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May 4th, 2021 at 02:42 pm

The hub is heading back to Alaska to work!  And the job has really good health insurance!  Check and check!  Now I can fully retire with peace of mind.  I am a happy camper. 

The girls started back to in-person school today.  The first time in a few years for them, so I am remaining cautiously optimistic things will go well.  We opted to keep them in a very small charter school (under 200 kids), rather than trying one of the larger, closer high schools (1500 kids).  Theyve been attending the charter school since theyve been in our care, and Ive been pretty impressed with the staff and how well they work with higher needs kids. Fingers crossed that this goes well.

My last day at work is June 4, but with the hub leaving, I will need to use up my PTO between the time he leaves and my last day to take care of all the shuffling with the girls.   I am really looking forward to this new chapter!