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SCORE at the Auction

November 17th, 2010 at 04:03 am

Woo HOO! I coordinated an online auction for my job and the auction ended today. I scored big time. I got two nice oak desks, a hutch, and a full hutch/credenza unit and a bookcase for $200!!! The value is around $3000 for everything, as it is excellent quality! This will make a nice home office for me, and another for my son and his business. We will pick it all up one night this week. I am so excited to have a full home office!!

My son and dil and their two babies (1 and 3)are staying with me until the remodel on their house is far enough along that they can move in. It is so sweet to have little ones playing and laughing in the evenings.

My daughters and I had a fabulous time this past weekend on our 'girls' trip. We shopped, ate, took an underground tour of the city, and enjoyed each other! What a GREAT time.

Ive been thoroughly enjoying the Kindle. I think this was a very good purchase for me. Im currently reading one of the free books and enjoying it so much. Tidbit of info for can download a free kindle app for your computer and take advantage of the free books without buying a kindle....just FYI.

Life is very good!!!

Fun Weekend ahead...

November 13th, 2010 at 02:59 am

The girls and I will leave at 6am for our mega-marathon-shopping trip to the big city tomorrow! We are going for only one night this year...but the girls have put us on a very tight, busy schedule to ensure we hit all of their favorite spots. Sounds like we will also be taking an underground tour of the city. Its about a 4-5 hour drive each way, so I am taking school books to get in some serious study time. Should be a great weekend!

I have been contemplating buying a Kindle for quite a while. Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I am just not too prompt at returning library I tend to always be paying fees. (no excuse) When we go on getaways, I find myself packing several books at a time cause I never know what I will be in the mood to read...

SO...I bought the Kindle this week. I knew there were free books to be had on Amazaon, but I didnt realize the options that would be available, as well as the games, etc. I am sure enjoying it so far..and looking forward to having it on the trip this weekend!

My new cat is sick. They warned me at the shelter that it was a possibility...and sure enough, within one day of having him, he started sneezing pretty badly. I received a free vet visit when I got him, so it was only $6 for the antibiotics. Harley and I are getting along very well. He definately is a joy to have around. Smile

Hope everyone is doing great. Happy Friday...Life is good!


November 7th, 2010 at 12:00 am

Tonight is the premiere of a reality documentary 'Downsized' aboiut a family that is struggling in this economy and how they are dealing with it. I am eager to watch and see what the moral of the story is.

This morning I went to the mall. Was not expecting full blown Christmas decorations and holiday music. I walked into Macy's home store and they had their Christmas display up. My mom and I loved perusing that display each year...Within minutes of admiring the ornaments and listening to the music, I found myself tear-ing up and actually had to leave the mall. Been teary off an on all day. Me thinks this season will be bitter sweet. I have so much to be thankful for with my kids and grandbabies...but I am missing my mom A LOT.

Last night a couple friends came over for a 'girlfriend' night. I made teriyaki steak and jasmine rice, grilled onions and pineapple. YUM we sipped wine and had a great time. I had plenty of leftovers for a couple more meals. The dinner cost under $10...and it rivaled the restaraunt meals we usually have...and the wine was MUCH less too!

Yesterday was payday and I am so happy to FINALLY have the right budget formula. No more surprises or guesswork...and ample allocations are being made for wants and needs. Smile Although, I did get a pamphlet from local Gospel Mission asking for donations. If I donate now, a local furniture store will match the donation. So, I made a $25 donation ($50 with the match!!) That will come out of my allowance for the month. But thats ok, especially since I dont seem to be able to go shopping anyways Smile (Oh Nana...)

In spite of the tears, life is good.

My little gobblins...

November 2nd, 2010 at 01:38 am

Here is a glimpse at the sweetness I enjoyed yesterday...

and my youngest...a sweet little lion:

I am such a blessed gramma!