woolite Oxy Pod" for spot carpet cleaning. These samples are actual full sized products to try.

Then, this weekend I received the Olay sample and Infusium hair care samples.

Last night I went on one of my survey sights and had enough points to cash out a $6 check...which is on the way now!!

and I am real close to having $35 in my points gift cards!!!

My DH and DS both had a good laugh during coffee this morning over my freebies...but I am pretty happy with the things I am recieving for a few clicks on the computer.

I have tried so many products that I probably would never splurge on...and it is nice to be able to indulge...if only for a sample-sized moment or two. I am actually saving a few of the nicer ones to use for an at home 'spa day' on one of the upcoming 'hunter widow weekends' that I enjoy during the fall.

So they can laugh away at my sample silliness...I on the other hand will continue to enjoy my freebies!

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