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Brooks & Dunn...FREE!

July 29th, 2008 at 03:27 am

My job often received tickets to events because of our corporate sponsorships. I had the opportunity to pick a set of tickets to one of several upcoming Thursday night, I get to go see Brooks and Dunn!!...and sit in reserved seats to boot!! (can you say YEE HAW??) The hub is working, so I am taking DD3 with me.

I went to the eye doctor this morning and, no suprise, my eyes are aging. I will get new glasses...$213 to me even though we have dual insurance with great coverage...ugh. But when the doc showed me the "before' and 'after' of what the glasses will do...I was all for it. It will be nice to see leaves in the trees again...vs just green blobs in the sky. lol.

DD1 is due Aug 9th...but she is so huge and uncomfortable, I dont think she will make it til then. She is hoping for this coming weekend. She is having a little boy...and I can hardly wait to meet him!

We did not have a chance to meet about finances yesterday...but she has promised NOT to spend any of her settlement until we talk. I am continuing to come up with a plan that I hope will help. Hopefully, we can get together before she gets super busy with baby.

Crossing fingers!

July 27th, 2008 at 02:47 pm

Our trip on the river did not pan today. I will make reservations in advance and take nana in a couple of weeks. We invited her to lunch yesterday at a wonderful little bbq joint...and nana enjoyed the outing. She insisted on paying though. I was going to argue, but she desperately wants to feel like she gives back once in while and so I conceded and was glad I did...she lit up knowing she had 'treated'.

Wish me luck today guys. DD1 received a small settlement Friday from a car accident. Historically, the kids have blown any small windfalls on toys and wants...and they are in debt and still renting...with Baby 2 coming in about a week. So I have asked them to give me a chance to pitch a plan this time and help them get a bang for their bucks that will be beneficial for the long haul. I really want them to handle this money wisely. I have learned so much on this site...I am planning to take stories and examples from here and use them with the kids today...we will see.

I will post the it unfolds!

Recognized by the Mayor AND the Chief of Police

July 26th, 2008 at 03:31 am

Wow. The fraud team that I co-created 10 years ago was recognized by the mayor and the chief of police this week. I was invited to attend the anniversary breakfast and was so honored to see how this has turned out!! My job received recognition for the contributions that we have made for the team and the community!! (wow)

I am about 2-3 weeks away from meeting my newest grandson. He is due Aug 9th...but his mom (DD1) says to expect (Connor) on Aug 2nd (his dads bday)

My boss and I are going to sit down next week to talk about my new position and raise (yes!!) I have started taking over a few of the responsibilities...and am so excited.

The hub and I are taking my mom (nana) on a Sunday brunch jetboat excursion this weekend. I think it will be alot of fun!
It is a 4 1/2 hour trip...and is through some gorgeous canyons on the river..I havent been in years, so I am looking forward to it!!

I am looking forward to August...extra paychecks for both the hub and me. Smile

Hope all is well with everyone...lookinf forward to catching up a little!!!!!!Hugs

Sent the thought out into the universe...and here is what I got...

July 16th, 2008 at 04:40 am

Hi all.

I recently posted about my questions on making friends...I was wondering how others make new friends...and I guess I sent that thought out to the universe...because without much work on my part a few really cool things have transpired since that post.

1. A very dear friend invited me to spend a day out this weekend...we have never actually just took off like that. She has kiddie obligations...and I am usually busy playing catch up...but we spent the day "window" shopping and wine tasting...and decided to make reservations for her, her hub, me, my hub to get away for a weekend in October.

2. I was invited to go to a comedy show at our county fair this weekend (my job is paying) with several of my co-workers...many of who I will soon be working more closely with when I take over my new responsibilities...

3. I have been asked to join a wine tasting class with someone I used to work with (not sure about this one)

4. I have set up a get acquainted dinner for the other 4 couples who are going to PV next year...One of the ladies is becoming a very good friend through all of this planning...

5. I have looked into the "Red Hat Society" for my mom. She needs a friend or two very much so...and I need her to find a friend or two... (gads, am I a horrible daughter for wanting that???)

So...I have realized the importance of sending those thoughts out to the universe...mine certainly rippled some answers my way!!!

Thanks for all of your ideas...I keep rereading them and am determined to make new friends inspite of my shyness around others!!!

How do you make friends at this age?

July 2nd, 2008 at 02:08 am

The hub and I are in a weird place.

We moved here about 14 years ago and did not really know anyone in the area when we moved here. He has a few family memebers, but I am not very close to them for good reasons... We have always worked opposite shifts (him nights, me days) and raised 4 kids...He is 7 years younger than me. He almost 40, I just turned 47.

But we are now at a place where we want to socialize more. We have a couple of friends from my job...but thats it, friendwise.

We are not involved with church..he never will be. Until recently, I have always felt very self-consious and avoided people I did not know in social enviornments.

So how do we make friends at this age??? (why can't all of you just live nearby...I would feel quite comfy and happy sitting down and visiting with you!!)

Have any of you encountered anything like this?? and how did you overcome it?

I have my grown kids...but sometimes, I just long to have dinner with friends.



My promotion was announced at work today. What a nice feeling to receive congrats from your co-workers!! I am so excited. And I have several months to transition into the new responsibilities. The most exciting is that I will be overseeing passion. Next month when I attend the 10th anniversary celebration with the community fraud team, I can announce that I am back on the team!!!

I will not know my raise for a while yet, but I know the parameters of my position...and I am so very blessed. I honestly will be doing the job I love, making more than I ever imagined.

I found out today that mailing the invites for the luau will be $1.34 we will be hand-delivering as we can...but mailing the others and working the postage into the budget.

Lots to think about...