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Libraries at last

September 28th, 2007 at 02:20 am

Hi All-

I've been trying to read blogs a couple of times a week...but adding to my blog has been a little more of a challenge.

First- Life is good- albiet very busy. I continue to love my job. I am having a blast with my responsibilities and co-workers. I also learned that I will be moving to a nice big office with windows! about the end of the year. It is a gorgeous office so I am excited about this!

My family is all doing well. My dad, while weak, continues to hang in there and enjoy the energy he has. My mom has been through two successful surgeries. Our newest addition (GD2) is now 4 weeks old..and sweet as pie. The other grandbabies are here most of the time since DD1 and her hubby live here...and DD1 babysits GS1. (clear as mud?) DD3 is a sophomore and will be driving soon...and DD2 is gainfully employed...finally!

Now, about those libraries. For those who might not know- our libraries all closed last March. Lack of funding- but it was just reported today that plan b was approved and the libraries will open again by November !!!! YES. I have MISSED the library system and cant wait!

I received a nice $150 gift cert to a local spa for a big project I just completed at work...I am going to enjoy every second of it in a few weeks..I really am blessed with my dream job.

Looking forward to quiet weekend as a 'hunting widow' the hub is off to do the 'manly' thing this weekend. I don't eat I hope he misses.!! Smile

Gramma again..and other stuff

September 7th, 2007 at 05:13 am

Yep, Im a gramma of THREE now! Lil Myah was born this past weekend...and she is a lil peanut at 6lb3oz. Oh the joys of grandbabies...and now 3 of em!!

I continue to love my job. I am gaining confidence daily and have really felt like I am making a difference! (I was nominated for an award last week!!) Call me crazy...but I made a decision to make work I put out licorice and red hots for anyone who stops by(about $15 every week or two) ...everyday I see someone enjoying a treat or two and secretly enjoy knowing that they are enjoying my anonymous gift...I have found a single mom to help out and I am able to help my kids once in a the next few weeks while my DIL is off on maternity leave, non-paid. Somedays I think Id be rich if it wasnt for...well, all that brings me joy. But then I realize that the joy of sharing outweighs the joy of having....and it's all good.

I hope all of you are well! (Papa continues to hang in was a blessing when DS and DIL brought baby over so he could hold her last night...his smile....priceless, truly priceless.) Hugs