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Happy Halloween...and I got an A!!!

October 31st, 2010 at 03:54 pm

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoying a Sunday morning of coffee and watching the fun spooky shows they show on Halloween each year. It will (hopefully) be a low key day here..some baking, budgeting, housework and homework.

Had our first exam for Sociology..that was a pretty tough test. Got a B on the multi choice and an A+ on the essays. Overall score now is an hopefully I can keep it up through the end of the class.Smile

My new budget is working so well. I have an excel spreadsheet that I track all cash, bills and debit on. I went about $100 over budget this month...but I also stocked up on some things (even the turkey and a few other things for Thanksgiving dinner) and have a freezer full of I will recap that $100 from the November food budget. I live on my own income and my housepayment is $1475 budgeting is crucial. Having 4 kids, their significant others, Six grandkids and several dear friends I keep an 'escrow' account for Holiday gifts, well as vacation, emergencies, etc. I am also saving for my 50th birthday bash...which is next June. I am happy with the amounts I am allocating to each. I also am putting $ in my 401k and in all in all, I am very happy with the plan.

Im ready for my little ghouls to come visit tonight. Cant wait to see them all dressed up!!

Life is wonderful!


October 14th, 2010 at 05:38 am

I have been revisiting old blogs and enjoying the memories of when I used to blog about my parents, my pet Grace, my grandbabies as babies...

It is fun to reread goals, aspirations, dreams, hurts, etc...

Amazing how things have changed. When I first started blogging, I was staying home and caring for my parents and helping my son start his business.

My parents, my dog grace and all those puppies are now gone...and I have been working FT for a few years..first married, SAHM in the country, now single in the city...

And so many friends I have made on this site.

Greatful to Saving Advice for the place to vent, the friendships Ive made...and the memories recorded.

How lucky those of us who have landed here for whatever reason...a frugal, supportive community...and family. Thank you!!!

Budget is Working!

October 10th, 2010 at 08:47 pm

Thanks to some great deals and living out of the pantry a freezer, I came in well under budget for food this next week. Safeway had a great deal, buy two jars of Classico sauce, get two boxes of pasta free. Sauce was on sale for 2/$4- so this will makes some very inexpensive meals.

I am cooking a large pork roast today- part will be for dinner tonight and the rest will get shredded for future pulled pork sandwiches.

I used the $30 in Kohl's cash I had to buy a new waffle maker (my old one died over a year ago) and a couple of candles and a frame for christmas gifts.

Time to hit the books for my class. Life is good!

Raffle Win!

October 9th, 2010 at 02:57 am

I bought a raffle ticket for $5 for a good cause...and found out today that I won a $100 visa gift card!!! YAY! I am going to put this $100 towards the vacation fund.

I got my Directv bill today and have shaved $56 off the monthly bill by cancelling HBO, Showtime, etc..($36) and because I referred two people (2 x $10)- the bill is still higher than I want, but Im not ready to shave more right now so I will be happy with this savings!

I did great on meals this week. Ate at home every night...had one lunch out...and bought two coffees. Cost of these items $17.

Last weekend, my friend gave me her coupon for 30% off at Kohls. I bought the grandbabies clothes for Christmas. The full price would have been about $430.., actual cost $186 PLUS I received $30 in Kohls cash. what a deal! And with 6 grandbabies...I need to make those dollars stretch as much as I can!! The Kohls cash will be used with my new 15% coupon to buy my 'friend' gifts.

Today was payday...and my new budget worked great. Bills are paid, money in savings, a little spending in the pocket, grocery money is set for the now to make it work!

Girlfriend Therapy....

October 3rd, 2010 at 04:14 pm

My bff from California is here for the weekend to visit her family, but she squeezed time with me into the visit. Last night she, me and my dear friend that lives local got together and I made us dinner. We visisted and laughed for hours!! The two friends had never met, and they hit it off wonderfully. I havent laughed that hard in months...and it felt great.

I made a large batch of the main course, chicken picatta, so there would be plenty of left overs for the week. Since I went a little over budget on shopping for the drinks, I the leftovers will come in handy- I really want to stick to my new budget even when occasions pop up!

My bestie stayed the night and she is sleeping in...I get to see her until about 1pm, when I return her to her family. Loving this weekend. Life is so good!!!