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Kids, babies and turkey...Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

November 28th, 2008 at 02:20 am

Sad to say, my family is outgrowing our house for holidays. So, we were fortunate enough to be able to use the community room where the kids have the business office today. Huge kitchen, plenty of dining tables and chairs, tv, fireplace, a pool table, and plenty of room for the lil guys to run.

We just had to pack everything over there. This added about 45 minutes to the day, but it was a great location...and the room was free!~

We enjoyed turkey with all the trimmings, game time, baby time, good wine, black Friday ads, and time to visit. The perfect day for a hard working gramma.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Holiday too.

Now, just a little under a month until Christmas. Actually, on Dec 27 (one month from today) we leave for our week at the big rental house with the whole family!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

and another grandbaby arrives!

November 19th, 2008 at 03:53 am

Grandbaby #5 arrived two days ago. She was born at 2:38am Sunday. 8lbs 20inches..and absolutely adorable!! Once again, I was blessed to be the 'left leg' coach for my daughter as she labored. FIVE 47.

Last December, when my dad was so sick, I made a reservation for my entire family to rent a 7 bedroom resort home together. My dad died just a few days after Christmas, and I didnt want to sit home and relive those memories this year. So, we have been waiting for December to come so that we could all go to the mountains and snow together. All the kids, grandkids, my mom and the hub and I add up to 16 people in all for the week. I am in the midst of meal planning...which, for that many is a big task.

While we are there, we will celebrate DD3s 17th bday, DILs 23 bday, and New Years eve...we will also have "Christmas" on the 28th. We will also have a memorial for Papa on the 29th...with his favorite meal and everyone sharing their favorite memories. Can you guys believe he has been gone almost a year??

This is not a frugal trip...but it is something that will create a wonderful memory...and for a full week I get to play with the babies ages 4, 3, 1, 4mo, 1mo. Gramma heaven.

This means too, that I do not have to buy gifts for everyone, since the week at the big house was our gift. It is a little wierd to not be shopping for bargains right now.

I plan to get a few things for the little guys to open and we are all doing a stocking exchange for the adults. I picked DILs name...and have been having fun buying little foo-foo stuff she can use on the trip.

Otherwise, work is still very busy. My new assistant starts Monday...not a second too soon. I have been working like a mad woman trying to keep up. But I am keeping afloat. (hooray)

I am still pulling an A in my class. I just turned in a comparison/contrast paper. I compared the city life to the country life. I thought of several of you as I wrote that paper..comaparing frugal choices to...well, not-so-frugal choices in life...varieties to simplicities... I will let you know how it scores.

The Sparkly Dress got an 'A'

November 6th, 2008 at 04:37 am

I got an A on my sparkly dress essay!!! My instructor wrote that she enjoyed the essay and I even got a prize for the title!!! Smile

The job is pretty stressful right now...I think I blogged about losing my assistant a couple of weeks I am doing my job, her job and Thankfully, I hired a replacement today and it is a woman I worked with about 5 years ago who wants to come back to work for us. She is I am relieved...she starts on the 24th.

I have a long weekend this weekend (4 days off)...HOUSEWORK is my goal. Boy, I miss those work at home days that I could pace the I have to take vacation days just to catch back up...

Our passports arrived we are all set for the Mexi vaca next May...I have been saving a little each we are on track for having the trip and all expenses paid in cash. (yeah!)

The new grandbaby is due at the end of this month...her mom is ready now...I will be sure to blog when she gets here. Everyone else is doing great (nana included!)

Hugs everyone!

Great Fall Weekend

November 3rd, 2008 at 12:18 am

GS (age4) and I made waffles this morning. We have been doing this for years and he is getting so good at it. He knows all the ingredients, and gets them all out himself. He can measure everything, can count the scoops, levels off the flour, cracks the eggs...and only he knows the secret ingredients and how much to add of each. Smile

Even when life is crazy, busy...I will still make time for waffle time. It means so much to him!! And he is so proud to feed everyone.

This was a beautiful fall weekend. Mother Nature is amazing...knowing when to blow the yellow, orange and gold leaves from the tress. At times, it looked as though it was raining leaves this weekend. Gorgeous, almost warm, breezes...The colors this time of year are fantastic...Nature sure sends some wonderful freebies...doesnt it??

I did some early holiday shopping with my DD2 and last night, we got together with the guys and played dominoes---such good, cheap fun! DD2 is very, very pregnant...due the end of Nov, but the doc says it could be I think she just wanted to hang close to mom this weekend.

DD1 and her family have been vacationing in SO Calif this week...and THEY TOOK NANA. Nana even braved a half day at Disneyland...and at 71, decided to go on SPlash Mountain!! Funny Nana...who knew?? But the rest of the week her back has hurt because of it...but they said her face on the drop was priceless. gads.

I am making dark molasses cookies this afternoon while the hub and DD3 are at the movie 'Max Payne'...not my type of movie, so I am enjoying some quiet time.

I have my mid-term due tomorrow night...I am still getting an A in my class, so hopefully, I will do well on the test. It is an essay on a lesson learned. I think mine will be about the Sparkly Dress...guess its time to reread that blog entry.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. Happy Fall to you all.