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That's alot of pie!

November 22nd, 2006 at 05:17 am

DD3 and I spent the day together today doing some shopping. It was a girls kinda day.

For lunch, we stopped at Marie Calendars- and boy were they busy making and selling pies.

There were literally pies everywhere! And stacked way deep!

The waitress said they are making pies 24 hours a day this week and that by the end of Thanksgiving they will have sold about 10,000 pies and 350 or so turkey dinners> (Complete packed up meals for families---this does not count the meals they will serve at the restaraunt.)

So my daughter and I were talking about it...and at the grocery store, we saw stacks of Costco, pies are selling like crazy..there are at least two other pie- making restaraunts in town....and then there are all those homemade pies...

1000's and 1000's of pies all consumed in one day.

I am munching on the slice of cherry pie that I brought home for dessert tonight. I have to say, its awful tasty.

I wonder how much money goes into Thanksgiving Pies?

If I could have a nickel for.....oh well, I guess Ill just enjoy it!

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  1. jersey jen Says:

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