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Scored at the yard sales! (Even in the heat)

June 25th, 2006 at 12:48 am

It is 101 today (105 expected tomorrow)

My mom and I went garage selling today and boy, I had no idea!!

I confess, I haven't been to a yard sale in at least 10-15 years...and then it was only once or twice.

Here is how we did:

Adorable cradle to paint for Katlyns doll (christmas gift) $4
Big bag of near new shirts for colton, plus a vest-coat $1
Bag of clothes for Kaitlyn (3 whole outfits, 2 pr jammies), plastic dinosaur plate for Colton, baby blanket for cradle and shirt for Lexi $2.25

Big box of CUTE christmas decorations to use on my craft fair projects $2.50 and they through in 3 childrens books for free!

2 beautiful, new sets of christmas bath towels (towels, hand trowels and washrags) $5 for both.

Little tykes golf set for the yard... .50 cents!

little tykes tool box with all tools... 50 cents

Pair of new girls pants and pretty shirt for Lexi $1

My mom scored big time on a Oscar Blender with original book $2.50

wow---I am HOOKED. I am amazed at the deals that are out there!!

Thanks for all of your posts that helped to nudge me into this new hobby!!!

Big Grin

6 Responses to “Scored at the yard sales! (Even in the heat)”

  1. ~Dawn Says:

    Excellant! Aren't they wonderful, I wish I have more time to get them myself, but my work schedule doesn't permit it.

  2. Scott Says:

    Anyone wanting to save money would be foolish not to check out yard sales. I keep thinking I won't find anything every weekend, and each weekend I spot something. This week it was hobbies and gardening equipment. Who knows what'll be out there next week.

  3. jodi_m Says:

    Watch out - it's incredibly addicting Wink For me, there is no better way to spend a Saturday morning (and afternoon, sometimes!).

  4. ima saver Says:

    Sounds like you did great Ray, I never get up early enough to go to them.

  5. boomeyers Says:

    They are lifesaving sometimes. And you have to love the hunt! But be careful, because they can become addicting and then you end up overrun with stuff you really did'nt "need".

  6. lrjohnson Says:

    That is hot! Right On! Isn't funny how cheap some stuff is and how it's in very good condition? Think Christmas next trip! Fun stuff! (A way to avoid clutter is to only buy either replacement items-you toss the "bad" when you get home-or gifts.)

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