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Darn smoke-

August 6th, 2018 at 03:47 am

This summer, like many previous summers, has been very smoky in So Oregon. This weekend has been really bad. In addition to thousands of acres of forest burning, hundreds of firefighters are risking their lives to battle the blazes.

I am so tired of choking every summer. I love living here, but this smoke is wreaking havoc on my asthmatic lungs. I told the hub I am ready to start summering somewhere else...I am sure by early fall, this will become another distant memory, but today, it is really depressing- both physically and mentally, just looking out the window at the yellow hazed sky...

The hub is working long shifts this summer, an unusual schedule for sure- as normally, summers are slow months for his job. But they are short on mechanics, so he is working similar to a winter rotation- 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off. It is helping to speed up debt payments and savings goals- but it also means very minimal camping and summer fun time. He doesn't seem to mind the extra hours- so I shouldn't complain. I just hate that we dont get to camp as much as usual...then again- with all the smoke, it would be difficult to find somewhere clear skied to go to.

I am on month 2 of no satellite tv. I cancelled the $165 a month service and am just using netflix, hulu and amazon prime. It is saving a boatload, and I am wondering why I waited so long cut the cord! I watch way less tv now- and don't really miss it. DD1, DIL and I are sharing subscriptions- so the cost is minimal. I did bump our data plan up a little to cover the streaming- but this is def cheaper and more disciplined than having 24/7 access. I find myself reading more, which is great.

I made a quick trip to Costco today and got a few things that will last all week for lunch and dinner. Much cheaper than eating out or grabbing something to go on the way home!

Hello! Its been a while!

August 3rd, 2018 at 04:09 pm

So much has happened since I last blogged. Where has the time gone! Even though I havent been active here, I have tried to check in on others' blogs.


Well,right after I gave notice at work (literally within seconds) I was told that my job was changing and things in our department were changing...and after hearing about this, I reversed my decision to leave. :0 Meaning, I am still at my job. I still plan to transition to my son's business...I am just not sure what the (new) timeline is now.

So far, with the changes at work I am much happier so I am taking it day by day. Having options gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom though.

My son still needs his procedures developed, so I will be doing that for him on nights and weekends.

DD2's adoption of the boys is plugging along. The process is still on track to finalize by year end. Everyone is eagerly waiting for this final chapter to be done with.

But a major turn of events is that DD1 now is fostering the boys sister (age 9) She had been living with dad's family, but it wasn't working out and they needed a place to move her to, so DD1 stepped up. Of course, we are already like family to her - we have known her since she was 2.

Other than this, things are just moving ahead. DH is still working lots of hours up north and we are still saving for retirement.