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Health and Budget...and the fork in the road.

September 6th, 2012 at 08:09 pm

Today was one of those days that put that fork in the road and made me rethink my priorities.

First, I seem to have been blogging a lot lately about not feeling well. So much so I feel like a hypochondriac..honestly, I dont ALWAYS focus on whining about how I feel...but today I really didnt feel good. My ear is still ringing, light headed and dizzy and a gnarly headache. I just didnt feel right. I decided to try one of those blood pressure machines that are next to the pharmacy in the store and the results were scary. Very scary. So, I went to urgent care to have it checked by a professional. They took it twice and it just got worse. ugh. The doctor suggested upping my meds slightly for a couple of days and stop the over the counter med to see if that doesnt bring it down. The next step, if this doesnt help will be to change and up meds. Frown

At least I know why I felt so crummy. But I can affect this by changing diet and exercise...which I started today.

Im too embarrassed to post numbers...but I know what the starting point is and have a good idea where to start.

The doctors office will bill me for the copay,(15) so today was another no spend day. I decided to make soup for the potluck tomorrow and had everything that I needed. It smells really good and the nice thing is that this soup is pretty healthy.

I made it to Friday without spending anything. yay. Tomorrow is payday for both the hub and I and the beginning of my September budget. All the buckets get refilled and I can grocery shop again. Big Grin

My grocery list will be healthier...I will walk at least 5X per week for at least 30 min and I want to start taking some supplements.

I am planning to get the supplements from Costco this weekend. I have buddied up with a co-worker and our goal is simple...be in a great routine and feel better by Thanksgiving. Vague goals, but I dont want to fail...I will be happy with being one (maybe two) sizes smaller and to just feel better.

So...dinner tonight was left over lime chicken on top of quinoa...it was really tasty. I drink a lot of water, so that was the dinner beverage of choice.

Day one is off to a decent start. Tomorrow will be a better day.

5 Responses to “Health and Budget...and the fork in the road.”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    I'm not sure if this is the same - but I had gone to the dr when I couldn't shake a cold and what felt like an ear infection. It did turn out to be the ear infection, but they were really freaking at my super high bp. After questioning me about what I was taking - otc decongestants and cough syrup - they told that was what was causing the high bp, and told me the sorts I could take (I'm not near my list, but I remember that the generics are either marked or that I could ask the pharmacist for help saying I was on bp meds.)

    I hope you feel better soon! I know I have to periodically refocus on my health stuff too - it's so easy to get off track and then I pay for it Smile

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Sounds like what little gopher was feeling. Take care of yourself. Remember the Suzy Orman mantras about people first?

  3. snafu Says:

    Yikes! I suggest boosting health to #1 to cope with BP symptoms so that you're no longer scaring yourself or your medicos. It's truly amazing how much better the numbers will look and how much better you'll feel with a bit of exercise and healthy eating. Did your physician recommend supplements? The latest studies made it clear that these need careful medical supervision as there is little control over ingredients and where they are from.

    Please think very carefully about taking supplements and talk to the pharmacist at Costco about how they might interact with your particular BP Rx. Pharmacists are getting very worried about OTC meds as well. Please take really good care of yourself.

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Please do take care of yourself! I've heard that cold medicines can cause np to go up artificially, so that may be part of it. Numbers? Your numbers can't be much worse than mine 20lbs and 3 months ago!

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    You guys are TOTALLY correct. I had taken some cold medicine that causes the blood pressure to go up. That was a very scarry day. My blood pressure had gone up to 158/118....and it is now back to 'normal for me'.

    Thank you for all the feedback. Because I will make sure to ask my doc about any future meds or supplements.

    For anyone else out there, if you have high bp- controlled or not, you should check with your doc before taking pseudophederine. (And many decongestant meds have them).

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