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Good Insurance News!!

April 1st, 2009 at 01:21 am

I called our insurance company today to find out if DD3's counseling sessions would be covered and the answer was a very good YES. $15 copay and she can go as long as the counselor feels it is necessary. So, DD3 will be going weekly for the next two months and then we will see if we need to extend it. She continues to make improvement, which is wonderful...I will GLADLY pay the copay to see her get some tools in her toolbox to come out healthier and happier on the other end.

Tomorrow is my last day at work this week. We leave for the mountains on Thursday for 4 days. Im looking forward to that hot tub, sleeping in, bbq-g and going on some great walks!!

And then, when I get back- I am 7 short weeks away from my year-in-the-making vacation to Puerta Vallarta!!! Big Grin

Ray's great escape...or not?

March 31st, 2009 at 01:14 am

My boss had an early meeting this morning with some out of town visitors, so I stopped and picked up some snacks for the meeting. While I was there, I saw that my fav coffee creamer was on sale, so I bought a big one. It is $2.50 and will last at least a week. THe job pays for coffee, so for $2.50 I have 'gourmet coffee' for at least a week. Not bad Gotta love that.

I have been toying with an idea for a while. I stay fairly stressed it work, the economy, my messy house, my teen, my mom, etc, etc. I recently read a book "A weekend to change your life"...which is a book written by a lady that spent a year by the sea 'finding herself'. Now, she offers a weekend retreat to help other women do the same. I am not planning to attend the retreat, but I am thinking about taking a weekend every quarter all to myself. No work, mom, kids, hub, bills, worries, etc. Just me and whatever I want to take- a book, knitting, a journal. I get a weekly allowance so I can save that to pay for the mini "retreat".

Am I selfish? Are my desires misguided? Does this sound like a reasonable amount of time to carve out and recharge my batteries??? Perhaps I am just getting old, but I am finding it harder and harder to stay on top of everything and I am worried about burnout. OF course, these thoughts are on the heels of some pretty hefty life changes in the last two years...a bump in the marriage, my dads death and subsequent caretaking of my mom, a new job which has changed responsibilities 3 times in two years....perhaps I just need counseling.

But I think, I will just try to figure out 3-4 cool getaway "me" times a year. I found a great little one bedroom condo with an ocean view...

Text is and Link is that looks like a good the summer, I can have the hub park our trailer somewhere peaceful, and the other I can just go somewhere local...perhaps even housesit for a friend who has a fabulous home....

hmmm...does anyone else do mini-me vacations????

Popcorn + Cars = Two happy grandbabies

March 29th, 2009 at 03:28 am

After a fun, busy afternoon party...we came home with both GD (3) and GS (4). They are sitting here watching the Disney movie Cars and having some popcorn. They are both pooped, so I anticipate lights out tonight by 9pm. They are cousins, but they act like brother/sister in that they fight over everything but miss each other ferociously when they arent together. All of the grandbabies are very close, which is such a blessing. My 4 month old GD was also at the party and she and I were 'cooing' when she giggled out loud. That is one of the most amazing sounds in the world, when a tiny one gets the giggles for the first time. Pure joy.

Tomorrow, all the kids want to get together to talk about another trip in leiu of our traditional Christmas present exchange this year. They obviously enjoyed the anticipation and the memory we created by going to the cabin this last Christmas and want to talk about the possiblity of taking all the little ones to Disneyland for Christmas this year. Not sure how we could pull this off, but I am willing to hear their ideas.

One things for certain, we will be having homemade waffles in the morning when my little bundles of energy wake up recharged and ready to go... Smile

401K year two...

March 28th, 2009 at 05:02 pm

April is my anniversary month at work. I have been back to work TWO YEARs. Hard to believe. On my one year anniversary, my 401k hit $10k...and with the economy this year I didnt hold out hope that it would double this year...but it is on track to do just that. My next paycheck should put it just over $20k.

I am not sure if it will be a realistic expectation that year three will continue at this pace as my company is having to consider cutbacks as a result of the economy and one of the items on the table is the employer 401k contribution of 8%. No decisions have been made, but there is a possibility of it being reduced or eliminated. For now, though, I will keep plugging away at my 15% contribution...

DD3 went to counseling again yesterday. Things are still far from normal for us, but I do see small positive changes happening with her. I will take even the small victories with gratitude at this point...I feel like we have been through the wringer the last few weeks.

GD (age 3) will be spending the night tonight. Her mom and dad volunteer for a youth group and are up in Portland on an excursion with their 'kids'. they took the baby with them, but we agreed that GD would be much happier spending the weekend with her grandmas...Last night she was with one gramma...tonight she will be here with us. We are going to a big anniversary party and GD's cousins will be there, so she should have a great time...I wouldnt be surprised if we dont end up bringing GS (4) home with us too.

The mountain resort we like to visit had a spring special, rent two nights - get one free, so we booked a house for next weekend. We are going on Thur-Sun. We have invited another couple to join us and they are coming up on Friday...should be relaxing and fun.

So...tomorrow, I will start getting ready for the trip...and next week...I only work 3, YAY.

Got my grade!!!!

March 25th, 2009 at 12:33 am

Guess what??? They posted grades today and I got an A+!!!! I didnt know they gave "+" but hotdiggity, I got one!!!!!

Can you see this smile? This was the English Comp II course. I am so proud of that grade!!!!

ok...down to Earth now.

DD2 is condsidering buying a mini-van for her family. They need one, so I am supportive of the idea. They are also good budgeters, so they will be paying CASH for a used one. The starting price was $6700...and she got them down to $5700 and asked to borrow $2000 from me until May 1, when she will pay me back.

I said ok...

Being the little bargainer that she is, she went in and said that she would only pay $5000...and they said $5700 was break even for them...but low and behold, she stood firm and got the 2005 Caravan clean a whistle for $5000.

lol. Good for her. What this also means is that she will give me back my 2002 ford escort that I gave her a couple of years ago when she was a single mom and struggling. We can use this car for DD3 once she earns her priviledges back...and then she wont have a car payment, just insurance....and like Boomeyers suggested, we wont have to fully insure, just liability, which will save some $$ too....the upside for me is that I wont have to readjust my seats and radio every time I get into my car now. (yeah!)

So, everyone is happy. Smile

I ranted some in my post yesterday, primarily referring to AIG without saying so...doggonit guys...I got even more pissed today when I read that (most of)the American bonus recipients are giving their bonuses back...WTF? Our tax dollars went to bonuses for non-Americans??? GRRRRR?????? how the hell is that even legal? not to mention ethical.

Oh well. ....Grant me the serenity to know the difference....

I GOT AN A+!!!!!!!! YEEHAW

ps....I am LOVING these new hours...I go in at 6:30 for a full hour and a half of uninterrupted work...and get off at enjoy a full 3 hours of daylight..I hope my boss will be open to my continuing this if it works out at work...

I am ready for the end of this economic bout you?

March 24th, 2009 at 02:58 am

I am frustrated tonight. I pay my taxes. I did not buy a bigger house than I could afford. I have been responsible with my bills. I live within my means. I take care of my family. I work for a good, ethical company. I save. I bargain shop. I forego, do without, make do.

So why the heck am I paying for those who chose to do otherwise???

The whiplash from all of this nonsense is starting to hit those who did it all right...and it pisses me off!!!!

Million dollar bonuses after my (our)taxes bailed them out...give me a freakin break.

IN one way or another we are all paying for corporate greed and it makes me cranky.


We used that steak tonight...and enjoyed a nice, cheap dinner that tasted like a high dollar meal.

I needed to pick up a few things at the store tonight and found some great deals on chicken. Tomorrow I will put a chicken in the crockpot with butter and indian curry. Makes a very easy, yummy meal!!

Sorry to rant tonight...just cranky over things I cant control but have to pay for. When we all work so hard to do it right, it irritates me to have to bail out those who have been greedy and irresponsible...and then see big bonuses paid for all that 'hard work'....givemeafreakinbreak. endofrant.

Sweet Lavender Dreams

March 23rd, 2009 at 02:48 am

Target had the lavender vanilla fabric softner on sale for $4.50 yesterday so I bought a bottle. Sometimes, a splurge is just worth it. I washed all my jammies and my sheets with it today and now I am sitting here enjoying the scent as I wind down and get ready for bed. mmmmmm....

Today we had every possible weather there is...snow, rain, sun,calm, wind, snow, sleet, hail, rain, and sun. geeze. IT was amazing to watch thruought the day.

My husband cut down a tree yesterday for a homeowner who was nervous about the tilt it was making and thought it might fall on the neighbors house.

So...this afternoon he suggested using the money he earned to take all the kids and grandbabies out to dinner tonight. They were all so thankful for a night out. The economy has hit them hard, and a dinner out is a luxury. We went to our local mexi restaurant..and thoroughly enjoyed them and the babies. What fun!! at $170 (which included the tip) we fed all 13 of us, dinner, drinks and desert...and the smile from those little guys was priceless. What a happy gramma I am!

so, here I sit, having been blessed by family and fun tonight, enjoying my clean, lavendar bedding...and winding down for the week ahead. sigh. Life is so blessed!!

The week ahead? Bring it!

Volunteer Time

March 22nd, 2009 at 03:47 pm

Yesterday, our company went to a local food access non-profit and helped with repackaging food. We were able to repackage 3 months for them!!

DD3 begrudgingly joined me. It was either that, or go with her dad to cut down a tree.

We volunteered for the kitchen and found out our job was to take huge bags of pretzels and turn it into 12 smaller bags. DD3s job was to seal the bags, mine was to label and repack them into the boxes.

We lucked out and the other helpers were all people I have worked with over the years. So we had lots of things to talk about as we worked. At first, DD3 was very quiet and it was easy for everyone to tell she had a bad tude. the end of our shift, she was smiling and talking and enjoying herself. And when we left, she said she enjoyed herself.

The rest of the day she was pleasant and it felt like a glimmer of her old self was back.

One of the guys who work at the non-profit was sharing some of the stories with us about about the families they help...and not-surprisingly, how those numbers are increasing. It felt good knowing we were helping in even a small way to help offset overhead costs so that more of the funds could be used for goods for the families.

Today, I am hanging out at home catching up on everything before I start the week. I have to say, it feels good knowing I do not have school in the mix next week.

Tonight we will grill a steak out of the freezer for dinner.

I cant say it should be a not spender, because there are some groceries we will need for the week...but I should be minimal.

For now, I am just enjoying a cup of coffee as I read your blogs.

Wrestling the %$#@! wire to save money....

March 20th, 2009 at 11:52 pm

Most guys and even some ladies will not understand this rant....but I know, some of you will completely relate!

UNDERWIRE. Why is it, that those darn things cant stay put? Within just weeks of buying a new bra, that wire starts it journey upward and onward. No matter how determined I am to show it who's boss, that blasted wire keeps reappearing and not always at the opportune times! Business meetings lately, I am finding myself sitting on my hands so that I dont unconsciously wrangle it back into place to stop the constant pinch.

I HATE shopping for these things, and hate even more that break-in honeymoon period. Talk about straight-jackets from hell.

But I am tired of fighting this one. I am ready to concede, yank the blasted thing out and turn it into a paperclip!

But alas, I will weave it back into place in the morning, fight with it throughout the day and try to find some time to buy a new one.


Went to counseling this afternoon. We did the initial visit and got everthing on the table. DD3 spent about 45 minutes with the counselor one-on-one. She has another appt next friday. She didnt say anything more that uh-huh and uh-uh on the way home. But she did say "I love you" as she left for work.

I am glad its the weekend. I am beyond ready for a mental break this week. Tomorrow I am repacking food for a local non-profit. and I am budgeting with DD1 on SUnday evening..but beyond that, nothing more mentally taxing than a sitcom is on my agenda.

Angry silence...sigh

March 18th, 2009 at 01:32 am

I actually got home today before the sun went down!!

I picked DD3 up from school and had a very silent trip home. I volunteered to pack food boxes this weekend for our community food bank and asked if she would like to join me, she turned me down. So, I will ask her again, and hopefully she will agree. I think some community service would do her heart good. She is definately ANGRY. When we got home, she went to her room and slammed the door. SHe is reading a book tonight. Our appointment with the counselor is Friday at 2pm. The counselor specializes in troubled teens. I hope she can give me tips on how to deal with all of this anger.

If you read my blogs, you know how much I love and adore my family. But I am committed to doing tough love for as long as it takes to get DD3 back on track. Is it easy or pleasant....absolutely not...but as a mom I will do whatever it takes to help DD3 make better choices. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

My boss was great this morning when I met with him. He told me to adjust my schedule to whatever I comes first. (Have I mentioned I love my boss???) So, I will work 7-3:45 at work and take a short lunch.

My new assistant starts on Thursday, so I will get her trained and my dept is fully staffed...and I have all the right people on the team!!! This will mean the stress at work should start to subside. Smile

Tonight I had leftovers for dinner. All the cooking the last few days is paying off. Tonight I am going to make some oatmeal for breafast at work the rest of the week. SInce I am starting early, I will need it. Luckily, my job provides free coffee, so no cost there.

We also have enough leftovers for the remainder of the lunches are covered.

And finally, getting home earlier means more time to do laundry and housework...perhaps this new temp schedule will be good for my stress level. Lord knows, I could use a break from it right now...

Much to be grateful for, much to overcome.

DD3 and end of school for me for awhile...

March 17th, 2009 at 03:21 am

I turned in my final paper for my class tonight. It was a tough paper to write-my topic was very disturbing. But I finished it and turned it in. Never been so glad to get something done as I was that paper. The topic was late-term abortion.

I have decided not to return to school for a while, especially now that we are dealing with DD3 issues. I need to keep my focus on her right now. Plus, I have a vacation in May that would take me out of class for two weeks, which is not good.

I called the counselor today and we have an appointment on Friday. I have submitted my request to my boss for flex hours and will be talking to him about it tomorrow. Just in case he says yes, I will go in at 6:30am to start the day so that I can pick up DD3 when she gets out of school tomorrow.

I stayed home this morning until DD3 got on the bus, just to insure she didnt fail on day one. She was not happy with me for keeping such close tabs, but I suggested she start getting used to it. For a while, this is our new reality.

I went to lunch with a co-worker today, who happens to be a pastors wife. She was very supportive of all the things we are trying and even mentioned that her husband could help too. We went to a restaurant that is set up in one of the older mansions in the area. The house was build in the late 1800's so it has alot of character and charm. It was nice to sit and visit for a while too. Lunch was very tasty too.

After class tonight, I got home and the hub had bbq'd chicken and made a repeat batch of the red potatoes that we had last night. yum. I LOVE coming home to a home cooked meal and a toasty fire....especially on a cold, rainy day like it we had today.

Sunday Supper

March 15th, 2009 at 11:56 pm

We have Sunday supper fairly routinely. It is a night when we are gearing up for the week ahead, we usually have done some grocery shopping over the weekend...and Sunday afternoons are fairly low key. Tonight is no different.

Tonight, the hub is grilling some of that London Broil my mom snagged at the sales this weekend. I just cut up some red potatoes and mixed them up with some olive oil, dry onion soup mix and parmesan cheese..and tossed the dish in the oven- add some green beans and french bread and dinner for the three of us plus nana will be about $10....and it looks like we will have enough leftovers for 2-3 lunches too!

What do you do for Sunday Supper???

DD3 has come out of her room only to do laundry today. We invited her down for breakfast and the hub asked her if she wanted to go to the gun show this afternoon. Both met with definate NO's. I am giving her her space....and allowing her to come to terms with the new rules. I feel better just knowing we are working on this plan.

The Trophy's on the Shelf

March 15th, 2009 at 05:10 pm

Tough love moved in with us yesterday, much to DD3s (17) dismay. I am sure in her eyes her dad and I have earned the most sucky parents of the year award. Tomorrow, I will be talking to my boss about changing my work hours so that I will be home in the afternoons with her to help keep her on track. This will mean arriving at work at 6:30am and getting off at 3:30pm. I am hoping he will be ok with this. I have a feeling he will be supportive of it. Our primary goal is to keep her focused on school and help her make better choices inspite of creepy bf's influence. Perhaps her not having a car is a blessing in disguise. Now there is no cell or internet either. sigh. Who is tough love harder on? If only our kids could see that we really do have their best interest at heart.

The hub has come around. He was not understanding the depth of concern for DD3 and was not being supportive. Unfortunately, an incident this week opened his eyes and we are now on the same page. A parental united front definately helps all around.

My mom found a great deal on London Broil steaks yesterday at $1.99 lb, so she stocked us up. These will come in handy for all of the bbqs we have with the kids.

I have to finish my final paper today as it is due tomorrow night. My last class is tomorrow night--and I wont be taking another class until at least September. This term was just too crazy with my mom, the changes at my job, DD3, etc. I am worn out and need a break from that added pressure. If my paper is good, I should be on track for an A in the class.

It is raining here today. We have more overcast, rainy days in winter than sunny days...and after a while it gets downright dreary. We did have two nice, warm sunny days last week...of course, days I was working!! Hopefully, there are more on the way soon!

Well, I am off to work on that paper!

$4.50 each for Sin on a Plate......

March 14th, 2009 at 04:59 am

How can the world be amiss when there is Banana's Foster to be enjoyed?

Seriously! I had a nice dinner out with a good friend tonight and when it was time for dessert, I noticed this option on the menu..they claimed it was the "specialty"...Neither of us had ever had we ordered it.

WOW. It wasnt just a dessert, it was an experience!! Our waiter rolled this cart up and proceeded to cook up a bowl of incredible flaming OH MY GOSHNESS...right there, tableside. The aroma was amazing...and the dish....pure sin on a plate.

I think I have found a new favorite for special occasions. wow.

I am so glad it is Friday..and that I have no plans this weekend (execpt my Final paper for Eng Comp II). This has easily been one of the more stressful weeks Ive had in a long time. Too personal to get into here..but I will suffice to say, teenagers are tough at times, husbands can be jerks, and even the most wonderful job can cause heartburn. I seriously considered running away by mid-week. Just pack my bags and head off to Boomeyers, Fern, Ima Saver...then again, Baselle would be closer, and I hear there are bargains on purses up there to be had. Smile

But alas, I will hang here and ride the storm out. DD3 is in deep, deep do-do --so by tomorrow, I will officially be the least popular mom on the planet...but parenting is not a popularity contest, is it?

The hub is coming around to the fact that he goofed...and is doing what he can to un-jerk himself.

The job, well...being in the financial business right now is just tough. Heartbreaking at times for those being hit hardest..but working at a credit union, at least I can sleep knowing we do the right things for the right reasons for our members.

But alas, there is Banana's Foster...who knew? And almost instantly, all is right with the world.

Crash and least that's what it feels like today.

March 13th, 2009 at 04:21 am

I want to prefice this entry by saying I am more grateful than I can say that DD3 was not injured in her accident. We are truly, truly blessed that she was ok.

Our insurance company is not going to payoff the car, rather they will pay what they feel the car is worth minus our deductible plus subtract for each ding the car had....oh and the rust on the tire. Luckily, the interior upholstry didnt sag.

So...a car we owned less than 6 months, that was less than low blue blue book when we bought I put $500 down and paid on it for 6 months...and we still have a deficit of almost $1000 from what the insurance is paying and what I owe. ARGH.

I am sure that if she gets another vehicle, it will cost and arm and a leg to insure her.

But again. I am grateful this is our biggest challenge this week and not hospital bills or worse.

Fortunately, I have enough saved to payoff the car. Obviously, leaving it in savings would have been my first choice...especially over paying off something that is worthless. sigh.

Ok, end of rant. DD3 is ok, and thats whats important. Money...just painfully replaceable.

My Blogoversary Tradition...Lurkers, this one's for YOU!

March 11th, 2009 at 06:24 pm

Last year, I dedicated my blogoversary blog to all of our lurkers and invited them to jump in and join us!! keeping with that tradition, I am calling out to all of you who, for whatever reason, have not yet joined the SA family with a blog of your own.

We would like the opportunity to get to know as many of you as possible...I am sure you have important contributions to make to our community.

If you are considering joining, I invite you to choose today, Big Grin to crossover...It's easy, it's fun, it's rewardsing...and it's FREE....

If you do, respond to this entry so I will know how many of you I enticed today...

(I am hoping for at least ONE!!!)

Go ahead, make my day!!

To everyone else...have some blogoversary cake on me!!!


March 11th, 2009 at 05:08 am

Tomorrow is my THREE YEAR Blogoversary....yay! I am still learning so much from all of you. Some of you I feel like I know...and many I consider friends! I appreciate each of you for your insight and uniqueness. The combination of experiences, ideas and opinions sure make this a great place to hang out!!

Tonight was my wine class. This is such a fun class. There are twelve of us and each month we study and pair a different type of wine and meal. Tonight was Bordeux wines...with a wonderful meal. I am making some new friends, and I really enjoy the 'me' time. Especially lately, when life seems a little stressful with all that is happening with DD3....why are teens so darn tough????

The wine class was $250 which included 10 months of gourmet meals, dessert and wine tasting. Then, the instructor takes us on a two day wine tour. It was a little expensive, but I have fully enjoyed the experience. I think we have three more classes left.

Thanks again to all my SA friends...BFF Kath, Julie, Fern, Baselle, Paulette, BA, PP, CCF, FT, Amber, etc...etc...and all the rest of you who've become my extended are appreciated!!!!


Snow, red potatoes and some more bad news.

March 9th, 2009 at 01:42 am

It has been snowing off and on all day here...very pretty, but I am sure my about-to-bloom daffodils are more than a little confused.

I had several of the red potatoes still left from my 5 lb I combined a few recipes and came up with a mighty yummy recipe for them. I cut them into quarters or eighths, depending on how big they were, drizzled olive oil over them and then seasoned them with sea salt, pepper, dill weed and parmesan cheese. Then, added a few dabs of butter and baked until done.. turning occasionally and adding a little more parmesan before they came out of the oven. YUM. We bbq'd the pork chops, added some salad and viola! quite the meal. (we also pulled some bread out of the freezer and my mom made some asparagus.) Feels like I ate at a 5 star tonight.

I watched Nights in Rodanthe this,so. While the hub and DD3 watched star wars downstair..I retreated to the bedroom and that new cozy bedding. It was not the best I have ever watched...but relaxing in that new bedding and all those pillows made me feel like I had escaped for a couple of hours.

If any of my friends here pray or send good thoughts, we could use them. I learned today that DD3s bad-influence, contolling BF was discharged today after just 2 months in the military...and will be home tomorrow. It was devatating news and I am still reeling. I had just started to feel like the old DD3 was coming back to us. Now this. Perhaps her not having a car right now is a blessing in disguise. I guess we will see what the near future brings. darn.

I am missing that hour tonight. I love that it is still light out at almost 7pm...but I am missing the hour and will definately feel it in the morning...but alas...within a week or so, it will be the usual and no biggie.

And now, after snowing much of the day, the sun is out. No wonder my daffodils are confused.

Savings at the grocery store

March 8th, 2009 at 06:03 pm

Scored at the store yesterday. Seems their sales were primarily things I needed or would normally buy. Several of the coupons were for a single item only because the price was so good.

However, my mom wanted to get out of the house and joined me. A kind shopper had left some of the great coupons on the items that they didnt my mom bought seconds of some of the items that were ONE only. I got 6.5 lbs of thick bacon for $9.99; 24 pack of Coke for $4.99; hamburger for $1.69 lb; classico pasta sauce $1.23; orange juice, cookies, pork chops...all in all; $178 in groceries for $99.

The checker said that he was seeing more coupons this weekend than he had seen in a long time. Most likely this is a combo of some really good deals, and more people taking advantage of frugal opportunities. In any case, I was glad to see the shelves well stocked on the bargains. Thank you Safeway!

I had some Costco mega-pack of hamburger buns in the freezer and plenty of

So, we invited all the kids, some of their friends, grandkids over last night and had a bonfire and bbq. I had some red potatoes on hand so I looked up a recipe for red potato salad (potatoes; bacon; celery; eggs; miracle whip and sour creme + salt and pepper to taste) My first attempt at potato salad and it was a big hit.

I fed everyone for about $20. Oh, and I had picked up a package of marshmallows and everyone enjoyed toasted-gooey-yumminess for dessert. The little guys loved it. My grandson (4) had spent the night with us on Friday, so he spent yesterday as papa's shadow, setting up the bonfire, getting the firewood, etc. He didnt take a nap, so by 8pm, the little guy was pooped. I am sure he conked on the drive home and had sweet dreams last night. I know I slept like a baby.

Today we have no plans to leave the house. We have plenty of food and no desire to go anywhere, so it will most likely be a lazy-jamma-type day.

Good day to catch up on laundry, etc. But for now, its coffee time!

DD3 is ok (thank God!) But the car, not so much...

March 6th, 2009 at 04:11 pm

DD3 (17) had a bad accident last night. She underestimated a curve, overcorrected, the car spun and then rolled down and embankment and ended up in a ditch.

SHE IS OK. Bump on the head, shook up, sore, but not a scratch on her. Thank goodness.

The totaled. I am sure there will be a negative financial impact...but that worry is for a different day. Today is about gratitude and perspective.

Nothing quite like a close call to remind you of what's important.

My to-do list got a rewrite this morning...from getting up, getting ready for work and rushing out the checking in on DD3, hugging her, reassuring her, calling insurance..and just being mom.

Work will have to wait for a little while. Right now, I am needed at home.

The really cool thing. My boss couldnt agree a matter of fact, he just emailed me and told me to take the day off.

I am so grateful that this is a day of thanks, rather than any alternative.

Is it becoming HIP to be frugal?

March 6th, 2009 at 02:40 am

An amazing number of lunches are coming from brown bags these days...

Im having to watch out for bicycles on the roads...

Generics arent as plentiful on the shelves...but there is an abundance of name brand...

America is gnashing teeth at McMansions, McVehicles, McBabies and McGadgets...

America's Cheapest Family is a household name...

Oprah and Phil are both chanting spend less, save, down with debt!!

All of a sudden it's feeling like FRUGAL is the IN crowd...the place to be...the ones to follow...


The question this our 15 minutes of fame? Are we the flavor of the month...or is Frugal the new American Dream?

I can see the Bumper Stickers:

Frugal and Proud
I was Frugal when Frugal wasn't cool
My wife can save more than your wife...
Waste not, save more!
Fashionably Frugal!


hmm...I guess we hold our heads in frugal-pride and stay tuned.

Pillow Talk!

March 4th, 2009 at 06:02 am

I set a goal at the beginning of the year to get back into the habit of having a Freedom Account - which is the name Mary Hunt gave to her household escrow account that includes all those non-monthly expenses like clothes, household, pets, etc. Our household account accumulated enough that, with some careful shopping, I was able to buy a new bedspread set ($34.99) for our king size bed...sheets...and 8 pillows. 8 pillows is alot, but I bought standard, queen and king size pillows of all firmnesses. Since we have never bought a headboard/footboard for our bed, these pillows substitute for a headboard, support while we sit in bed and read, tv, etc. I got everything for under $100...and I feel like I am at a nice resort with the new bedding. I am loving it!! Ive had the new bedding for about 4 days now...and each night it feels like I am truly pampered....and it was all in the budget, so no new debt incurred!

All of the deposits are done for the final payment on the Villa, so I will be mailing the check tomorrow. I cant believe this vacation is sneaking up like it is!

I have decided NOT to do school next is just proving way too much added pressure and stress right now. So, I have a little over two weeks left of school and then an indefinate break for a weary gramma. I truly have pooped myself out.

We are planning a bonfire this weekend with the whole family. We will bbg burgers and dogs...and enjoy all the babys around the fire. Smile Cheap, fun entertainment!!

Bonus, Door prizes and Disneyland!!

March 1st, 2009 at 05:48 pm

Last night was our annual employee awards banquet. It was a lot of fun. In spite of the economy, we made some of our critical goals...which means there was a rewards bonus for staff. (yeah!) It was even a little more than I had double yeah! THEN, I won a door a neat gardening kit with bulbs, tools, etc...value was over $ tons of cool stuff. Smile

My Puerta Vallarta trip is less than 3 months away now. I am sending the final payment on the villa this week. I got to thinking about something and have adjusted my travel plans a little and I am even MORE excited about this trip now...

I had taken the week after the vaca off, to just relax and because my birthday is that week. Well, on the flight home, we change planes in LA...and my dear friend lives near, I changed my flight to come home 5 days later and will just stay in LA with my friend that week. THe hub will come on home on the original flight.

My friend lives near Disneyland...and since my birthday is that week...I registered to go to Disneyland for FREE. Yeah!!!! I havent been in 7 years...and since it will be free...Smile I dont even mind going by myself!!

So, a week in Puerto Vallarta, followed by a week with my best buddy, AND a free trip to Disneyland!! Woo-hoo!

The hub offered to make breakfast I am enjoying some relaxation time...while breakfast is being made..

Does it get any better than this???