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Did I bite off more than I can chew???

October 19th, 2008 at 04:14 pm


I have been so incredibly busy lately. I am attending school- taking my first class in 30 years (English Comp)...and loving it!! I am also taking an online course (Computing Concepts)- but am struggling to keep up with that one.

I am trying to fill my assistant's position at previous assistant left unexpectedly Friday and so I will be doing double duty and trying to interview this next week. ugh.

I joined a wine class that meets once each month- There are 14 of us in the class and we meet at the coordinators (RJ's) restaurant. Each month, we taste a different wine and RJ makes dishes that pairs with the wine. He also educates us on the history of the wine. Our first class was a couple of weeks ago...and I sure enjoyed it! We will meet for 10 months and then next summer, we will go on a two day trip to a local wine region.

The past two weekends have been weekends away with friends... one to the beach with the girls, and the other with another couple to a local resort. Great, relaxing fun...that doesn't happen near enough. It was coincidence that they happend one after the other.

Grandbaby #5 is due in 6 weeks...but DD2 is on semi-bedrest as her body is ready to deliver what is looking to be a good sized baby girl. (The baby's dad was 13 lbs at birth and is now 6' 6" and very large framed.)

Nana was struggling with several issues, so we made a list and she got busy.....she now has joined a red hat society, gotten cortisone shots for her back, got hearing aids, and is going to counseling!! (yeah Nana!)

Today is my first full day at home in weeks...and GS (age 4) spent the night last night and we made waffles this morning.

I have a ton of housework to catch up on...and I have homework for both of my courses.

It seems like financially, we just keeping getting hit with one unexpected expense after another. We also got DD3 (16) a car...which adds gas, insurance, etc. to the budget.

All in all...things are great. Busy, but full of good stuff. I do read many of your blogs as often as I can...


October 2nd, 2008 at 03:56 am

Tonight in my Eng Comp class, I had to write a paper on something that I have done that included risk.

I wrote about leaving my job to help care for my parents.

I think back on that choice and it really was quite a leap of risk. That I could leave a good job that paid well...especially as the major bread winner in the stay home and care for my dad and mom....

Of course, it took refinancing our home, cashing out on my vacation and sick leave, giving up more meals out, new clothes, even makeup and haircuts....

In exchange, I got almost two years of time with my dad before he died....learned to knit...welcomed two grandbabies...baked, cooked and homemade gifts....

A risk that I would do again in a heartbeat, having the 20/20 perspective of that time with my dad....
Of course, as I wrote my paper tonight, I cried a little as I reflected on this choice...and included the ending which was going back to work to a job that I enjoy even more than the old one, making more than I did before.

Morale of the story in this case, Risk sometimes means an unexpected gift...with life changing consequenses.

I wonder what grade I will get on the paper?