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Life Changing Clicks

December 29th, 2006 at 04:10 am

My Points. Life Changing...huh?

Ok...let's start at the beginning.

I recently clicked enough My Points emails to earn enough points for a gift card.

I really wanted a Bath and Body works card for DD3 for Christmas...but they were all sold out...

So, I chose a Barnes and Nobles gift card. $10. I forgot that I had already bought DD3 a $15 GC to I decided to keep the freebie for myself.

DD3 and I went there yesterday and were browsing the books...

I stumbled into the HIKING section. Never officially hiked before...but have thought it might be fun.

Hmm...I have a goal to start WALKING more to help me get healthier and hopefully get off the High Blood Pressure meds... walking with scenery!!!

So, I picked up a book about the top 100 places to hike in Southern Oregon...and as I did...

a nice man happened by and said:
"That is one of the best hiking books for this area" I asked him a little about his hiking and was impressed...thanked him for the suggestion and used my FREE GIFT CARD to buy the book (thanks My Points)

So...I have a plan, to achieve my goal, and involve my family, in something fun and new...thanks to MY POINTS and a few simple clicks!!!

Life Changing? Well, we will see in the next couple of months...but I have a plan...and a book of great information for 'getting there' !!!! and best of was FREE.

Big Grin

6 Responses to “Life Changing Clicks”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    That reminds me in summer we were in HAwaii and my 3yo LOVED hiking so we meant to try some more local hikes.

    I think the hard part is the insane heat in the summer and the fact that my infant was far too heavy to carry on a hike. Hopefully he will be up to more walking this next spring and we can start with some baby hikes. In a couple of years some bigger things.

    The west coast overall has lots of beautiful places to hike. OF course I would rather be hiking in ORegon than Sacramento. Wink But we have the San Francisco redwoods and Tahoe and such to explore...

  2. boomeyers Says:

    That sounds way more fun than just walking! You can check out the scenery and find favorite places. It should be good for challenging yourself too, higher, farther, etc. Enjoy your free book!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    I enjoyed hiking in the smokies when I was younger.

  4. tinapbeana Says:

    DH and i are hikers! and campers, so our hikes involve some hefty packs bluh... regardless, I LOVE IT!!! invest in quality comfy shoes and a hiking pole if you're going on unknown terrain. best of all: take a digital camera and homemade trail mix. makes for a wonderfully frugal day!!!

  5. fern Says:

    Hiking is wonderful!

  6. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Hiking is a blast! There are Hiking Clubs all over the country. If you can't find one near you you can start one up! It is wonderful! Good luck and good health!Smile

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