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Crunch day today!

April 27th, 2006 at 02:17 pm

Since DD2 and her family are going camping with us, I needed to get everything ready a day earlier- as we will now take the trailer up Friday instead of Saturday. Which means I have my work cut out today!!

Packing, cleaning, shopping, list is sure to be a busy day...but it will all be worth it tomorrow.

The site we are going to is free. We eat pretty much the same when camping as we do at home (add s'mores) the only money spent will be gas for DHs truck to get us there and propane for the trailer and sunblock Smile.

Come to think of it...we actually save on electricity- cause we won't be home...and there are no impulse shop opportunites for DH or DD3 while we are in the woods...I wonder what else we save on...Ill have to ponder this!

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