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Blog number.....EIGHT HUNDRED!

August 24th, 2010 at 04:14 am

Seriously? In almost four and a half years I have found 800 things to blog about---WOW. I appreciate so much the advice Ive received, the things Ive learned, the support youve given...and the laughter and tears Ive shared with so many of you!!!

Last week...I had a truly frugal...or maybe it was just cheap....aha moment.

Last spring I found a comfy pair of flats at Ross for $6. Loved em! A few weeks into ownership...the lining peeled on the inside, causing them to not be so comfy...but I just kept readjusting thru-out the day...then about a month ago, the button came off the I stapled it to the shoe..had to be restapled almost daily....then the button popped off the other I stapled the other side...(i always wear pants so I was the only one that knew)...

and finally, the inside lining bunched up and adhered into a ball making it pretty uncomfortable when I I was cutting the ball out of the shoe when one of my staff walked into my office and saw what I was doing...we both got a good laugh out of my $6 shoes and my attempts at stretching their wear-ability.

I finally broke down this weekend and bought a nice comfy pair of leather flats...on sale, with a 15% added discount. No more staples...or lining issues...these are nicely made and will probably outlast the cheapo $6 shoes by a good year or two! Just another lesson about cheaper not always being better.

I have to chuckle even more at my 'wardrobe' for work. I have several tops that match my one primary pair of pants. pair of black pants that match almost everything in my closet. They are wrinkle free material and have held up very well. They were a pair my DD1 didnt want (3 years ago)...and I wash and wear them most of the time. Easy care and I always know what Im gonna wear. I cant imagine how much I have saved by not shopping and not having to dry clean...

Frugal wardrobe for sure.

Friday night I got to attend a super cute play for free with my co-workers. My job paid as a mid-year thank you. The play was a much fun...and free was even better!

Life is good!

Disney Bound

August 13th, 2010 at 02:26 am

Disney Steve...all my kids, grandbabies, etc are headed for Disneyland!! The kids grandma (ex's mom) is celebrating her 80th birthday with a big party this they all headed down for that and then next week, the kids will all be at Disneyland. The babies will have so much fun. There was a caravan of 16 going-- look out Mickey Mouse...

On a more calm note...the hub and I are heading to the beach this weekend for the anniversary celebration. (unconventional as it is) We will enjoy the ocean, waves, maybe even a toasted hot dog on a bon fire...I savor quiet I am really looking forward to it!

Tonight, there is a meteor shower expected...I have my inflatable matress ready...and am looking forward to star gazing and watching the show. I love the freebies that nature sends is supposed to be quite the show tonight.

Oh..on another frugal topic....I have really been practicing on the home done manicures and pedicures and have gotten half good at it...saving a bundle while continuing to look pampered. Ive even ventured off clear polish to RED...actually looks ok guys!!!! Who says you cant teach an old...(lady) new Old? of course not--

Job is going great...VERY BUSY...but very good!!!!

Life is very, very good!

Life...its a full time job

August 11th, 2010 at 01:20 am

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary. An unusual event however, as the hub and I are currently separated- but getting along very well. Odd to say the least.

When we first met, he was in the military and, having gone straight from high school to military life, he had never really been his own boss. So, as things are now, he finally has an opportunity to run finances, food, schedules, etc...exactly as he wants.

And after raising four kids- while he worked nights, I am enjoying 'me' time.

Its not perfect...but for now, it works. He is learning to be financially responsible...and I am learning that I can take care of myself....just fine.

As I mentioned in my prior post, I recently inherited the full time responsibilities when a direct report was let go...her job + my job = a very busy day. But I am learning so much in the process, that I really dont mind.

Weekends are often busy with any of my six grandbabies...but for the next two, they are all gone on a trip. FREE TIME...oh my! The hub and I are going to the beach for three days this weekend as a simple celebration of surviving 20 years together. lol.

All in is very, very good. I am blessed to be surrounded by healthy kids, grandbabies, a job I love and a home I am proud of.


August 4th, 2010 at 04:18 am

I assumed an eliminated positions responsibilities this week. An employee left...but we will wait to rehire...My job just doubled.

I am ok with the learning opportunities from this change..just a tad worried about combining my already full plate with another full plate. However, I am sure this is becoming more and more common with companies in this troubled economy.

Work smarter...not harder. Yes...a year ago that was the it is simply work as hard as possible then work a little harder..while not forgetting to breathe.

I love my job...and we are having to work harder for the good of the community... I hope the light is somewhere at the end of this tunnel...not just for me and my co-workers...but for everyone in the community that really need a little relief from a really cruddy financial reality.