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Can you spell CRAZY?

April 21st, 2006 at 11:25 pm

That is what I must have been last night when I agreed to overnight sit with my GS (2) and my DD2s SOs daughter (5)....

Just kidding (sortof)...My houseguests will arrive at about 6pm...and we will play until 9 or so, then they will go down for the night and they are being picked up by 10am tomorrow. (after they have grammas 'waffoes' for breakfast, of course!

I get to set all seriousness aside tonight and be one of the kids...we will build forts and have popcorn, color, play hide -n - seek...who knows...the possibilities are endless....Best part, all the fun is FREE.

Smile It's great to be a gramma!

2 Responses to “Can you spell CRAZY?”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    There's another mom from DD's school that we often meet up with on the playground. Before we knew her name, we'd call her "FunMom", because she would be the one playing with all of the kids (including ours!) while the rest of us would sit around and chat. We all still call her FunMom (even the kids) even though we've known her name for over a year! I think I'm going to start referring to you as "FunGrandma"!

  2. Ima Saver Says:

    You have the greatest personality, Ray!!

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