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46 degrees

January 15th, 2007 at 05:18 pm

It is a whoppin 46 degrees in the office this I have the little space heater running to try to heat it up a little.

Yesterday morning, you actually could see your breath anywhere in my house for about 2 hours until that fire kicked in good and hot..brrr.

This weekend we were busy cutting/splitting firewood...we had 2 1/2 cords to get out and have another 2 to process this week. Luckily, DH has a friend coming after work to help so I dont have to be out there...( Smile ) I generally dont mind...but it will be about 20 tonight when they are out there and Id much rather be in the house!

Budgetwise, this was a fairly frugal weekend.

We went to our friends house Saturday night for a bbq and used up a few more of the leftover patties from New Years eve.

Last night we had leftovers and just snacked more than eat a big meal.

I did spend about $70 between two trips to the store (DH wanted some beer for the bbq and we took some chips &dip and soda for the kids) and I got some chicken and other stuff for the week.

I also scored a nice pair of insulated high-top worker-type boots for $20 (normally $80)...this is way more protective than my old holey tennis shoes!!

All in all, a very nice weekend.

6 Responses to “46 degrees”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Brrr! Go space heater, go! Glad you had a nice weekend. A bbq sounds fun!

  2. living_in_oz Says:

    Wish I could find a pair of boots like that! My sister and I were just this morning complaining that the only type of boots you can for women are suckers with high heels and fur hanging out the top! We're not wanting to make a "fashion statement", we're just wanting to keep our dang feet warm and dry!

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Ugh. Boot shopping is my nemisis. Well, after bathing suits, which I don't even shop for any more. I cannot find boots that are warm, safe, comfortable and fit over my calves (which are not huge!) How hard can it be?

  4. gruntina Says:

    We are having an extremely weird winter here in California. It is expected to have 60 inches of rain during the winter and so far only 2 inches! But itís much colder now around 26 degrees! Brrr..... Not used to my fingers freezing when I drive first thing in the morning.

  5. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Its now 10:47am and we're up to 49 node is code and my fingers are numb!

  6. Ima saver Says:

    Get warm, Ray!

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