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May 20th, 2006 at 06:11 pm

DD3 is going to a rock-a-thon this afternoon and tonight. Her youth group is trying to make money for a trip they are taking in June.

We are going to pack up a couple of small rockers for the girls to use and off she goes...I don't envy the volunteeers tonight. (My DD1 is one of the volunteers, bless her heart!)

DH and I will have the night to I splurged a couple of days ago and got THREE movies at blockbuster. (I had a coupon so the three movies came to $7.97) We have 'Proof', 'Dreamer' and some action blow em up movie that I plan to read or knit through. Smile

I will cook something here at home for dinner...better get that thawing now that I think about it.

We should be busy getting things done today, but it is 11am and I am on the puter...DH and DD3 are still not so productive yet. (I am doing laundry tho- so Im not totally wasting time...right?)Wink

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