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Budget reconfigure

September 10th, 2012 at 08:01 pm

What a crazy busy day it was today.

TODAY WAS A NO SPEND DAY..omg, there wasnt time to spend anything. lol. But YAY.

I reconfigured the budget after last nights $75 pizza splurge and all is good. I was able to shave a little off several budget items to cover the expense.

There is still $230 in the grocery budget. That includes food, dog food, and household supplies. When the hub comes home from Alaska, he does the cooking and most of the grocery shopping. (He likes to cook and likes to know the cupboards have his fav foods waiting...) The only issue is that he doesnt stick to a budget when he does. It seems like each month after he goes back to Alaska, the grocery budget is in the RED and I have to either borrow from another budget bucket or make do with whats left in the cupboards...hmmm...This month, that wont be a problem. I budgeted/spent very carefully so far and we still have $230 left for groceries,etc. He doesnt go back to Alaska until Oct 3...so the budget will replenish on the 5th...and I only have to feed me until the 25th of Oct. Easy, breezy.

I had oatmeal for breakfast, a quick sandwich standing up during a meeting for lunch and came home and made lime/garlic chicken breast and corn on the cob for dinner.

There was no time to walk today. I barely got a potty break. But my meal choices were healthy!

If all goes as planned, tomorrow should be another no spender.

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