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Whatever it Takes...

March 25th, 2006 at 04:22 pm

Ive been asked so many times how we were able to give up my income to stay home.
I made the larger of our two by staying home, our income would go to less than half...and we usually found a way to spend most of that each month. (needless to say, there was not alot in savings outside of our 401Ks)

My journey to being at home started at least 3 years prior, when I began reading every frugal-type book out there. I also visited the Dollar Stretcher website weekly (they update every monday)

When I got to the point that I found myself saying that I would do "whatever it takes" and I seriously meant it- felt it to my soul...I knew I was ready.

My first thought was to cash out on the 401k, pay everything but the house off and then start resaving for retirement...but thankfully, talked myself out of that one. (My 401K has grown over $1000 per month by just leaving it alone...)

We decided the best strategy for us (and I am not recommending this to anyone else) was to refinance our home and roll our few debts into that payment. This saves us alot every month...and made the SAH possible.

I had also quit using my vacation for that last year and between my sick time (which I never used) and my vacation time, I had a cushion to fall back on.

We started a firewood business to earn a little extra...and I decided to re-enter the world of dog breeding (which I have always loved) My son also started a small businesss that I run the 'office' of. The office is here in my home and I get a small salary for answering phones and doing the bookwork.

"whatever it takes" was a very scary territory for me. My family was used to a lifestyle of spending. How could I get them to change?

Well, many discussions later and making sure they understood my reasons and how important this was to me.... they agreed to give it a go.

"Whatever it takes" meant no more eating out(and picking up the tab for the whole family)...and now we don't even miss it. It meant no more spur of the moment weekend jaunts in expensive meant challenging every line item on the budget- but it meant MORE QUALITY for our family. (Mom stayed WAY STRESSED for too many of those 10+ years)

A year later, "Whatever it Takes" isn't scary at all. It is actually fun to come up with new ideas- and very exciting when those ideas work. My family has adjusted quite well to the simpler lifestyle. 'Whatever it Takes' is my mantra...and it is working for me!

4 Responses to “Whatever it Takes...”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    That is great Ray!

  2. jeffrey Says:

    Inspirational. It shows what all you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

  3. Jose Says:


  4. Harrison Says:

    I agree with you. "What ever it takes" isn't scary! Life is always like this. Before we take any action, maybe we are fear and afraid because of uncertainty. However after you take action and get the results, the funny thing is what ever you fear or afraid is just some "peanuts" for you. This is because we are improving!!

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