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Snow and ripe bananas= Yummy!

February 27th, 2007 at 09:18 pm

And more snow in Oregon today. Very odd weather this year...we rarely have snow here...and this is the 4th time this year already!!

So, all this cold weather got me in the baking mood and I baked chocolate-chip-banana bread. We had 6 banana's that were about black...and I couldnt just toss them out!!!

Now mind you, chocolate-chip-banana bread is NOWHERE on my 40-30-30 I will make sure to pass on to the family what my little crew wont eat today and tomorrow.

DD1 has decided to follow the eating plan- as she has NO DESIRE to see mom get smaller than her..Smile So we now have a friendly competition going on!

(Im not sure, but I think I felt a hipbone this

Treated to Outback

February 26th, 2007 at 03:41 pm

My parents asked if they could take H and me to dinner last night. Big Grin They suggested Outback...which was fine with us!!

This was exciting, as my dad has not been out of the house since his hospital stay last month. It is a sign that he is felling better!

We had a wonderful time and I stuck to the the eating plan, so no guilt either!!!

I know the meal was spendy...but I also know it did my dads heart good to 'treat'.

Woke up to snow on the ground again...this is the snowiest winter we've had since we moved here 13 years ago...weird....but pretty!

Hiking in Oregon in February...

February 25th, 2007 at 05:14 am

Silly me. Set a goal to walk/hike during the rainy season...and then expect to come close to meeting that

IF it ever stops raining/snowing outside...I intend to get that hiking started. For now, I have to settle for stairs in my home and walking around the mall.

This has been a quiet weekend with minimal spending. H and DD3 did stop at Dairy Queen ($8)for a treat on our way home from WalMart(where we picked up dog food-$30)...and I passed on a treat and waited til we got home to have a healthier choice (sandwich).

Just for kicks, I tried on a pair of 14 jeans today....AND THEY FIT. I wanted to buy them so bad, but decided to wait a little longer and see if I find some cheaper...but I am still smiling over that zipper zipping (and not uncomfortably)

H got called out on a road call he is now out earning time and a half...and he took DD3 they are 'bonding' while H is making some money $$ Smile

and it continues to rain....

OT Smiling today!

February 21st, 2007 at 10:46 pm

Ok- do you see this smile? Big Grin

I put on a pair of pants that fit a little snug before (18s) and they are super big on me now!!!!! They are about 3-4 inches too big around the waist!!!!

I am fitting very comfortably in my newly washed/dried size 16 jeans...and they actually are feeling loose after I wear them for a size 14 is coming soon!!! (perhaps two weeks away?)

My goal is to be a size 12 by my birthday (which isnt until June)

My mom asked for the scale so that they could monitor my dad to see if he is retaining water (congestive heart failure)...and so she has had it for about 2 weeks...and I have decided I dont care about the weight...but rather the size I am in.

I will be happy in 12's...I do not desire to be skinny, just healthy....and more confident in myself.

I am comfortable with this eating plan and will have no problem sticking to it from now on. I feel better, have more energy and am pleased with the results...I will actually look in a mirror when I walk by now!!! (and am getting more pleased with what I see!!)

Perhaps it is time to sell some of my 'before' clothes on e-bay...oh, drats...I am the one who wears my clothes out before buying new...oh well, at least I can retire them with pleasure!!!

Big Grin

Home from the coast!

February 20th, 2007 at 05:22 pm

The coast trip was alot of fun...and very wet. Welcome to Oregon. Wink

We spent more than we budgeted for- between food, gas for the bikes and broken bike issues...I can honestly say we went way over budget. Frown The biggest expense was the quad breaking and subsequent H and I are both donating the money we have from Christmas gifts to cover the costs.

I am going to play catch-up on laundry today and get everything unpacked and back in 'its home'.

The good news is that we have plenty of food left to eat this we wont have a food bill.

Good trip- but glad to be home.
Boy, there's nothing like your own bed to come home to, is there?

Now Im off to catch up on all of your blogs!

The Meeting

February 14th, 2007 at 03:34 am

The meeting went very well..although they arent going to even start interviewing for a few months yet.

They asked me lots of questions about what I would like to do and if there were other positions that I would be interested in. (aparently, they are expecting a few opportunities to become available)

Afterwards, I met with the CEO...and he had a couple of thoughts that were very exciting- potential positions that I hadnt even thought were possibilities. One of those would absolutely be my dream job..and was his first choice for me if it bacomes available...more on that later if it happens.

So, now I am in a holding pattern as things play out. I am confident there will be a position for me...Im just not as sure tonight what that will be.

So, my head is spinning tonight. OPTIONS are such a wonderful thing. I am looking forward to hearing exactly what mine are...I hope I dont have to wait too long.

In the meantime, H did get tomorrow we are leaving at about noon for an extended weekend at the coast.

I felt so welcomed by all of my old co-workers. They truly are like family to me.

A good day indeed.

Today is the day!

February 13th, 2007 at 04:22 pm

The meeting is today.

I am a little nervous..but am also glad its here and I can start the process. This is not a formal interview, but rather a meeting to discuss the possibility.

We are leaving for the coast on Thursday ( tomorrow if H can get tomorrow off too) and wont be home until Monday afternoon. My family enjoys riding quads on the dunes...(not me, I enjoy knitting and reading- I am not one of those adrenalin junkies)

I will try to post this afternoon on how that meeting goes.

The Cost of Preoccupation...

February 10th, 2007 at 07:28 pm

Ok- Ive been pretty preoccupied this past month and have ran my budget off in the ditch...(the bad)

and, I have managed a small amount of success in the weight loss category (the good)

and, I am jumbling keeping up with parents, housework, and thinking about going back to work...(good and bad, not necessarily in that order) all my well-pump chaos and my crummy December with H....I managed to forget one HUGE thing that I was supposed to take care of...

Oh boy guys...this is very irresponsible of me and I am ashamed to admit it.

But here goes...


I totally spaced having Anna spayed...and now, more stress because of it...and I am such a stickler about unplanned for litters...but there you have it...From the looks of Anna, I have about 3-4 weeks before the arrival...

I guess the good news is that it will be a little warmer for these pups...

sigh...Ok, time to buck up and start getting ready.

Will someone make a mental note to remind me at the first of May to make that appointment????????????

geeze Ray.

Papa is home and another pound is GONE

February 9th, 2007 at 04:29 pm

I have walked 3 miles each day for the last 3 days. Big Grin

Papa is home from the hospital and is breathing better. He is easily confused and gets irritated because of it.

Yesterday was a no-spender for me. Which should be a good thing, but I am so far off track on my budget that I think it is more of a necessity. I NEED to get back in the routine of budgeting and saving...I have just been so..., well, preoccupied with 'crud' for lack of a better word...or one that doesnt have to be bleeped out.

Today, my friend and I are taking our old boss, who is retiring next week- out to lunch. We are going to a very nice Italian place that has lunch specials for $6.95---and is very, very good. I am looking forward to getting out of the house and visiting with old friends.

I have been reading your blogs- and keeping up on whats happening with you...I dont always respond, but you all are very much in my thoughts.

Have a great weekend!

What is 40-30-30?

February 6th, 2007 at 04:28 pm

A few of you have asked for more information on the 40-30-30 eating plan that I am following so here goes:

Basically, the plan is to eat a balance of the right carbohydrates = 40%, protiens = 30% and fats=30% for each meal and snack. And to drink plenty of water.

This provides the nutrition your body needs and in a combo that allows your body to burn fat, rather than muscle. It also keeps your sugar levels and energy levels even throughout the day (a huge plus for me)

So, in the morning I eat a bagel or english muffin, topped with a lean meat and a little low-fat cream cheese. Or an omlette with eggs, egg whites, low fat cheese and wheat toast.

Lunch and dinner are similar combinations. Meals are combined with certain fruits and veggies.

The 'glycemic index' of each food is a determination on the plan.

If you want more information, just search 40-30-30. I believe The Zone diet is a similar plan. I have the 40-30-30 book which provides a great menu plan and a breakdown of foods- both fresh and prepared so that I can incorporate them (or not) into my menu.

I am staying on track and I've lost an average of 2 lbs each week~ but best if all, Im not overly hungry between meals- I dont have the fluctuations in energy and I am seeing results!!

I have also done a major mental overhaul. I honestly focus on the nutritional value of my 'input' rather than the pleasure or taste. I guess you could say Im 'eating to live' and not vis versa....and the results are newfound CHEEKBONES and hopefully soon Ill discover HIPBONES as well! Wink

I stongly believe that no ONE plan works for everybody- you have to factor in personal tastes and lifestyle...but mainly, do what works for you.

I've dropped a size!!!!

February 6th, 2007 at 02:09 am

Yep. Bought smaller jeans $19.99, and a new top $2.34 (clearance) today and they are a size smaller!! Big Grin This is one splurge I didnt mind making at all!!!

doing the happy dance!

ps...people are starting to ask me if Ive lost it must be showing!!!

Weekend Update

February 5th, 2007 at 05:38 pm

We had another load of madrone delivered yesterday. $700 out of pocket now...but about $2000 back in when we are done selling it. This load is not seasoned, so it will be processed this spring and sold next fall.

DD1 and I are attending a Chamber lunch today for the business. It is our first 'community' venture and was in our three year goal when we first started...we are right on track as this is the beginning of year three for the business!

My new jeans are getting loose already and I am getting anxious to go try on the next size down!! I managed to stick to the program this weekend, in spite of super bowl festivities!!

If all goes well, papa gets to come home tomorrow...Final diagnosis: Pneumonia, mild heart attack, diabetes onset. He turned this corner...and I hope it is a while before he comes to the next one....Perhaps he will, given a new diet and some stronger meds.

My interview: 8 days and counting.


February 2nd, 2007 at 11:55 pm

I am ready for the weekend! Are you?

I know there are a few of us celebrating anniversaries either this weekend---or this month--- so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to everyone who is!!

H and I are going to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate 18 years from the day we met. We are using a gc to Outback that he got for Christmas.

Papa is still hallucinating alot. Even though he is on medication to clear those lungs of the pneumonia and is on oxygen and routine breathing treatments...the hallucinations happen when he is both sleeping and awake. Needless to say---it is several days away for papa to be released.

H's paycheck had an extra $100 in OT so I need to review finances and see where that is best spent.

and finally, I am still sticking with the new eating program and have lost another 1 1/2 lbs!!! Big Grin

Lunch Date

February 1st, 2007 at 05:03 pm

In order to write about the lunch date, I should include the whole days experience.

7:30am- Nana calls. Papa is very sick and has hallucinated all night. She needs to go to dialysis so can I come down and sit with him so that when he gets up, I can ensure that he takes the right medications.

9am- am sitting at their house and observing my dad 'sleep' with his eyes open and talking to someone I cant see...Nana calls and they have rescheduled her dialysys to Thursday so she can come home and be with papa. We agree that papa needs to be in the hospital---but we cant get him there by ourselves (outside, down a few stairs and into the car) we call 911.

10-12:30...get papa admitted and he receives FIVE breathing treatments and starts to look pink again rather than ash gray.

12:30- run to country club to discuss going back to work...huh? more on this later.

2:45 get back to hospital where they have asked papa about any life saving measures to which he replies 'NO' to each. Learn he has the bad pneumonia (is there a good one?) and that his breathing issues have caused stress on his heart. (bad EKG)

Eventually, papa got out of ER and into a room in the Heart ward. Doctor says this stay could be a while since 'he does not have the reserves to fight this and is relying on medication and grace to survive' (doctors words)

Papa is resting peacefully this morning and it is a huge relief to have him under close observation by professionals.

Now- about that lunch.

It could not have went better. He had wonderful things to say about my returning and was very excited about it. He is leaving the decision up to the two people responsible for the branch that I am applying for...One of the two is someone I managed before--so there will be a role reversal between us.

and the job? They are opening a new branch in a new area (close to my home) and I would manage it.

I meet with the two people on the 13th to discuss further. So we will see what happens.

So...the next several days are going to be spent at the hospital, praying for my dad. I do not want to lose him, but I also do not want him to continue to suffer and gasp for every breath. (Have all smokers stopped yet???)

..spent $4.50 for two mochas for son and I. Lunch was free...and there were enough leftovers for a lite dinner after I got home.