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B-Buster Trial Over

July 26th, 2006 at 07:33 pm

I tried the 3 at a time, free for a month trial at B-buster.

I found it to be an easy, fun offer...and we got to watch about 15 movies this month for FREE.
(9 mail, 5 weekly in store and 1 other freebie)

Setting up the account was easy, receiving and sending back the movies was easy...the biggest challenge was keeping our 'que' stocked with a wish list. But that was made so much simpler by the customer rating system for each movie.

But today was the cancel by I just cancelled...however, B-buster let me know that I can continue to rent free until August1- and that all movies must be back by the 10th.I think I can squeeze in one last in mail and one in store before then.

To top it all off, cancelling was a simple click of a button on the site.

All things considered, I won't miss not having this service as we usually dont watch this many movies in a year...and the library has a ton of movies that i can watch for free too!

Would I recommend the trial? Yes!! Two thumbs up on this one!

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