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2021 Reflections

January 1st, 2022 at 12:36 am

2021 has been a year of significant change in our household.  

1. Fostering - It's been a full year and without a doubt, fostering an at-risk teen is the hardest job Ive ever had.  Initially, there was a period of adjusting and our FD tried hard to prove that we were like all the others, that we would give up on her eventually, so why not push all the buttons to prove herself right.  Well, we arent like all the others and loved her through all the yucky stuff, sticking to our resolve that we were committed to being her last placement.  The next phase was settling, where she became more comfortable and started to feel like this was her forever home.  Late Q3 and Q4 she was reintroduced to in-person school and peers.  This would be our toughest test yet.   Ill just say, kids can be so mean.  And when youre already an at-risk youth, it doesnt take much to kick the inner demons into action and the subsequent self harm landed her in the hospital for a few weeks.  We brought her home just before Christmas and I have been her constant reassurance that this too shall pass ever since.  DHS of course had to put a solid safety plan into action, which I understand, but its wearing me out.   I am still 100% committed, I am just tired and it doesnt help that I caught a cold just before Christmas and have had little extra energy since.  DH is away at work until next week, so tonight FD and I will ring in the New Year ourselves.  Just what we both need IMHO.

2. Jobs- The hub was unemployed the first 5 months of 2021, which was a blessing actually as he was here to help with the fostering adjustments and to share the load of parenting.  He went back to work just a couple of weeks before I retired.  I had written a 5 year plan, 6 years ago and we managed to check off every box necessary for retirement to work.  The first couple of months were unnerving because we encounted a few unexpected expenses and we blew through more of our savings than I was comfortable with.  But thankfully, that turned around by the end of August and we have replenished the savings to where it was by year end.   Retirement is wonderful.  I am loving the freedom it allows. 

3. Health - Covid.  Got the shots, got the Covid and now considering boosters.  Covid continues to wreak havoc on everyday life.  Not much else to say. 

3.  Goals - I have so many things I want to accomplish - such as minimilizing clutter, traveling on a budget, and starting a garden.  2021 was not condusive to accomplishing these goals, so I am starting 2022 with plans to tackle all three.

And finally, I dont know about you, but I am BUMMED Betty White got this close to the big 100 and didnt make it.  I am a huge BW fan and am sad by this news.  RIP sweet lady.  

Happy New Year friends.  Looking forward to seeing what 2022 brings!