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Some parents baffle me....with the caveat that I havent walked in their shoes...

December 30th, 2010 at 04:59 am

Our boarder is all moved in. She spent today catching up on laundry and tidying up the bathroom. She really is a sweetheart. I dont get how so many good kids end up homeless. I have a dear friend who takes two homeless teens at a time through CASA. It is azazing to me how many straight A students she has housed. Ive known her almost 20 years and she has taken in over 50 teens over the years. Only 2 of them caused any issues. Sadly, one of the girls, (who was not a problem kid) was sight and hearing impared and her dad is IN TOWN and a dentist. (didnt even call her on her birthdays) I dont get it.

My young boarder graduated with honors- and her parents moved right after graduation, leaving her to fend for herself. (?)

The hub got a $100 gift card at a grocer from his boss for Christmas. I will use that to buy food for our trip to the cabin this weekend and groceries for next week. Whatever is left will be used to stock up on the pantry.

Im looking forward to this weekend. I reserved a cabin in the mountains about an hour from home...wood stove, lots of snow...for a New Years getaway and the perfect end to vacation. I plan to do my final resolution and budget planning...and read. The hub bought a new xbox game today that he will take. The cabin has snowshoes, games, books...and QUIET. So I know we will relax and have a good time.

And I have a precious young house-sitter who will keep an eye on the cat!!

This week, spent at home with nothing planned, has been AWESOME. I love having days with no agendas. Tomorrow, shopping and packing...then Friday, Sat and sun we will be up at the cabin.

Ive been reading and absorbing eveyones New Years resolutions, budgets and ideas in preparation to set my own. Thank you all for sharing!!

Life....well, it is simply blessed.

Couch Surfing

December 28th, 2010 at 12:56 am

DD3 has a friend who has been couch surfing for a couple of months. (aka- homeless teen that has friends with couches) While DS, DIL and the babies were here, there wasnt a good solution that I could offer her. They moved out, and now DD3s friend moved in. SHe didnt have a bed, so I found one for $200 and we picked it up today. She is so excited that she has a bed again. I am glad we could help! I will be charging her $50 per week. $25 will go into savings for her on the get on her feet and the other $25 can either be paid through helping out with chores or will help pay for groceries.

I took down the decorations today. I love decorating for the Holidays, but I am always glad to put my house back to normal as soon as Christmas is over.

I finished reading my first book on my Kindle. I really enjoyed the book and loved having it on the Kindle and being able to just flick it on an off as time allowed. Ive downloaded about 25 free books I have lots of options.

Christmas afternoon and the day after we traveled to see the hubs father- a long drive each way (3 hrs there, 5 hrs home because of weather)..and the visit with his dad was less than desirable as dad is going thru a divorce and 'dating'...Our first time meeting 'her' and she felt it appropriate to sit on his lap and make out, giggle and whisper in his ear while we looked at the ceiling, floor, wall..AwKWARD.

eww. Nothing worse than being stuck that far from home in an uncomfortable situation. The hub had planned to stay longer on SUnday, but thankfully wanted to leave EARLY because of that.

Sigh. we got home late yesterday afternoon and then had all the kids and grandbabies over for DD3s birthday party. It was soooo LOUD with all them here. DD3 enjoyed herself, so it was worth all the work. Smile

I have REALLY ENJOYED the peace and quiet today. I think the hub and I are going to the matinee tomorrow to see True Grit.

But tonight....just enjoying this leisure life of vacation!!

Life is very good!

Merry Christmas Friends!

December 25th, 2010 at 03:21 pm

Greetings from Oregon! I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!

It is just after 7am here. I have the bread dip ready to pop in the oven and am waiting on my brood to show up. There will be whirlwind of activity here for about and hour and a half- and then they will head off to in-laws and other family for the day and we will head to the hubs dads house about 3 hours away for the night.

After spending a marathon day of wrapping, cooking, cleaning, etsc...last night I finally sat and perused Amazons books and found lots of free stuff to load on my Kindle for the trip today. I have to say, I really am glad I got one. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Now, to all of our lurkers who stop by and read the posts here...why dont you join us? Your stories are important too!! Make a New Years resolution to join the blogs and become part of the SA family.-- The community is very supportive. I know Ive made some great on-line friendships here...and Ive held myself more accountable because of this site. It's free...and we don't bite...(at least not often Wink)

Ok- Merry Christmas Friends. Have a blessed day.

Life is superb!

Nana's Bread Dip

December 24th, 2010 at 05:42 pm

Bread dip...Nana's Christmas legacy is a family favorite and a Christmas MUST in our family. It will live forever...Pure yumminess:

creme cheese
sour creme
Buddig sliced beef (cut into bite size strips)
chopped green onion
garlic salt
Sour Dough round bread
loaf of sour dough

blend together the cream cheese and sour creme until well mixed. (Usually we use 1 to 2..but 1 to 2.5 more sour creme works well to) Fold in beef, onion and garlic salt to taste.

Slice top of round bread to create a 'lid'. Gently tear the inside of bread out (about bite size or slightly larger pieces) to create a 'bowl'. Spoon in mix until the bowl is very full- but not overflowing. Replace lid and wrap in foil. Bake in oven until warmed through- at least 30-45 mins in 350 oven.

When completely warm, pull out and set aside...while the remaining bread chunks broil to lite brown in oven.

Use bread chunks to dip. Enjoy!


December 24th, 2010 at 02:17 am

My 10 day vacation officially started 58 minutes ago!! YAY.

Tomorrow is DD3s 19th birthday. She has requested chicken picatta for dinner. (yum) I am excited to not have to work all day and then come home and cook it. Big Grin

The weekend will be busy, but then I will have next week to read, see a movie or two, and organize the house.

New Years eve and weekend I have rented a loft cabin about an hour from here. It will just be the hub and I..and I hope to finish off the weekend totally relaxing.

I love setting New Years resolutions. I am typically a list maker, so this is like the grandaddy of my lists each year. Ive been pondering my list for a couple weeks, but am looking forward to setting aside time to really nail down my top priorities for next year.

Sigh...I love love love being on vacation...

life is so so so good!!!

Christmas shopping is DONE. Now can I relax?

December 21st, 2010 at 03:56 am

lol. No. Theres still wrapping and cleaning and cooking and entertaining...oh boy.

However, I am done with the shopping thanks to DD1 who took the budget I gave her and finished up with my last minute gifts. (Thanks Kiddo!)

I found a nice little cabin up in the snow that was available for New Years eve and I rented it! It is just a smaill loft cabin, but it is plenty big enough for the hub and I...and we will have snow and a fireplace to figure out how we want to start 2011. I really am looking at this New Years as a new beginning.

I got my new phone tonight. It is charging. But it has this really cool feature..I talk to it and it translates what I say into text....funny concept...Instead of talking to someone, talk to the phone that will turn what I say into text and send it to the receiver in text they can talk to the phone and send me a text back. DOES THAT SEEM ODD TO ANYONE ELSE????

Geeze. Not sure what else this thing does yet. Pretty sure it doesnt cook, clean or entertain...well, maybe entertain...

The guy said they are offering a class in January on how to use it. I wonder what Mr. Bell would think of his invention now...Being male I am sure he would say, "Heck yeah, thats what I meant for it to do...."

Ok...time to get to I can cook and entertain in a tidy enviornment.

Life is good.

Holy Cow- what do I do now?

December 19th, 2010 at 11:36 pm

So, I THOUGHT we had DD3s present all figured out for Christmas/Birthday. She wanted a new smart phone and I figured that would be about the cost I would put towards a gift. (I figured about $200)

HOWEVER...US Cellular changed their plans- and subsequently just made things more complicated for me.

Turns out. DD3, the Hub and I are all getting new phones and are now on a better plan. Total cost: $10 less per month- inlcuding insurance AND the android phones are all free.

Yes, this is GREAT news...but I now should get DD3 a birthday and a Christmas gift...since I am ahead after the great phone swap.

Who knew?

Now...what to do. Certainly am not going shopping tonight...the last weekend night to shop before Christmas...looks like lunch hours will be busy next week!!!

My new phone is like a mini computer...pretty stinking cool. Should have checked this out sooner!!

Yay..this is the type of delimma I enjoy!!!!

A new beginning...

December 19th, 2010 at 06:22 pm

After almost a year of living separately, the hub and I have decided to try it together again. This decision has been months in the making. This past year has been an interesting one- and a year of learning for for both of us.

While we have been apart, our finances have been completely separate. A first in our marriage of 20 years. I have always been the keeper of the checkbook- and I think he has a new respect for where the money goes. We will probably keep finances separate for now...perhaps forever. He enjoyes budgeting and being in charge of where his extra goes. -but his extra goes towards 'man toys and games'...where my extra usually ends up in savings. So, this will be a financial experiment in the making.

I make more, but I also kept the lion's share of the bills when we separated. I have paid all expenses for this home- house payment, utilities, tv, food. I am not sure how or if we divide any of that. Currently, at the end of the month, he has more to play with than I do. We need to find a balance between what comes in and what goes out and who is in charge of what. We also need to keep the eye on long term goals.

Today, I am going to focus on clearing some closet space and a dresser drawer or two. Wink We can come up with the new budget by New Years.

I have to say, I am happy to kiss 2010 goodbye. Its been a year of heartache and challenge. PLEASE let 2011 be a year of truly new beginnings!!!

Life is awesome!!!

The wiring to the frugal part of my brain has short-circuited

December 18th, 2010 at 07:36 am

The wiring to the frugal part of my brain has short-circuited....and I am trying to rewire with minimal success!!!

Really, Im not so far off budget...its just that tracking gets so difficult in December! I try, really I do.

On top of Christmas, I have kid and grandbaby birthdays on Dec 21, 24 and Jan 2!

However, I am done with all but DD3 who is the Dec 24th bday girl. She has asked for a smart phone...which will end up being a joint bday and Christmas gift. I have always tried to separate the two occasions for her...but this year will be a combo.
We will probably go get the phone this weekend...and then, I will officially be done.

I have one week left until vacation. I am looking forward to it!

life is good!

Well that sucked....

December 17th, 2010 at 05:20 am

My mom left behind her companion, a chihuahua named Arizona that she adopted just days after my dad died. My daughter took her after my mom died and Arizona became part of their household. Well, dagnabbit... last night Arizona got out and was hit by a car. Very sad...she was our little link to nana...and now she is gone. Frown

In other news, I got an A in Sociology...which means I will maintain my 4.0 for now. Dont know how long I will maintain it...but I am more than happy to have gotten the A.

My job gave out end of year thank yous today. I got a $50 gift card plus a $350 cash safety bonus!!!! (yay!!) Im going to tuck that away for something special...not sure what yet...but very excited to have gotten it.

Last weekend I went to a fundraiser/silent auction. It was a GREAT cause and I bid on a 'pizza for a year' package and WON!!! I will recieve one large gourmet pizza each cost was $130 or $10.85 per pizza. It felt great to help a good cause and to get a really good deal too! The pizza's at this place are awesome!!

RIP lil Arizona. Give nana a kiss for all of us.

The moms in my world...

December 14th, 2010 at 06:13 am

As I miss my mom this Holiday season, I think about the moms around me and I decided to dedicate a post to them. In full disclosure...this is a very off topic post-

I have so much in my heart and head tonight for some special moms in my life.

A long time friend who lost her husband to a horrible motorcycle accident last year and is struggling to raise their young son on her own..she has shown such strength and grace this past year....

A young mom I work with, but havent met yet whose six month old baby was healthy and thriving last Tuesday...and taken off life support and died on apparent victim of shaken baby syndrome while at daycare...

A mom who I met briefly one week before her world changed last June when her son was abducted from school and is still missing...I pray for this little guy daily.

My friend whose son has battled cancer for 15 years and has stopped responding to treatment (hes now 22)...we are having a spaghetti dinner tomorrow night and I am hoping everyone in the community shows up just so he can see how much support he has.

Another friend who has been on maternity bedrest for 11 weeks. Her first two babies were prematurely born at 22 and 24 weeks and neither made it...this little girl is now 35 weeks gestation...and God willing, will arrive alive and well in the next couple of weeks!!!

I think of these moms and realize...I have so much to be greatful for. I cant say I understand why some suffer so much, while others find discontent when they have so much to be thankful for...but I can say knowing each of these moms has caused me to pause and be thankful for all that is right in my world.