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April 22nd, 2006 at 04:53 am

12 YO yellow lab named Grace.

Great family pet with the following exceptions:

She is getting older and forgetful...she forgets when you feed her...but it is usually no problem if there is any trash in the can that she can dig through when your not looking. Rarely messes up the kitchen floor with it...she much prefers the soft carpet in the living room. Will try to hide evidence if at all possible.

She is blind...However, she has a keen 6th sense when it comes to glasses of anything around the house...can knock them over with 100% accuracy. Just don't move the furniture, ever...she has everything memorized.

Slightly senile. She can entertain herself for hours just by standing under a household plant and prending she is in the forest...just stands there.

Did I mention forgetful? While she is housebroken, she often forgets that she was just outside and scratches to get out again sometimes minutes after you let her in...then wants back in when you close the door behind her...then a few minutes later....wants back out...and so on and so on...(good exercise running back and forth to the door all day)

Can soometimes be a picky eater...and true to lab form, if she doesn't like what she's been fed, will find ANYTHING around the house to bury in the food so that it is no longer edible. (dirty socks, toys, towels, etc...) This is only a really big problem when she chews open a new 25 pound bag of dry dog food and decides she doesn't like it...buried an entire load of laundry in that one...

Lazy...selective hearing kicks in when you want her to get off the couch so you can sit down....pretends shes deaf as well as blind hoping you'll take pity.

Get's lonely so don't try to close the bedroom door...she hears that click and immediately suffers separation anxiety. scratch, scratch...wimper...

But she is a lovable companion...believes she is a lap dog and will sit on you to prove it, all 90 pounds of her...Plays well with babies...has the patience of Job with little ones. Provides unconditional love...without fail...

sigh...I guess I won't sell her afterall.

5 Responses to “For”

  1. contrary1 Says:


    I had a golden with a seizure disorder. kept him until he drew his last breath. he even woke me up during the middle of the night, so I would be at his side when he died. amazing dog.

    love your pooch.

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    That was cute, Ray. My dog really gets on my nerves, but my cat does many odd things that would drive anyone up the wall. I love her so much though!!

  3. LittleGopher Says:

    Your dog must be related to our dog!

    We inherited Maisy, a Border Collie, from my mom two years ago when she went to the nursing home. Maisy is 15 years old, forgets to do what she's supposed to outside, but remembers to do it on the carpet. She's a little forgetful and stiff, but is healthy and a good dog. She's the three cats favorite thing to rub up against, and for some reason they like to do it as a trio. And there are four girls here who tire her out thoroughly each day. What a retirement this dog has had!

    I say Maisy has adapted well to such a dramatic lifestyle change in these two years. What would we do without these pets?!

  4. Ima Saver Says:

    I swear my Holly can tell me what she wants. She comes to get me when she wants something, whether it is to eat, go outside, or put something in the sunshine so she can lay on it. She does not believe in laying on the floor, she must be on furniture or a pillow. I move that darn pillow all around on sunny days!!

  5. KarenSue Says:

    I enjoyed reading this post! You should tell us more about your sweet Grace from time to time. I used to have a golden retriever and she was afraid of thunderstorms and aluminum foil. She would climb into mom's lap, all 70 pounds of fur and wild eyes. What a goofball.

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