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Job Mullings

January 30th, 2007 at 06:45 pm

My lunch date is all set for tomorrow with my former boss. He suggested the country club Smile which is always a nice treat!!

I am anxious to see what options are available...

Things have changed so much since my transition to working at home two years, re-evaluating, it makes sense to reconsider working again.

My dad's health continues to decline...COPD is no way to live...if you smoke, please consider quitting TODAY. If my dad goes, my moms financial situation is bleak...another reason for me to pump up my income now.

Since both of my eldest daughters are available/willing to help care for my parents now, it is more of an option to re-enter the workforce.

They are opening a new branch within about 10 minutes from my home (I live out in the country) the commute would be very short and easy.

And finally, long term goals for H and I are geared towards me working, and him notching up his wood business and eventually becoming self-employed.

The kids' business is doing great...but it really only needs one office worker for DD1 can run things while being here to keep an eye on nana and papa. She will also be here in the afternoon for DD3.

So...I will see what transpires during lunch tomorrow...and then start making decisions.

I never thought Id be doing this so soon...funny how life changes course on us...isnt it?

January Habit

January 26th, 2007 at 02:30 am

Well, my January habit was to walk more...and I have not succeded in doing that....but I have been watching what I eat and following a 40-30-30 eating plan very closely...and I am now 27 pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of December! Of course, some of the weight loss came from stress...but now I am just eating healthy, doing lots of stair climbing, drinking lots of water, and moving around alot more...I will continue to incorporate more walking into the habit for February.

Again, my overall goal is to get off the blood pressure meds...and I feel I am well on my way!

I tried on that new top for DD1 this morning and her jaw dropped and said it really looked good on me!! Big Grin which, of course, made my day! I am going to wear it for real on February 3rd, which is the 18th anniversary of meeting H and we are going to dinner that night to celebrate.

I emailed my old boss again and let him know dates I am available to meet for lunch and am waiting to hear back from him....I am eager to hear what options are out there!

Money continues to be short right now. I opted to give DD1 my last paycheck for helping in the office...and we have 3 January birthdays...some medical bills, the new well pump, and we now need tires on the travel trailer....and I have just spent lately...I guess that is my aftershock therapy...not a healthy one---but I am now trying to figure out how to get the finances back on track. Perhaps a better paying job is a good option.

I guess we shall see!

Spent money...Back to Work?

January 24th, 2007 at 05:23 pm

Hello, My name is Thrifty Ray and I spent too much money yesterday (hangs head)

$138 at Costco (ouch)---big mistake to take H with me.

$6 on lunch for H and I

$62 at top for me! and a gift card and gift for a friend and her daughter.

$14 on dinner with said friend.

Luckily, H made an extra $200 last week in overtime...but it should have went towards the new well-pump bill but was spent on frivulous do-dads instead....although, that NEW TOP sure looks cute on this thinning body!! Wink

I have emailed the CEO at my old job and let him know I might be interested in coming back to work...He wants to get togerther for lunch and talk about options.

Why the change of heart?

Well, the business is doing good...but still not good enough to support DD1 and I both in the office...and DD1 would be better off here where she can have GD most of the time.

If DD1 is out here fulltime, she can be here for nana and papa...and will also be here when DD3 comes home from school.

I could start paying down those debts we've incurred with the wood business faster and save money to help nana if something happens to my dad...(it sucks when medical insurance is not carried on for the surviving spouse)

And it would get my career back in swing with some new responsibilities.

So...we shall see what transpires from lunch and subsequent discussions...


Water Woes

January 22nd, 2007 at 05:07 pm

The new pump is in and the water is back on.

...and now my bathtub has stopped draining.


The pump man came out last week and installed the new pump...I had no idea what was involved with that...but they have to actually pull out the tubing and wires and, depending on how deep the well is, it can take a while...(at just under $100 an hour)...ours, 480 feet + pump and parts = $1600 guys...*ouch*

and on the end of that last tube is the pump that needs to be replaced...only, when he got to the last tube---all that was there was...well, the end of the tube and a couple of loose wires (no pump)... I guess that explains why it wasn't working!

Now...the dad-blarned bathtub has stopped draining...which probably means a plumbing bill. *$&*#(&%*

Tomorrow is Papa's 74th birthday and he requested Olive we are taking him to eat tonight. He may not be here next year and I want to make this memorable for him! (and us) I am sure we will have a wonderful time!

H and I (I am leaving off the 'D' for now as he is not entitled to 'darling' for a continue to work on things. It truly is a day at a time process. But it is getting a little easier---for a while it seemed like I was learning something new and painful daily...but I am starting to believe that this is behind us and we can heal and move least, I really, really hope it is.

Cold? Heck yeah, I can see my breath INSIDE my house today...brrr.

Plenty of snow...but no water

January 18th, 2007 at 01:29 am

Well, I started typing this entry this morning...and it is now evening...

We had a snow storm come through yesterday that dumped about 4 inches here. Given that we do not get much snow on the valley floor---this caused alot of road issues...mainly people sliding either into each other or off into ditches. Its very pretty, but boy has it wreaked havoc on the routines...

and our water froze...or so we thought...but we've been without going on three days now.

This afternoon we called the pump guy and for a house call of $76, learned that NO, it wasnt the water that was the pump to the well that went KAPUT...and for a mere $1500, we can be back in business. ugh.

So, I am contemplating a part time job to pay for this minor setback.

My sweet daughter (DD2) brought me several gallons of water tonight and I did the sponge bath thing...and I feel like a million bucks! I have water boiling on the stove for dishes...

Good news is, by tomorrow noon if all goes well, we will be back in business.

I managed to get in 20 rounds of stairs today...which is sure helping with my goal for the blood pressure meds...unfortunately, there is no financial payout for the $20 Challenge since I am on reduced pay for the winter Frown...but the health benefits are very worth the effort!!

so....that is a recap of the was yours?

46 degrees

January 15th, 2007 at 05:18 pm

It is a whoppin 46 degrees in the office this I have the little space heater running to try to heat it up a little.

Yesterday morning, you actually could see your breath anywhere in my house for about 2 hours until that fire kicked in good and hot..brrr.

This weekend we were busy cutting/splitting firewood...we had 2 1/2 cords to get out and have another 2 to process this week. Luckily, DH has a friend coming after work to help so I dont have to be out there...( Smile ) I generally dont mind...but it will be about 20 tonight when they are out there and Id much rather be in the house!

Budgetwise, this was a fairly frugal weekend.

We went to our friends house Saturday night for a bbq and used up a few more of the leftover patties from New Years eve.

Last night we had leftovers and just snacked more than eat a big meal.

I did spend about $70 between two trips to the store (DH wanted some beer for the bbq and we took some chips &dip and soda for the kids) and I got some chicken and other stuff for the week.

I also scored a nice pair of insulated high-top worker-type boots for $20 (normally $80)...this is way more protective than my old holey tennis shoes!!

All in all, a very nice weekend.

Grocery Shopping

January 12th, 2007 at 05:20 pm

DH received a $100 gc to a grocery store that I never shop in. It is one of those stores where you bag your own groceries and is supposed to be cheaper.

But what I find is that the quality of the perishables is low and their prices are often higher than the stores I do shop at.

I have no problem bagging my own groceries, however.

Anyways, we receive a gc to this store each year- so I go there once and make sure I spend at least the gc amount so I dont have to go back.

I would love to repoert that I took coupons and stocked up on some wonderful sale items for the year.

But that is not what we (DD3 and I) did.

We just had fun. I did buy a few bulk packages of what we needed...but I also bought things just because. DD3 has been wanting 'matching' shampoo and conditioner for a loong time...but we have a closet stocked with whatever great deal I could she scored on some items---and funny thing, the ones she picked were Herbal Essence and Suave (both pretty cheap)...when the closet beholds Pantene, Infusium and Aussie products....go figure. (Just because they match?)

All in all we did ok...and my trip to this store is done for the year.

But best of all was the fact that I not only felt up to it...but also enjoyed going. I hope this means I am turning the corner and that the past, is indeed, the past and can be ---well, left there where it belongs.


January 11th, 2007 at 04:06 pm


Gosh, aside from the shock from my last post..last month, my dad was soo sick (remember his hallucinations?) and my mom had to have surgery...couple all of that with a few days of grandbabies and planning a 40th birthday party and trying to get Christmas put together and what do you have....

A very distracted worker who managed to really mess up the paperwork/appointments and scheduling for the business. oh-boy.

I got BOOTED from the office this week by my 'bosses' which happen to be my daughter and son...and daughter took over and so I have had the job of watching GRANDAUGHTER all week (she is 16 months and LOVES GRAMMA RAY). GD and I mutually agreed that this arangement was best for gramma and she did her best to keep me occupied.

So, I have been MIA from my beloved blog due to playtime...I mean working and taking care of a very attention minded toddler.

On the marriage front, we are talking things through. We will be ok guys. Probably when everything settles down, we will be better than before.

Money- well, I havent started working on that new wardrobe yet Wink but with the side-effect of tremendous stress being WEIGHT LOSS (hooray) new clothes are a given in the next few weeks.

Sometimes, life sucks...but it is still good when taken in perspective.

Hugs to all of you for your kind words...I cant tell you how much I have appreciated them all.

When reality is just a fantasy...and the real reality sucks

January 8th, 2007 at 11:19 pm

First of all....the refund came through. I am glad to have my money back, but disheartened enough by Circuit City's lack of custmoner support, that I will NEVER shop with them again. buh-bye.

Now, the serious, not sofun part of Rays recent life..

I obviously made a few major fopahs in my quest to save money.

I quit doing things like getting my hair cut...wearing make-up, buying new clothes, going out...basically taking care of me.

Instead, I spent my days contemplating how to stretch the dollar a little to be able to stay home and take care of my parents and enjoy my husband, kids and grandkids...

And I thought, how to have a healthier, happier marriage.

I can remember very well the first time my husband mentioned a newly divorced female friend back in early November....and my mental red flag that came with it.

and then how he went and helped fix her trailer...

and DD3 asking who this was programmed on his cell phone....

and how her name suddenly became very common....and how he became MIA alot...the stories started not adding up...and the lies...and finally a tell all cell phone bill with hours of calls at all hours of the day and night....(the ones that hurt the most were those made when I was at the hospital with my mom or dad) He called her THREE TIMES ON CHRISTMAS....damn him.

and how it all snowballed into a big ugly December for me.

and finally, the ugly New Years weekend confrontation and a promise that "they were just friends...and he has severed all ties with her"...

and now I have this empty hole where my fantasy of my perfect life used to be...and anger where my naive enjoyment of my family used to be...

and self doubt...

and a whole bunch of decisions that I dont want to think about.

All of a sudden money doesnt seem so important...and nothing feels the same.

and I feel like a frumpy mess...and I have no idea how to make this ache go away.....

So why am I sharing this very embarrasing, very painful story?? Clearly, this is not something I tell my family...nor do I share it with my least not yet. Thank goodness for an outlet here...just typing it out feels like a baby-step purge.

DHs moms birthday

January 5th, 2007 at 04:14 pm

We are going on a roadtrip today and will be back on Sunday.

DH lost his mom almost 5 years ago to liver cancer and today was her birthday. So we are going to DHs hometown and taking her flowers and then spending the weekend with DHs dad and his new wife.

I am planning to continue my walks while we are there...I am already feeling more energetic and can tell Ive dropped a few pounds. I hope to get in a local hike on Sunday, weather permitting.

This week has not been a good week as far as finances are concerned. We ate out a couple of times since we were in town for DD3s drivers permit tests. $31 at Olive Garden and $15 at Burger King on two consecutive nights.

(Our DMV has this ridiculous rule that- even though you arrive an hour and a half before they close at 5pm, if your 'number' is not called by 4, youre outa luck for the day and cant take the test...her number was called at 4:03 and they refused us yesterday...makes testing tough when she gets out of school at 3:30 and its a good 10-15 to the DMV. argh)

So, still no permit and now I will be back in town again next week. grrr

Checked my account this morning...still no Circuit City refund.

Have a good weekend everyone!

See this smiling Gramma???

January 4th, 2007 at 04:04 pm

Happy New Year indeed!! DS and his wife are officially parents-to-be!!!! They are sooo excited. DIL has wanted to get pregnant since the I-Do's were done...but DS is very financially careful and wanted to wait until they had some things paid off and the business was going good. Baby is due in September.

This will make grandbaby #3 for us!! Big Grin

I received a call from Circuit City yesterday. EEK! They stated they had posted the refund and it should hit my account in the next few days...(umm, Ive heard that twice now). Got all the info and now we shall see. Isnt there yet.

DD3 is still working on passing that learners permit is try #3 (last night she missed by 1 point). Each attempt is $5. She only gets 4 tries and then she has to wait for a while...but I am confident the third time will be the...well, you know. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

and how 'bout that Circuit City refund?

January 3rd, 2007 at 12:05 am

I walked for 40 minutes today. Not bad for the first journey out. It felt so invigorating!!! I can feel my heart jumping for joy at the prospect of getting off the meds...and my pocket book is looking forward to the heavier load it will carry when I do!

I have gotten 10 loads of laundry done today....If you arent familiar with my blog...that is not an admittance of being a total slob. I do all of the laundry for my parents and they had a really big load this time...I swear, for two little old folks...those two can go through alot of clothes and towels..they do not believe in using anything more than once...ugh. maybe I was a little behind on my own...but goal is to finish before bedtime tonight! Smile

Today was a no spend day- my favorite kinda day.

I will be taking some cans in this weeks so I can make a deposit to the challenge account...but my challenge account will be a slow grow this year as we are planning a couple of week+ family vacation road trips ...and that will take a significant amount of money compared to our usual camp somewhere close kinda vacations.

Ah...the new year, doesnt it feel great?

Oh...and that refund....I still dont have it. *$(@)&*# Circuit City.

Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2007 at 02:04 pm

Happy New Year Friends!

My new year is off to a great start with my January Habit of walking/hiking. We went up to the snow yesterday and I took a nice long walk in between rides on the quads.

I guess a side effect of eating healthier and exercising is that your body adjusts and doesnt need as much I have been up since 4:30am in full throttle cleaning. (wow)

I spent too much money this past weekend- as DH really wanted a nice New Years eve, we supplied all the meat for a bbq and everyone just BYOB. I made the mistake of buying all the food and supplies at COSTCO...and spent just over $100---but we have a years supply of paper plates, frozen patties and hamburger buns now...well, maybe not a years worth, but you know what I mean.

We sat out back in the sub-freezing weather with a nice big bonfire...and enjoyed friends and family while ringing in the new year.