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Sidestepped a budget buster...

May 6th, 2006 at 03:07 am

DD3 and I went to town this afternoon after her talent show. (Which went marvelously!)

She was pretty eager to go to a diner for dinner (wanted an omlette)...but I offered to make her a ham and cheddar scramble at home instead....So we stopped at the store and bought food for the weekend and for those omelettes and spent WAY LESS than we would have at the restaraunt...and she was pleased with the dinner(breakfast) at home.

I did tell her that we could go to the diner sometime when her dad can go with us. So I think she was ok with that....

I picked up a "tell us about our service" card from the bank today and am filling it out and mailing it in for one of the employees who has been so friendly and helpful.

I also decided to refund an unhappy customers money from the bug business. This actually is a FRAK for my son the pest tech, as this lady was a royal pain in the neck (honestly, we never have customers we cant please...but she was over the top) So my son won't have to go back a THIRD time to a home where we will never please this customer.

DD3 is having a car wash tomorrow (fund raiser) so my FRAK money ($4) will pay for some unsuspecting persons car wash...(shhh, don't tell)

1 Responses to “Sidestepped a budget buster...”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Your a busy bee! Keep on FRAKing!

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