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Pre-cooked chicken

June 28th, 2006 at 02:38 am

I cooked up a batch of boneless/skinless chicken breasts (1.79 lb)a couple of days ago and we have had chicken ceasar salads a couple of times, chicken burritoes a couple of times and tomorrow we will have chicken, potatoes and veggies...all compliments of the microwave since the chicken was ready and waiting in the fridge!!

Today was another scorcher...although it supposedly only got to 99. (umm, I dont think there is alot of difference when it is 95 or is just HOT)
This evening, however, there is a wonderful breeze of about 10 mph.
The rest of the week...low 90s.

Also, another busy day for bug calls. (a good thing!)

I did squeeze a little site perusal today...Funny, I look forward to reading all your posts each day...and really miss it when I dont have time to keep up!!

Not much else is going on, right now life is pretty much: survive the HEAT and answer phones all day.

Stay cool!

5 Responses to “Pre-cooked chicken”

  1. jodi_m Says:

    I agree about wanting to read the posts everyday. Unfortunately, it sometimes means staying up later than I ought to! (like right now, I should be in bed...)

  2. lrjohnson Says:

    Your meals sound great. I too am a fan of precooking some things to be used later; it's like you are making your own convenience food. I'm glas business is hopping.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    I told you to stick your head in the freezer!!

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Kath....I would if I could get a break between calls.....then again, I guess the customers wouldnt know if my head was froze to the turkey, would they?

  5. ima saver Says:

    Ray, we did the same thing, cooked up a batch of boneless chicken on Sunday. We have had it every day since then, for lunch and last night's dinner. Good thing we like chicken!!

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