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Lunch Date

February 1st, 2007 at 05:03 pm

In order to write about the lunch date, I should include the whole days experience.

7:30am- Nana calls. Papa is very sick and has hallucinated all night. She needs to go to dialysis so can I come down and sit with him so that when he gets up, I can ensure that he takes the right medications.

9am- am sitting at their house and observing my dad 'sleep' with his eyes open and talking to someone I cant see...Nana calls and they have rescheduled her dialysys to Thursday so she can come home and be with papa. We agree that papa needs to be in the hospital---but we cant get him there by ourselves (outside, down a few stairs and into the car) we call 911.

10-12:30...get papa admitted and he receives FIVE breathing treatments and starts to look pink again rather than ash gray.

12:30- run to country club to discuss going back to work...huh? more on this later.

2:45 get back to hospital where they have asked papa about any life saving measures to which he replies 'NO' to each. Learn he has the bad pneumonia (is there a good one?) and that his breathing issues have caused stress on his heart. (bad EKG)

Eventually, papa got out of ER and into a room in the Heart ward. Doctor says this stay could be a while since 'he does not have the reserves to fight this and is relying on medication and grace to survive' (doctors words)

Papa is resting peacefully this morning and it is a huge relief to have him under close observation by professionals.

Now- about that lunch.

It could not have went better. He had wonderful things to say about my returning and was very excited about it. He is leaving the decision up to the two people responsible for the branch that I am applying for...One of the two is someone I managed before--so there will be a role reversal between us.

and the job? They are opening a new branch in a new area (close to my home) and I would manage it.

I meet with the two people on the 13th to discuss further. So we will see what happens.

So...the next several days are going to be spent at the hospital, praying for my dad. I do not want to lose him, but I also do not want him to continue to suffer and gasp for every breath. (Have all smokers stopped yet???)

..spent $4.50 for two mochas for son and I. Lunch was free...and there were enough leftovers for a lite dinner after I got home.

7 Responses to “Lunch Date”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Hope your dad improves. Yes, i quit smoking 16 years ago.

  2. JanH Says:

    Sending good thoughts to your whole family. Hope you get the job!

  3. nance Says:

    Hope your father improves, and is more comfortable.
    You are experiencing a lot of stress in you live right now. Take care of yourself.

  4. miclason Says:

    ((hugs))...hope your father gets better soon...

    good luck on the job thing, and keep us posted.

  5. morningstar Says:

    Hoping your Dad is able to become stronger and beat this. Good luck on the job, too.

  6. fern Says:

    you have so much on your plate. Kudos on the job thing, hope it works out, and thinking positive thoughts for you, your dad and mom.

  7. boomeyers Says:

    {{HUGS}} for you and Nana! Prayers for meds to work for Papa! Hope he has become more coherent.
    If you do go back to work, I think you need a nice vacation before you go!! Too much stress for Ray! Not good for blood pressure!
    Good luck!

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