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cook fest here today

April 26th, 2006 at 12:02 am

I guess I got bit by the cook bug today...

Made homemade pizza's..and made a big enough batch of dough to also make a dozen runza's (aka bierocks...add sauerkraut, minus potato)

And made a big ol' batch of chicken piccata- (an IOU to my mom from her birthday last week) It turned out super yummy!

Now I have prepared food for several days to come! (also had enough to feed DD1s family and my parents tonight) I am guestimating...$12 for everything.

whew....I had everything in stock here...but that was alot of cooking/baking for one day...I sure wish the good fairy would show up and clean the kitchen now!

We are starting to make our daily financial goal for the business...hopefully this will continue until October. (fingers crossed)

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