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and how 'bout that Circuit City refund?

January 3rd, 2007 at 12:05 am

I walked for 40 minutes today. Not bad for the first journey out. It felt so invigorating!!! I can feel my heart jumping for joy at the prospect of getting off the meds...and my pocket book is looking forward to the heavier load it will carry when I do!

I have gotten 10 loads of laundry done today....If you arent familiar with my blog...that is not an admittance of being a total slob. I do all of the laundry for my parents and they had a really big load this time...I swear, for two little old folks...those two can go through alot of clothes and towels..they do not believe in using anything more than once...ugh. maybe I was a little behind on my own...but goal is to finish before bedtime tonight! Smile

Today was a no spend day- my favorite kinda day.

I will be taking some cans in this weeks so I can make a deposit to the challenge account...but my challenge account will be a slow grow this year as we are planning a couple of week+ family vacation road trips ...and that will take a significant amount of money compared to our usual camp somewhere close kinda vacations.

Ah...the new year, doesnt it feel great?

Oh...and that refund....I still dont have it. *$(@)&*# Circuit City.

4 Responses to “and how 'bout that Circuit City refund?”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    I wonder if Circuit City has any idea how many customers they've lost because of your troubles? No way would I even walk in there!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    If I wasnt living this, I wouldnt believe it myself...I am dumbfounded that a major retailer would do this to a customer. And that it continues still... phooey on them.

  3. Me Too Says:

    I'm still awaiting a refund from Circuit City as well. Purchased item on web 12/21/06, decided I didn't want it, cancelled the same day a couple of hours later. Status shows as order cancelled. However, the charge goes through 12/21/06 even though the item wasn't to be shipped until 1/8/07 (isn't that illegal? i thought they could only charge when the item ships). They tell me it takes 7-10 days to refund, so it should be refunded by 1/9/07... wtf!?!?! bastages.

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    How terrible this situation has been - I hope you get your refund very soon!

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