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Busy Day

March 12th, 2006 at 06:44 pm

My DH and I spent the day cutting (he)and splitting (me) a cord of madrone firewood that we are delivering on Wednesday. This is one of our little side businesses that we use to suplement his income now that I am not working outside the home. (I just have to chuckle when I compare wood splitting to sitting in the board room in a business suit last year...what a difference!)

We made homemade dough for pizza's last night and had enough left over to make more for a late lunch today...so eating was really cheap this weekend. (I made sure he assembled them, so he could see how much fun home cooking can be....he had a blast!)

We live 13 miles outside of town on 2 acres. To earn extra money, we do the firewood and I breed labradors. To stretch the money, I cook from scratch as much as possible ~ quite a feat for someone whose daughter once said "mommy, sometimes I like to eat with a fork" (obviously too many burger pitstops! when I was working those long hours)

Keep smiling!

2 Responses to “Busy Day”

  1. Single Mom Extraordinaire Says:

    Lol at your daughter's comment. Kids are priceless!

    Some of your colleagues must have thought you had lost your mind to leave a high powered job. But you must feel such a sense of relief. It's so awesome that you had the guts to do something that others would cower about.

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    What I found more than anything is that most of the colleagues were envious. I was making really good money- I managed 7 different departments and over 70 employees....but I had parents who were not able to manage well alone, a 13 year old daughter who was withdrawing from us, a husband who worked nights and had recently had back surgery and a 19 year old daughter who had a baby. (whew) So I spent the better part of a year strenuously researching how to afford to stay home and finally made a huge leap of faith. The reward has been a positive payback in all of these lives... and now every night, my daughter eats with a fork!! lol

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