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Start of School Supplies

July 28th, 2006 at 02:05 am

College ruled notebooks 20 x .10 ea = $2
Wide Ruled 36x .10 ea= 3.60
Pens 4 pks x .88 =3.52
loose paper 5 x .15ea = .75
glue sticks 2packs x .50 1.00
not bad for under $12.

I got her binder/notebook for $11 at Costco a few days ago.

And she bought a backpack at the beginning of summer that might still work by school time...

So we are off to a running start.

Most of her school clothes are bought.

registration, locker, yearbook, book fees will run about $75.

And then there's that color guard uniform...and PE clothes...

And, and, and....Yes, we eventually quite paying daycare...but before you know it...then comes High School...

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