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Catching Up

July 14th, 2007 at 11:09 pm

Hey Everyone.

I can happily post that things have been going good here.

First, while still very weak, my dad continues to stay out of the hospital. He even felt up to dinner out last night---although it was a major tax on his strength. I can't tell you how great it was to look across the table and smile at him.

Finances are going well. I have been focusing more on saving and being frugal, and I am seeing the benefits!! The next couple of months will be great financially as there are going to be extra pay-periods. I am on bi-weekly and the hub is paid every few months there are an extra pay check or two to pad the wallet---which will be very, very nice!

My job is still going super. I honestly have the most wonderful boss. Our company encourages and applauds community involvement...and I am toying with the idea of setting up a 'frugal webpage' on our intranet for staff as my project. I am in the early planning stages...but this site has been so helpful to me that I am thinking about doing some sort of frugal info for staff to use.

My boss is also looking into a 'saving revolution' idea that would encourage the community to save...and to have some sort of prize for the winner. (sound familiar Jeffrey??)

Life works in mysterious ways and I am excited to see my pull being towards one of helping others with their finances!!

I may have DD2 and GS moving back in with us soon...she is still unemployed and having a hard time making those ends meet. I hear I am a prime example of the 'sandwich' generation...I have my own home and family...but also have elderly parents , grown kids and grandchildren here with me...oh boy.

The hub and I are going to take a little mini-vaca to Reno at the end of the month. 4 days in a suite with a jaccuzi. A splurge, yes....but a much needed escape from the daily stresses here. is very, very good.

I hope things have been good for everyone else too!

I almost forgot...I won a drawing at my job and got free tickets to the fair next week...with reserved parking and.....reserved seats to see Lynyrd Skynyrd!!!!!! Free bird!

value= $150!!! off to the fair on Tuesday!