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Happy Valentines Day! It's been a while!

February 14th, 2023 at 09:25 pm

Hello friends.

2022 was a fairly turbulent year for me.  Medical issues, family hiccups, a new puppy and just life.  I took a break rather than constantly blogging about the blah of the year.

I am happy to say, 2023 is off to a much better start.  Ive already gone on two vacations to Mexico- the first was a Christmas present from my son and DIL, the second a cruise with DD1 and her family.  Both were fantastic, and for me, fairly frugal.  (My final invoice on the cruise (which does not include the cost of booking the cruise, but did include all the on board expenses, was $43)

I did our taxes yesterday and was pleasantly surprised that we are getting a nice refund that will help replenish some of the emergency savings we spent last year.  Teeth repairs, DD3's wedding plans (she was just 14 when I started this blog and is now 31 and getting married in Sept!) and misc home and car repairs all significantly chipped away at the emergency fund - so it will be nice to add to it again.

I had my annual exam yesterday and all those numbers from blood work are MUCH BETTER than they were last year.  Its crazy what stress can do to your body.  But I am thankful my numbers are all better, most within the numbers theyre supposed to be.  Smile

It snowed here today, so I have a nice toasty fire in the wood stove while I finished all my laundry from vacation. Im looking forward to catching up on everyone's blog!