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Off Today!

June 30th, 2006 at 05:54 pm

DD1 is working the office today, so I am enjoying a day off!! Big Grin Typicaly, Fridays are slower for us, but today is pretty busy so far.

Funny~but having our office in my home means just moving to a different desk to be 'off'. DD1 is actually just sitting about 10 ft away from me as she works...but I am 'off' none-the-less and can come and go without worry.

I have to run to town this afternoon to deposit DHs paycheck.

No big plans. Just trying to stay cool.

RAIN at last!!

June 30th, 2006 at 12:55 am

The clouds have thundered all afternoon and finally opened up and it's raining!!

Is there any smell better in the world than the first 10 minutes of rain on a hot day?? Ok...maybe a freshly bathed baby and puppy breath....but I mean after that????

Glorious, wonderful rain.

No wonder Bing was singin...

Big Grin

Can I share some good news?

June 30th, 2006 at 12:45 am

I have to brag on my DD1 and DS...I have some preliminary numbers for June for their business....and those kids are finishing up their best month ever!! I thought it would happen next month, but low and is this month (now they just have to beat that next month!!)

My ear is sore tonight, I was on the darn phone most of the day today...and we sold 7 new customers...two of them, commercial businesses.

I am one proud momma. I know that this business will provide them both with a stable future...They made huge financial sacrifices this first couple of years to get it up and running....I loaned them as much as I could and then some...and we are seeing the fruits of it all...and how sweet that fruit is tasting this afternoon on this new knowledge.

Party dancin here!!!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, they did it, they did it!

Nice Mail Day

June 29th, 2006 at 09:00 pm

The Kiplingers magazine finally came today! (Thanks Retire@50 for the great lead!)

I also received a Walmart Sample- Shower to Shower shimmer effects.

DH got one of those sample pens with his business name and address...he will LOVE that.

And NO BILLS. (Cant complain there!)

The phones are still busy today- this has been a GREAT MONTH for us. We beat June 2005's total by almost 50% Smile...and if the momentum holds, July will be our biggest month yet!!

The sun is back today and it is getting super hot out there...which means hot in here this afternoon...

At least we have fans and an AC to sit in front of....Poor DS, hes out in the field crawling under homes with all the creepy things and doesnt even have AC in his truck to recoup between jobs...Something we will fix by next summer.

Off to read Kiplingers!

Shopping Walmart/Safeway

June 29th, 2006 at 04:02 pm

I went shopping yesterday afternoon with DD3 to get some last minute things for her camping trip today. (She is going with a school friend/ family for 10 days)

While at Walmart, I purchased quite a few essentials for near free (2 boxes pantiliners $.84, tums .44,deodorant .64, bandages .50 box.) I also picked up aquafresh and advil pm for rebates.

At Safeway, they were having a sale on pepsi and coke and on a few of the boxes (7up, rootbeer, etc) there was a dollar off this pack coupon... so I bought 3- 12 packs for $4.50!!

I am sure stocking up on things for free or near free! DH wanted to know why all the stuff...and when the cashier was done, he was impressed. Big Grin OK, impressed might be a slight exaggeration...My DH does not get as enthused as some of the other DHs on this site....but he was glad the cashier was finally done so that he could buy the dog food. lol

It looks like another cloudy, humid day here today.

Still no sign of Goliath....he is probably a she and is off procreating her army as I type...

Have a good one!

Good Thoughts for Fern today!!

June 29th, 2006 at 03:44 pm

Please remember to send your good thoughts to Fern today for her surgery!!!

RELIEF at last!!!

June 28th, 2006 at 06:57 pm

This is a news flash that I just stumbled across:



The rain dance worked!!!

What does this have to do with money??? Well, me thinks the AC can go off for a little while tonight!!!And if nothing means a little more sanity!!!

The flash flood thing is a little less exciting but that would be in the mountain regions...which is NOT us.



June 28th, 2006 at 05:36 pm

Little sucker strategically moved during the night...

But that's ok, I am ready for him...

Wearing shoes all day today, have a broom and a heavy duty fly swatter with me at all times...found a can of raid... and my eyes are always on the lookout. (then again, so is every nerve in my body, hense the reason I keep jumping when the fan blows my hair)...

And I always send Grace into the room before me...Smile (kidding, sort of)

Can you believe NO ONE in my family was willing to find him for me???? Perhaps it was my description of him...or how fast he moves....or perhaps, arachnaphobia is hereditary....

Goliath will not see sunset...HEAR THAT GOLIATH??? I AM RECLAIMING MY SPACE!!!Come out, come out wherever you are...just make sure I can see you (please)

In the meantime, feet safely tucked up...and sitting a good foot back from my desk....*shiver*

At least I am not so focused on the heat today.


June 28th, 2006 at 03:59 am

Makes perfect since that someone paralyzed by arachnophobia would work for a pest control company doesn't it?

Sure, if you could see my 'office' that I work in, we have all these posters of bugs...and of course the one RIGHT IN FRONT OF the 8 legged creatures...No wonder I have nightmares...

But that is not the worst even close.

You know the addage...that the cobblers family goes barefoot because the cobbler doesnt 'bring his work home'...or however that saying goes...

Well, I have scheduled a bug spray here several times and each time, there was a reason why it couldnt happen...

So today, I am cleaning up and pick a towel up and whoa.....

This thing was at least TWO INCHES in diameter...kinda hairly looking...I think it even had a "MOM" tattoo...and its name must have been Goliath...

and it ran super fast....right under my work desk (hense the reason my feet are currently tucked up high right now)...

I seriously have the woobie-jeebies...just thinking about it...
and we have no appointments for at least a week....*shiver*...

I guess tomorrow I am off to buy raid...Look out Goliath, youve met your match...this is war!

But for tonight...I will tip toe out of the office, so G. doesnt come after me...

Pre-cooked chicken

June 28th, 2006 at 03:38 am

I cooked up a batch of boneless/skinless chicken breasts (1.79 lb)a couple of days ago and we have had chicken ceasar salads a couple of times, chicken burritoes a couple of times and tomorrow we will have chicken, potatoes and veggies...all compliments of the microwave since the chicken was ready and waiting in the fridge!!

Today was another scorcher...although it supposedly only got to 99. (umm, I dont think there is alot of difference when it is 95 or is just HOT)
This evening, however, there is a wonderful breeze of about 10 mph.
The rest of the week...low 90s.

Also, another busy day for bug calls. (a good thing!)

I did squeeze a little site perusal today...Funny, I look forward to reading all your posts each day...and really miss it when I dont have time to keep up!!

Not much else is going on, right now life is pretty much: survive the HEAT and answer phones all day.

Stay cool!

5pm...its quittin time!

June 27th, 2006 at 01:15 am


I think every bug west of the Rockies invaded southern Oregon homes this weekend...which resulted in every homeowner calling us today...which has resulted in our first ever, fully booked out week....Yep, we are booked until a week from Friday!! woo-hoo!!!!

This morning I predicted alot of calls...but I had NO IDEA of the onslaught we were in for...there was about an hour of quiet time around noon...but otherwise, we were ringin off the hooks!!

Doin the happy dance here...for 1. all the business...and 2. the work day is over I aint pickin the phone up not no way, not no how until 8am tomorrow!

Put a fork in me, Im done!!!

Again, is it winter yet? Wink

I love old sheets....

June 27th, 2006 at 12:04 am

I just love old sheets...I dont care what color, if there is a small hole, I could care less the thread count...or if the sheet has had a second life as a drop cloth while painting....

Why my fondness for old sheets you might wonder?

Well....I live in a open/ tri-level house...and I spent a good part of my day covering every window and doorway with every old sheet I could my airconditioning is only having to cool about 900 sq ft, instead of 2000. (those sheets really do make a difference..especially if youre not too hung up on making an interior fashion statement. Then again, isnt that sort of an eclectic look or maybe an 'extreme shabby' look...(honestly, I dont care so long as its a little cooler in here! lol)

The house is almost livable having done this...if you consider 80-85 degrees livable...which I do, since before today the house averaged 95+....downstairs...

Is winter almost here???

supposed to hit 108 today....

June 26th, 2006 at 03:49 pm

C'mon my friends, wish harder for a break in this weather!!!

I woke up with a bad sore is 7:38am and already HOT in my house....egads. And I KNOW the business phones are going to be BUSY today...(bugs would much rather be in an air conditioned home too!!)

We had a great time at the bbq yesterday...although after about 20 minutes, the guys all called it quits on the wood cutting (it was too, too hot) and, instead, opted to drink as much cold beer as possible!!

I met some new people, which I am a borderline phobic about when put in a group of people I do not know....But I pushed myself to keep asking the other ladies about themselves...and eventually we were all enjoying ourselves and talking pretty candidly. Smile

Today I will try to get some housework done, answer those phones and mainly, stay as cool as possible. I am cooking up a big batch of chicken which will be used for some cool salads the next couple of days...(did I say ugh yet)

Have a good one!

Edited to add that I just looked at the forecast...tomorrow we should be in the high 90s and then low 90s the rest of the week...I hope we can feel the difference!!!

107 here today

June 25th, 2006 at 04:28 pm

Sunday- and 107 to look forward to today (NOT).

DH and I have alread unloaded a truckload of wood (up at 6am to beat the heat)...Well, I helped as much as I could, those logs were heavy and poor DH had to do the lions share. But he appreciated what I was able to do.

This afternoon we are going to a 'working' BBQ. The guys are all bringing chainsaws and cutting up some wood for a friend. Then we will BBQ- I am bringing the bean layer dip thingy. These friends live right on the I am looking forward to it!

DH, who never gets too excited about my shopping trips, seemed pleased with the 'finds' from yesterday. He is eager to use the 'golf clubs' and 'tools' that I got for GS (2).

Stay cool!

Scored at the yard sales! (Even in the heat)

June 25th, 2006 at 12:48 am

It is 101 today (105 expected tomorrow)

My mom and I went garage selling today and boy, I had no idea!!

I confess, I haven't been to a yard sale in at least 10-15 years...and then it was only once or twice.

Here is how we did:

Adorable cradle to paint for Katlyns doll (christmas gift) $4
Big bag of near new shirts for colton, plus a vest-coat $1
Bag of clothes for Kaitlyn (3 whole outfits, 2 pr jammies), plastic dinosaur plate for Colton, baby blanket for cradle and shirt for Lexi $2.25

Big box of CUTE christmas decorations to use on my craft fair projects $2.50 and they through in 3 childrens books for free!

2 beautiful, new sets of christmas bath towels (towels, hand trowels and washrags) $5 for both.

Little tykes golf set for the yard... .50 cents!

little tykes tool box with all tools... 50 cents

Pair of new girls pants and pretty shirt for Lexi $1

My mom scored big time on a Oscar Blender with original book $2.50

wow---I am HOOKED. I am amazed at the deals that are out there!!

Thanks for all of your posts that helped to nudge me into this new hobby!!!

Big Grin