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No Spend day and a free lunch!!

September 5th, 2012 at 07:05 pm

Today was a no spend day and, thanks to a lunch meeting, I even enjoyed a free lunch at the country club!! Gotta love free lunches!

Now if I can make it through tomorrow without spending, I will be back on track with the budget! Only problem is there is a potluck at work Friday, which means I will need to make something tomorrow night. Hmmm... I need to look at what I have on hand that will be good to make/take.

When the hub called tonight he mentioned again that he is getting some overtime- and that he sold 6 cords of wood. He plans to put the money from his wood sales into an older pickup that he bought a while back to fix up. The overtime will go towards the household budget.

Sunday is bithday day...both DD2's and my granddaughter (who turns 7)- My granddaughter is having a party in the morning, and then I plan to come home and watch a football game. Otherwise, no plans except grocery shopping.

This week has definately helped refocus me on my spending habits. I realize how much 'impulse' has interfered with my savings goals. I intend to stay focused and not be so quick to offer to pay or even just to spend. I budget for bills, but I need to get better on budgeting the spending $$. Especially when the hub is home...we seem to buy more when he is here.

Time to refine my plan!

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