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Library is open again!!

October 27th, 2007 at 05:30 am

After over 6 months...two of our 15 county libraries reopened this week. They are open fewer hours (24 oer week for now)...but they are open...and that is more than we've had for most of this year.

DD1 and I are going to visit one of the two open libraries tomorrow. I have missed having the library and am very happy to see it opened again. Ive been looking online for books to reserve. Now that I am back at work, the biggest library is convenient---right down the street from my job.


I took today second vacation day in over 6 months. It was a nice day. Blustery, but gorgeous with fall leaves blowing everywhere. We did a little christmas shopping...and I found a few really good deals. Macys had a nice 3 qt soup pot/lid on sale for $8.99 down from $20. These are perfect for a batch of soup for 4 or less, which describes most of my extended family. I am going to make a cook book with soup recipes...and add a nice wooden spoon...and for about $10, have a great gift. (I bought 6 of the pots today.)This is our annual 'girls trip' weekend. We stayed home for a variety of reasons: Money, papa, new jobs, new babies...etc. We normally would have each spent $200+ for hotel, gas and food...and today's expenses were under $20 each for food and it is saving money...just not quite the same as getting out of town. But it does feel good to save so much..and still have a wonderful time with my girls.

We have a toasty fire going tonight. It was 34 this morning...and will most likely dip lower tonight since the skies are clear.Thank goodness for free firewood...I hope it keeps us within the budget this winter.

My daughters chihuahua (sp?) is having puppies in a couple of weeks...cute little dogs...I miss Grace and am not sure a little dog would become as good of a companion...but I am looking forward to the litter and seeing how cute they are.

I am starting to think papa might make it to his 75th birthday in January...he has had many good days lately and is off of the home nursing care. Guess its time to start planning for a the bash!! Smile

Our little commune here has grown by one more. DD3's (15) BF family lost their home to a fire and have been he is living in our travel trailer in the interim... My boss calls this the sandwich I have parents, kids, grown kids back home with their children and now displaced friends of my kids living out here.(9+ most days)..We are now up to 4 different households on two

Needless to say...its all good here guys!!

Mad at WAMU

October 13th, 2007 at 06:16 pm

Ok...I have often tooted the WAMU horn, but now Im cranky. Here is the recent story:

Well, to give you the recent story I have to go back a little ways and explain that, long story short, WAMU charged a $6 fee on an accout I thought was closed, bringing the balance to -$6. I did not realize this fee was out there...and the following month they added a $2 late fee....which stayed on that account for about 6 months. One day, I went in to apply for a loan (ironically with WAMU) and they told me my credit showed a SERIOUS DELINQUENCY. WHAT?? So I got a copy of my report and there was the serious delinquency....all $8 of it.

I called WAMU and was told to submit the $8 with a letter asking that the delinquency be removed from my credit report.- Which I immediately did. the recent.

I was making a deposit to the hubs logging account and they said "You are a premium customer and are pre-approved for a credit card for the business." I thought this would be fantastic way for the business to start a credit profile and said OK.

Yesterday, I get two notices from saying, sorry- your credit sucks (yeah, obviously WAMU didnt hold up to their end of the bargain, cause otherwise my credit is excellent)...and the other, a letter telling me that I am a preferred customer, would I like a home equity loan.

WAMU does not know it yet, but they've made me more cranky than they goal now is to close my checking, business checking, home loan and HELOC with them over this irritating $8...I know of a few other places that would like my business.

ARGH. WAMU, you suck.

RIP Gracie

October 9th, 2007 at 12:48 am

My beautiful girl Gracie. 13 years of joy, friendship, dedication...Gracie has survived cancer (they said 6 months...she lasted 6 years...and would have lasted more Im sure)...heartworms...blindness and selective deafness (Grace, get off the response....but a slight squeak of the fridge door...lo and she'd come...) She nursed her babies and was a great 90 lb 'lap dog'. She was a true 'lady' and a reliable friend...

FIL did not see her when he pulled into our driveway yesterday...nor she him- she was blind...

I will miss Grace like a dear friend and family member... taught me what true Grace was all about, right up to your last breath. I will remember you always. Sweet dreams sweet girl!