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Changes since my last post in March

June 21st, 2015 at 04:12 pm

Hello again!

We FINALLY got wifi that works out here and I am back in the connected life for certain! (YIPPEE)

Since I last posted, lots has happened.

We sold the house in town to DD1 and SIL- it was a win win- we only asked for a small amount of the equity to help with the remodel of the house in the country and they got a house with a good deal of equity built in. (If they sell it, they may repay some of the equity then- but we will see when the time comes)

We are in the final stages of the remodel of the country house- We should be moving in in the next two weeks. (another yippee!!) True to the ol adage, the remodel has taken twice as long and cost twice as much as originally planned, but we fixed every issue and remodeled all the things that were horribly outdated and out of code. We also splurged on a few things in the process- we added a large (15X18) second story covered deck - we are already enjoying the benefits of having this. we have used it nearly every night and most weekend mornings and it is our sanctuary! I also bought new appliance since the kitchen was totally gutted. Those get delivered and installed next weekend.

We did not have cash to pay for everything, so we have a debt repayment plan in progress. My goal is to have the remodel paid for in one year.

I have a new boss at work. He is awesome. I am so happy to be in this role and not managing anyone- and he is doing a great job of taking on those responsibilities. Work is finally fun again!

I will post pics in a couple of weeks of the before and after on the house- it truly is remarkable what has been done. We went from a 1965 interior that had been "rode hard and put away wet" to a cabin feel with lots of warm wood and black bear décor. The perfect little country home to retire in in a few more years!!