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Almost ready to go!

April 27th, 2006 at 09:27 pm

Ive been busy with laundry and packing all day. I made a master camping list last year so I just have to go through it and check everything off.

This trip started as just DH, DD3, me and another couple...but now DD1 & DD2 and their families are going as well as a friend of the family....and DD3 has invited a neighbor girl too. So, we will have a small village this weekend.

I am little concerned about the grocery shopping this afternoon. I think I am going to do the shopping for everyone...which will now be a sizable bill...and they will pay me back their share...but it never seems to work out that way...hmmm

I am taking a couple of good books...I have a feeling reading time will be limited, however.

Ahh...but the fresh air and relaxation will be worth it!

5 Responses to “Almost ready to go!”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    We have huge gatherings too.......and have individual families "host" different meals. They all know ahead of time which one they are in charge of. Might be tough to work out the details with a short lead time.......but when you've got time to plan it is lots of fun. Kids get into the planning and even cooking if people work it right. Hosts pay for their own usually works out that peoples meals are about the same in costs. If a family is strapped for money, we all go together on their meal, making it more pot luck.

    Our favorite meal is potato can help put these together easily. In foil ..........lay slices of onion on the bottom, layer on slices of raw potatoes, sprinkle generously with raw chopped bacon. Seal up the pouches and toss on the grill. No one will want anything else to eat.......but they will eat as many of these as you can cook. (if you hide some, they are great for the next days breakfast, just sit on the fire for a few minutes again)

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Thank you! I am going to give the potato packets a try!!

    ...and yes, we are a big enough family now that we have to do potlucks for most gatherings...but we have such a great time together!

  3. boomeyers Says:

    By Ray! Will miss you! Have fun with the family. What a great way to bond! (And save money!)

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    We tent camp, with our first trip planned for over Memorial weekend. There's nothing better than family, friends, campfires and the great outdoors. Have a fantastic time!

    Yum - those potato packets do sound good!

  5. markio26 Says:

    i am gonna try those potato packet as well.. our main home is on an island, so, we campfire alot... we do fish in foil.. chicken in foil, and veggies.

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