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Funny story about the grandkids...

February 5th, 2012 at 10:44 pm

Waiting on the Superbowl to start. I consider Green Bay "my team' of choice, so I am not overly excited about who wins today...but over the past two years I have just developed a love for watching the game. And I do love the commercials. Big Grin

My teen houseguest went to the store for the broccoli I needed to make the chicken divan...and we ended up getting some game foods. She spent $27, but there is extra of several things because of the 2 for 1 deals (she didnt realize she could just buy one and get it for the half Salsa, refried beans, etc...none of it will go to waste. I also needed olive oil.

The chicken divan is prepared and in the fridge to cook for dinner either tonight or tomorrow (depending on how much we snack.)

So a funny story to share...

two of my grandkids (cousins) were here yesterday (7 and 6). I think its because they are both oldest at home, but they argue the point that I dont have both of them at the same time if possible. My daughter and I took them to Costco, which was a huge err in judgement since it was the first weekend of the month, Saturday at noon, the day before superbowl...CROWDED as heck.

So, by the time we got back to the car, my nerves were pretty shot. The two of them got in the back seat and instantly started arguing. My daughter stopped them and said have to tell me ONE THING you like about each other.

DD2: DS, tell me one thing you like about her...
DD2: No, you have to say something. One thing
DS: Mom, I cant think of ANYTHING
DD2: OK GD, what do you like about DS:
GD: Ok....I like that I moved away from him so I dont have to see him...


Lunch today is using up the last of the black bean and chicken soup that I didnt freeze...yummers. And soon, let the game begin!!!

Last Puppy :(

December 5th, 2006 at 01:45 am

My last little girl went to her new home tonight. It is always sad when the last one goes...But it was pretty neat that she waited for this particular family as their son shares her birthday (or vis- versa)

I've decided to hang my breeding hat up and earn extra money a different way. I love the puppies but Ive been doing this a long time and I am ready for no more puppies...particularly no more puppy poopy. Ive had way more on my plate lately to want to continue with this hobby.

So...I'll replace the beeding hat with a thinking cap and come up with another way to raise money for vacations and extras.

Now I'll need to decide which of my breeding labs will be going to vet...

Saved by a Sample

November 8th, 2006 at 01:59 am

Boink *hitting palm to forehead*

My sore hiney has got my whole schedule outa whack. Ordinarily, I shop each week and we have everything we need, or there is plenty to make do. But my trips to town have been fewer and shorter since my (3) falls.

So I just realized this afternoon that I was completely out of food for my puppies. (NOT a good thing when you have 5 little mouths to feed.)

We have a little corner market about 3 miles from here. They carry most anything you need---at a ridiculously high price. But I was desperate. So I was looking over the wet food...which was only DOUBLE what I normally pay at WalMart...and then headed for the dry food...ugh...the smallest bag was over $5!!!

So I resolve to paying these outrageous prices when I notice a big whiskey barrel with "FREE SAMPLES" on it...and inside are single servings of a new dry dog food!! There are 4 different I grab one of each...plenty for tonight and first feeding tomorrow. Total spent: $1.98 for two cans of wet food.

And my puppies are now all happy again...but tomorrow...I see a Walmart trip in order.

Boy, I love free samples!

C'mon....Fair is fair right?

November 2nd, 2006 at 11:00 pm

Ok- DH and I have a little difference of opinion...and it has to do with our businesses.

He does wood. I do puppies. His business makes WAY more than mine. I am limited to the remaining 6 puppies for any profit...then my business is over for 6 months.

DH just called to ask if I would 'trade' one of my male puppies to one of his co-workers for a 'headache bar' (something for DHs truck.)

umm...ok. No problem. Says me.

BUT- (being the business person I am)
Then "I" own the headache bar and if YOU want it, the wood business will have to buy it from me for $200 (cost of the puppy)...

Sounds fair doesn't it???

What does DH say?

"Fine, then the house fund will have to pay the wood business for all the firewood this winter"....


Sigh...well, there goes another male puppy--- and to a good home, to a nice family. I guess thats fair afterall.

maybe i could still negotiate for $100...hmmm...

Sometimes, it's not about the money

November 2nd, 2006 at 10:03 pm

The puppy that I feared would not be adopted, was chosen today!!!

This little guy is the smartest of the lot...but he was born with a tummy hernia. It will cost about $100 to repair.

A lady called about the pups today and I mentioned this little guys plight and she immediately said that was the one she wanted!! I actually ended up giving him to her since she was going to pay for the surgery, etc.

The pup is replacing their dog who died a year ago...and is also a birthday gift to the husband.

I love to see these little guys go to good homes.

I will miss him. He truly was a very intellegent pup--always the first to come and sit intently while all the other pups got petted and left---he'd still sit and wait to be held.

So, no money- but much joy on finding a good home for a pup who really needed it most!!

Wood /Costco today

October 30th, 2006 at 02:14 am

I FINALLY got out of the house today.

DH needed to prep 2 cords for delivery today and needed some help~~so DD3 and I went out and did the splitting and loading. (Thankfully my tailbone felt better today!) We got it all ready and then went with him to deliver.

One of the cords was delivered to a McMansion...and the owners asked if DH and DD3 would mind carrying a desk into their home from one of their cars. They were given a $10 tip for it!!!

We gave DD3 $30 for her help today- so the remaining $300 goes into the wood business account.

Then, we went to Costco and had lunch/dinner for $6 (gotta love those hotdog prices) and spent $104 on restocking food for the house.

I also sold a puppy yesterday for another $100. And DH had an extra $50 on his paycheck for some overtime.

All in all a good money weekend.

Best of all, I am not in pain tonight- WOOHOO

Looking forward to the week ahead. Have a good one!

$2.80 today

October 24th, 2006 at 01:26 am

It would have been a no-spender, but I needed to visit the library to return some books. I had $2.80 in fines...all because they set an erroneous expiration date on my library card that blocked me from renewing online this weekend. (They do this so you HAVE to verify your address periodically)

If my backend had not been hurting so much, I would have argued the point...but I just didnt want to today.

The puppies were all moved out to the puppy shed tonight. This is their new home until they are all adopted....Once the puppies go on puppy food, they really need a place of their own. We have nice warm heat lamps out there so they will stay nice and toasty....a small addition to the electric bill, but a major save on my floors. Big Grin

I continue to declutter. My goal this week is two large bags for the dump and 1 large bag for goodwill.

My Best (Frugal) Possession Today

October 19th, 2006 at 05:23 am

Is definately my carpet cleaner...It has been running non-stop for several days now as I strive to leave no piddle or paddle un-sucked-up and refreshed....and to top it off..Momma dog has a tummy thing double duty for the cleaner...


I am truly grateful that we have it...and will definately be appreciative tomorrow when the house is daisy fresh inspite of my 11 -4 legged challenges. (they are confined but every once in a while out-smart my obstacles)

No- Spender/ Puppy Sale

October 18th, 2006 at 05:54 am

Today was a stay-at-home, no spender...and to top ot off, I sold one of the puppies!!! (a boy!!)

Too cool!

Somedays I feel like I am spinning my wheels, or just going a day like today does much for the motivation!!

Tomorrow, DH and I are going shopping...Costco and grocery, so it will definately end the no-spend spree. DH is going hunting again this weekend--so he needs to restock the trailer (and that is always more expensive than if I just do it myself..)
The absolute worst tho' is when he goes by himself...he has no restraint and never looks at prices...doing this at Cosco only multiplies the sticker shock!!!

So, off we shall go...His zing to my zang should make it an interesting, fun shopping excursion.

Puppies for sale!

October 17th, 2006 at 10:18 pm

I submitted the ad to the local Nickel for the puppies. The ad will be in Thursday's edition.

One little girl is already spoken for by DD2.

Another puppy is going to be chosen for a neighbor tonight...

and then I have 7 left to find homes for.

We listed the puppies for less than usual and are not registering them with the AKC. I am hoping this strategy will encourage more people to consider a purebred, who don't necessarily care about the registered piece.

We will see how this line of thinking works.

I am always anxious at this stage- as they are so darn cute and I want to find the best homes possible for them all!!