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Thoughts on working again

April 28th, 2007 at 02:58 pm

I received my first paycheck yesterday, which means I also have my 401k off to a healthy start again. I made extra payments to the two credit cards that we have accumulated for DHs wood business.

I was able to pay on some medical & dental bills...and even had money left over for our emergency account. A very nice feeling.

Surgprisingly, I do not miss being home at all. I am enjoying my new responsibilities. My boss is one of those rare ones who understands his employees strengths and develops positions that really fit those strengths. So, I get to do things like organize his appointments, the birthdays and anniversary dates for staff, make travel/hotel arrangements for staff and board conferences, keep minutes (a very new feat for me, but one Im enjoying) and maintaining company files. He is giving me great freedom to not only take notes at the meetings, but to also voice my I am able to impact the 'big decisions' in my own 'yellow' way. (I am the only female in these meetings, so he appreciates when I do speak up). I am also able to organize things as I see fit.

I am learning to balance the work and home life. Laundry is done at odd hours now, so I don't spend all weekend catching up. The other household members are having to pitch in, which they are doing so far.

We have had a few more meals out...but I attribute this, in part, to my horrible cold/cough and not feeling well this last week and a half.

So, my work life report card would score an A so far. And, the extra money is going to be really nice too.

Secretaries Day

April 26th, 2007 at 01:34 am

or is it administrative assistants day? I do not know the official title but I do know that I received flowers and was taken to the country club for lunch today because of it!!! Wow- a wonderful lunch, warm orange spice tea with honey, and chocolate cake (well, 2-3 bites anyway)...all compliments of my boss and the company!! It was so much fun!

Then...the coughing and wheezing demanded a trip to the doctor...ugh...and a "saturation test" for my oxygen level...which I must have failed (how do you fail something like that)...because I am now on steroid breathing treatments and some kick-butt antibiotics...(to keep me out of the hospital I'm told by my doctor)...ugh. Clearly, I've felt better guys.

The good news...and this is really exciting...I do not have to wait until JANUARY to start back into the 401k plan, like a new employee does. Since I had fully vested before, I get to start immediately...WOO HOO. This is an 8% increase for me for the next 9 months(which is the employer portion)!!! and I will contribute 15% of my I think that all adds up to well over $900 a month that will go into the retiremnt fund!!! Now that's welcome news indeed!!!

now, if I could just take a deep breath and quit coughing up the gunk, Id celebrate...but looks like a blankey and the couch will have to suffice for tonight. UGH

Free Time- to say thank you!

April 24th, 2007 at 03:53 am

So, DH has a friend who buys toys (full price) and then sells them so that he can buy the next new toy....bad, bad, spending plan.

So, this weekend, DH picked up the friends X-box 360 + several games for $300. DH had earned $150 on a side job...and so it was $150 out of the budget. (not bad for a toy that will keep him occupied for months)

DH, being the big kid he is when it comes to games...has been glued ever since.

So, I find myself with a little free time tonight.

and with my free time, I want to take a second to just say thank you to my friends here who have taken their time to reply to my posts with well-wishes. I know I haven't been on alot...and have been hit and miss...but I have read each and every reply and blog---and I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome support system. (boo, you're amazing) I appreciate all of you- and all of your good thoughts.

Starting a new job, followed by a bad cold...has made me feel like a fish out of water...compared to where I was a few months ago. total disconboomeration. It sure helps to have a familiar place to visit, and long time friends to hear from to keep you grounded. So, thanks guys. You are the rock in my shaky world right now!!!

Hugs to all of you!

ate and spent

April 23rd, 2007 at 03:35 am

I have been trying to stick with my eating plan---but this weekend was tough. I have felt like crud, super tired, a little cranky and because of the date on the monthly calendar...well, a little hungrier than normal..add the fact that I can't really taste anything, it was nana's birthday (70) and gs's birthday (3) and it adds up to some (ok a truckload)extra calories...not so healthy choices..and well, just bad habits resurfacing.

Snap out of it!

Um, ok.

So, I have packed my lunch for tomorrow...lite turkey on rye, mustard, lettuce, no cheese. Low fat string cheese, crystal lite and some almonds for snack. I will toss in a piece of fruit and take some home brewed coffee and Im set for the day...I will 'just say no' to those rootbeer floats DH has promised to make, yum, but NO!

Back on problem. (?), right?

Now if I could just get my head to feel like its out of this tunnel....ugh.

Today was all about birthday cake, barbqued burgers and chips... none of it on the food plan.

I didn't spend any money all weekend..hard to spend when you are on the couch...with kleenex and nyquil.(sp?)

However, Dh did-- I just don't know how much. He did the grocery shopping so I am sure it was more than I would have! sigh.

and, back to work tomorrow.


April 21st, 2007 at 02:47 pm

I am sick guys! Frown Sore throat, stuffy head, blah.

My new job is going great. I attended my first board meeting and was able to take minutes just fine. Id been worried because I am not used to typing on a laptop...but the worry was for naught...thank goodness.

I stuck to my lunch budget all week and spent only $5.25 for one lunch out(Friday, I was already coming down with this cold and didnt feel like making lunch). I even received a free dinner at the board meeting last week.

I received the nicest compliment from one of the VPs...he said the whole atmosphere in the administration department has changed since I started...and that there is much more laughter and friendliness. I guess before, it had been pretty quiet and serious....words that don't fit in my vocabulary too well. lol.

I did learn that when you need to move your laptop- you don't have to unplug anything (let alone EVERYTHING) Unfortunately, I learned this as I unplugged the last cord and my boss walked up and snickered and showed me where to push to 'undock'....uh, can you spell *DUH*???

I am having a wonderful time. I get my first paycheck next Friday and the extra money will be nice.

DH appreciates that I am back to work. He has been working days for the last few weeks and usually has dinner started or made before I get home. Big Grin

DD3...well, she is being a typical 15 yo and is bumping into her boudaries pretty hard to see if she can stretch them out...unfortunately, she is making some not so good choices and so many priviledges are being re-earned right now. Alot of this behavior started in January just after DH pulled his...stupidity---so i don't think it is as much about my going back to work. This is the one downside to my working, however. But we're working through it.

Well, I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

A mid-week

April 18th, 2007 at 03:08 am

Hello Friends-

This week is going a little smoother than last.

I am making a sandwich each night and getting everything laid out...

So, in the morning, I push a button to get the coffee perkin...savings of $3 each day.

and I make lunch for about .75 rather than $ savings of at least $4.25

I have a container of crystal lite for the afternoon soda urge...savings of at least .50 (plus calories)

and I have premade dinners for each night...or planned the meal...saving of at least $15

so...almost $25 per day saved by doing some pre-planning. hooray!

My boss and I are having a great time working together...his RED-ness (goal oriented- serious) and my YELLOW-ness (ideas and urge to make all things fun) compliment each other well...and I am getting so much done- it feels great. My self confidence is really skyrocketed right now!!

I do splurge and supply a dish of red-hots on my desk for all who stop by...and believe me...I have 'regulars' lol!

I am enjoying this new life ALOT!

I did get two more work suits to wear, since my older clothes no longer fit Big Grin.
They were both on sale and I got both for $83.

My first paycheck isn't due for another week and a will be nice to get them started so I can get to living under the new budget.

Life is good!


April 15th, 2007 at 03:20 pm

Simple the (*%)(&*$ do those of you working find time to come here and post/read during the week?


Ok....sorry...I am just having saving advice withdrawals so I am a little on edge

Seriously, I LOVE MY NEW JOB. I am staying incredibly busy learning and playing catch up on the duties all at the same time. My boss is awesome and the rest of the staff has been extremely friendly welcoming me back. Life is good.

I did buy lunch two days last week. The first time- I got up, showered, dressed and was about to head down to make my lunch when I looked in the my clothes LOOKED 2-3 sizes too big (down side to weight loss I guess) I had to find something else to wear...ugh. Only problem was, most of my choices were plus size as I had decided to only buy a few pieces to add to my old wardrobe until that size 12 was reality....Um, now I need to go buy at least a couple of blazers to tide me over...please let me find a sale!

I know long story I said I ended up having to change and didnt have time to make lunch...

Guys...a sandwich at the local bakery...$8.75!!!! Gulp.... at least I was able to eat half and have lunch again the next day making two meals out of it... but even $4 for a sandwich, when I can make one for under $.50 is ridiculous!

But week two I will be better prepared and have lunch made the night before.

As I sit here typing this entry, Im wondering how the heck everyone is... and i hope I can at least read a few of the posts...Id forgotten how easily weekends become all about laundry, housework, grocery shopping and family catch up...long to-do list today.

Ok- any and all ideas, tips and suggestions welcome for simplifying the work life process...

In the meantime~ Hugs and good thoughts your way!!

Wow-working is fun and crazy

April 11th, 2007 at 03:45 am

My first day was wild and crazy.

They have changed many, many things since I left two years ago...and so I felt like I was trying to communicate in a foreign country/language all day.

My boss, who is the coolest, wrote out my to do list to help me navigate (3pages guys!) and I stayed plently busy from there on out.

I have a lot of cleanup from my predecessor...and I have alot of great support from others in the department.

I arrived to a nice warm mocha from a sweet, very considerate co-worker as a welcome...and i received about 25 'welcome' emails from staff.

Then, I came home to a nice taco dinner made from this weekends potroast leftovers (hubby)...and now I am unwinding a little bit.

It would be nice if every day could be as smooth as today..but I will be happy with learning the new systems and tackling things as they come.

All in all, a great day! But boy, am I tired!

I start my new job tomorrow!!

April 10th, 2007 at 01:09 am

My new boss called this afternoon and 'officially' offered me the position and included an extra $40 per month in the offer and I start back with a generous 3 weeks + 4 days of vacation per year--and go to 4 + 4 in two years!!!

I start at 8:30am tomorrow!!

So, I went today and purchased my lunch bag/backpack- in which I will tote my lunch, snacks and coffee to work each day. Walmart- $6.98.

I have one of those mini-thermoses that my job gave me several years ago for my coffee and I bought a 2-pack of water bottles for $1 at the dollar store (for some crystal lite drinks to sip/alternate with water. So, I am all set to head back to work with a frugal plan.

I am excited and a little nervous. I will post how it goes tomorrow night.

Big Grin


April 8th, 2007 at 06:44 pm

I know this is a financial blog...but I am too excited NOT to add this to my entries...Just for kicks, I stepped on the scale at my moms this morning (I gave mine to her about 2-3 months ago)...and guys, I have lost 40 pounds!!!

I am now at 182!!!

I couldnt believe it! wow.

I know I am feeling better and fitting into clothes better...but I did not realize Id lost another 18 pounds since Id last stepped on a scale...funny thing was that I was nervous about stepping on the scale since Id misbehaved so much last week with my friend.

Sigh. Smile... Ok, that's my jump for joy for the day.

Back to money matters.

Sad Day Here

April 6th, 2007 at 05:13 pm

Well, today is the day.

All of our county libraries are closing this afternoon due to lack of funding.


Even more absurd is that there are people who HONESTLY FEEL that libraries are unnecessary--afterall, we have the internet...

I think many had hoped/believed it wouldn't come to this.
But it is

I feel as though I am losing a good friend.
I have two books that need to go back today...1984 and a great Shorthand reference book that Ive been practicing with...neither of which I would have preferred using the internet for.

and I wont even start on the value of storytime for my grandkids...

Text is and Link is

We're having a Girl!!!

April 6th, 2007 at 04:50 pm

We all went to dinner last night to find out what my DS and DIL are having...and it is a girl! She (Mya- spelling still TBD) is due the first week of September.

I am all ready to go back to work. I will be starting mid week next week. and I will have my work cut out for me as there are several meetings scheduled that I will need to attend and record. It will certainly be an adventure!

We are in a spending cycle lately...first our little vacation, then my friends visit, buying a few new clothes for work (all on sale, of course) just seems like we have so many things right now that are will be nice to have things settle down a little!

And I have ate more with my friend here...mocha and bagels, wine tasting and cheese, a couple of dinners and it all adds up!! The good thing is that I am mentally ready to get right back into my eating plan...which is wonderful since, in the past, I would have been beating myself up and eating my way back to that big ol' size that I worked so hard to escape!! (I am still on track for size 12 by June!!!)

The weather is here gorgeous. We are supposed to have a nice sunny day for Easter...a first as it usually rains on Easter here!

New Blog Page

April 1st, 2007 at 03:39 pm

lol...the links on my page are 'puppy' potty training and free puppy info... um, that's ....ironic...or perhaps...well planned!!

At least the site hasn't been sold to loan sharks! teehee

We are spending this April Fools day in the country wine tasting at the fabulous wineries here in Southern Oregon. DD1 and her hubby are joining DH, me and my California it will be a real treat!!

We went to DD2's home last night for a get together and I got to visit the puppies...they are gettting so big already and their eyes are all open...nothing cuter than lab puppies!! (DD2 took this litter and will handle all the puppies and keep the profit, since I am busy getting back to work!)

My dad is having a hard time breathing..he is not doing so good. Frown He had to take nitro pills 2 different times yesterday to get his heart to stop hurting. Frown

I hope the day is a good one for all of you!