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Flu shot, payday and TGIF

September 27th, 2013 at 05:02 pm

Today was flu shot day at work. Each year we can get a free flu shot- which I do. It seems to work, I havent had the flu in years (knocking on wood). My arm is just a little sore for a day afterwards.

Today was the hubs payday. It was $101 more than usual. I need to let it sit in the checking account until all the rent money is received since Monday is when the two house payments hit the account. Once I receive rent, which is usually around the 5th, I will put the $101 towards the Visa.

The values on our homes keep rising. It wont be long until I can (hopefully) cancel the MPI on the city house, which will save about $80 per month. And hopefully, we are not witnessing another bubble waiting to burst.

I am so glad it is Friday and that I am not going anywhere this weekend. I really need to catch up at home. Our weather has NOT been conducive to hanging my laundry out on the line..so I need to figure out a new system for laundry and hanging indoors or using the dryer - which is a little less enjoyable for me- and will mean an extra trip down to the big house, or hanging around until the clothes dry. Which, normally, wouldnt be a concern except that between my house and the big house is about a half acre of mud during rainy times. May need to invest in some slicker type boots. Hmmm.

I have two crockpot meals planned this weekend, which will leave lots of leftovers. A pork roast and a beef roast which I will use for tacos, sandwiches, etc.

The hub comes back home Monday night- but he is going 'hunting' (which is really camping with the guys, drinking beer and BS-ing around a camp fire.) He will be gone next Thur-Sun or Mon. I will probably go up on Sat morning and spend a couple days- enjoy the new trailer, read, relax, etc.

Still no word on Z. sigh. At this point, no news is good news I suppose- because we can enjoy him for a little longer.

4 Responses to “Flu shot, payday and TGIF”

  1. Ladya70 Says:

    I'm throwing a whole chicken in the crockpot on Sunday!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I got my flu shot too already, although I got it at Walgreen's and I think the cost was $16. It's worth it if you can avoid a week or more of pure misery.

  3. looking forward Says:

    Rain boots are a great investment. And they make really cute colors and patterns now.

    Has anyone told/prepared Z that he might be leaving?
    Gosh Ray it just tears me up. Frown

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    LF- I don't know if he comprehends what's going to happen- until we know its really happening, we don't want to say too much to him.

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