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Manicure/Pedicure...Dinner plans

July 17th, 2010 at 11:28 pm

I always wrongly assumed I was too clumsy to paint my own nails...Actually, I would try once, fail miserably and give up...But my desire to have pretty toenails on a tight budget got me determined enough to give it an honest effort. First try...pretty try...a little better (emphasis on little)...but learned that q-tips and nail polish remover can work wonders on boo-boos. Now, while not 'perfect'...I am happy to say that I do a nice enough job for me. Smile I now have 4 colors of polish in my stash, am saving a bundle...and love seeing the newly painted fingers and toes anytime I want to do it! Such an inexpensive way to give my day a boost.

Tonight, the hub is over and we are bbqing for friends. We seem to have figured out that we get along well living apart. I am not sure where this road will lead....but it is nice to be friends during this separation period.

Babysat my youngest grandbaby (7mos) this morning for a couple hours...nothing like a baby sleeping peacefully in your arms to remember what is really important in life...loved it! Cleaned house...and now just waiting for everyone to show up for a nice night of friendship.

Good to be back at this blog...and catching up with all of you...what a great group of folks that hang out here...hugs. very, very good.

It's been a while...

July 14th, 2010 at 02:26 am

Hello Friends.

It has been a while. Losing my mom, separating from the hub, changes at work, kid issues have set me back on many levels...but I am slowly figuring out life.

I have been on my own for several months...and feel so good that I am self supporting in my own home. Of course, that means budgeting and making choices...but its been very healing.

I am still settling my moms affairs...boy, that takes longer than I realized. And it is tough...I miss my mom.

I joined a Biggest Loser challenge and lost 15 lbs...but more importantly, I learned how to properly exercise and eat now it is just a matter of implementing that knowledge daily! So far, very good!

The grandbabies are all doing great! They really are the joy in my life!

Bottom line, I have put to use so many of the thoughts and ideas that I learned here over the years and am proud of what I am able to do on my own at this point in my life....

Life is very good.