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Dinner with friends

March 16th, 2006 at 07:08 am

In my past life (work outside the home mom) I thought nothing of picking up a mocha an my way to work, eating lunch out everyday, going out to dinner almost nightly, etc.

But now... I went to dinner with two friends last night ~ one of them had picked the location. I planned to spend $11 tops, but there was nothing on the menu that was under $10.

I got there early and the restaraunt was cold so I ordered coffee ($2.60!!) For dinner I had a half order chicken fetuccini($11) and the 3 of us decided to split a dessert...but since I asked the waiter for it, he put it on my bill ($6) gulp... with tip I spent as much on that ONE MEAL as I can feed my family for 4-5 nights (with leftovers!!) (My goal is to keep the cost of dinner with left overs under $5)

We had a great visit- but I am struggling with the cost of the meal...I guess somewhere in the past year that Ive been home, Ive made a transition 'cause there was a time I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

4 Responses to “Dinner with friends”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Yes, so true...............the cost of eating out one meal for my household would fund a full week of groceries. But, I shop so differently these days, I have no idea how low we have sunk price wise for a weeks worth of eating.

    I cook from what is here. Not dream up something we "want" and then go get the ingredients. I've got enough put up that on occasion (If I'm feeling nice!) I'll give folks a choice of a couple items........ But the cook usually wins & I definately have veto power.

    It is amazing to see the prices .................I eat out maybe monthly & I always translate the $$$ into what I could get at the store!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I chuckle at the "veto power" I will have to pull that one out of the hat the next time I need it!!

    Once upon a time, I thought nothing of picking up the tab for family dinners out...sometimes it was over $100 --- that is enough to feed my family, our pets, household supplies, and a little extra for the whole week!!

    Boy- if Id only had this 20/20 vision back then...I could have so much money in savings....sad thing, I do not remember most of those meals....

  3. jodi_m Says:

    Hey, but don't beat yourself up over one meal, if it's an occasional thing. DH and I make it a point to really enjoy our meals out since they happen so infrequently.

  4. Single Mom Extraordinaire Says:

    I agree with Jodi--it's nice to go out with friends as a treat once and a while...as long as you let yourself enjoy it.

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