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Fed the Fam last night

December 7th, 2008 at 11:52 pm

We invited the kids/grandbabies over last night for bbq burgers. When we get everyone here...that is 16. Toss in a few baby seats, several diaper bags, baby blankets, toddler toys, board games, a movie, conversations, ...and it adds up to an amazingly busy, blessed evening.

The kids are all feeling the financial crunch right feeding them is something I have been doing alot of. Either one couple at a time, or like last night, the whole kitandkabboodle. But when you do burgers, chips and homemade cupcakes, the tab isnt too much. I think I spent under $30 for less than $2 per person. Not bad.

The two oldest grandkids asked to have a we had little ones overnight. No waffles this morning though, grandson (4) was not feeling well and didn't feel up to it.

Oatmeal for breakfast. A $6 Costco lasagne is dinner...and will yeild enough for at least 2-3 lunches too.

I have been having a stay home weekend and loving it. It is really cold outside, and our fire is just too toasty to wander out for anything.

Tomorrow night I am turning in my final paper for my class...and then I will take the winter term off. (I dont like getting home that late when the roads will be icy.)

3 weeks until vacation!

Ima Saver?

December 6th, 2008 at 06:00 am

I haven't seen a post from Julie in a few days..I hope she is ok. It is very unlike her not to post for several days.

I got a great deal on ebay this week. My mom joined a Red Hat Society and is enjoying it alot. I found a near new sweater for $4 and shipping was another $ for $8 I got her a pretty Red Hat sweater that I know she will love.

3 weeks to vacation. I am very excited for the week off. Way ready for the time off.

I hope everyone is well.